Kart Racer

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Kart Racer
File:Kart Racer.jpg
Directed by Stuart Gillard
Produced by Leif Bristow
Written by Nicholas DiBella
Starring Randy Quaid
Will Rothhaar
Jennifer Wigmore
David Gallagher
Distributed by Alliance Atlantis, MGM
Release dates
  • 16 May 2003 (2003-05-16)
Running time
94 min
Country Canada
Language English

Kart Racer is a 2003 Canadian feature film starring Will Rothhaar, David Gallagher and Randy Quaid. In the United States, it premiered on television on ABC Family in 2005.

The film centers on a boy named Watts "Lightbulb" Davies (Will Rothhaar) who likes to race go-karts. Unable to come up with enough funds to purchase his own kart, Watts convinces his father, Vic Davies (Randy Quaid) (a former kart racer himself), to help him build a cart and teach him how to drive. As he follows his dream, he then has to race against his enemy and idol, Baggims.

Footage of the racing simulator NASCAR Racing 2002 Season by Papyrus Design Group can be seen as they are playing it at the arcade.

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