Karl Beattie

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Karl Beattie
Beattie in 2014
Born (1967-04-02) April 2, 1967 (age 51)
Guildford, Surrey, England, U.K.
Known for Director/Producer on Most Haunted
Spouse(s) Yvette Fielding (1999-present)
Children 2

Karl Beattie (born April 2, 1963) is a television director and producer known for a string of shows which feature investigations of psychic and paranormal phenomena. Beattie and wife Yvette Fielding co-own and run Antix Productions.[1]


In 2002, Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding, established their own television production company, Antix Productions. Their first production was Most Haunted for the British TV channel Living, along with a number of spin offs including Most Haunted Live!. In 2006 he created, produced and directed Ghosthunting With..., a paranormal show for ITV2 which features Yvette Fielding leading various celebrities around haunted locations.


In 2004, Beattie was the subject of media attention when he claimed to be the only living samurai outside of Japan, as one of only eight foreigners to have ever been awarded the title, however this is disputed by the Imperial Household Agency and martial arts enthusiasts.[2] The samurai class was officially abolished in 1868 and has never been revived.[2][3]

There were claims of fakery and stunts being used on the 2015 Live by viewers but the claims have been rejected by Beattie on Twitter.[4] Three days after the live show Beattie staged a reconstruction to attempt to explain what some viewers claimed was faked.[5]

Personal life

Karl Beattie met Yvette Fielding while they were working on What's Up Doc? and then again on City Hospital. They have a daughter and a son. They live on a farm in Sandbach, Cheshire.[6] He is a vegetarian and was once a Freemason.


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