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Kate Copstick[1] is a Paisley-born Scottish actress, television presenter, writer, critic, director and producer.


She is best known for her roles on the children's TV shows No. 73 and ChuckleVision. She also played Marlene Marlowe in Marlene Marlowe Investigates and performed as part of the ensemble cast of former Saturday morning kid's show, On the Waterfront. Copstick executive produced Natural Born Racers TV series[2] that follows the Virgin Media R6 cup which is currently filming its fifth series.[citation needed]

Copstick is also well known as a commentator on human sexuality. After years writing for the Erotic Review,[3] she enjoyed it so much she bought the company.[4][5]

At the Edinburgh Fringe, she was a Perrier Comedy Award judge in 2003[6] and 2004[7] and a Malcolm Hardee Award judge in 2008-2015.[8] She is also chief comedy reviewer for The Scotsman newspaper.[7] She lends her voice to the announcements at Fort William train station.[9]

Recently she has been spending much time in Kenya working with HIV+ women and their families. Through CWAC (Children With AIDS Charity), of which she is vice-chair, she has most recently started Mama Biashara ("Business Mother") working to set these women up in small businesses thus making them financially independent. She made Positive Thinking for BBC1 – the UK's first television documentary on children and HIV/AIDS for children.[10] She is a patron of the Waverley Care Trust.[11]







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