Kazimieras Petkevičius

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Kazimieras Petkevičius
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Personal information
Born January 1, 1926
Steigviliai, Lithuania
Died October 14, 2008(2008-10-14) (aged 82)
Kaunas, Lithuania

Kazys Petkevičius (January 1, 1926 – October 14, 2008[1]) was a Lithuanian basketball player who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1952 Summer Olympics and in the 1956 Summer Olympics. He trained at VSS Žalgiris in Kaunas and later at Burevestnik in Leningrad.[2]

Petkevičius graduated from the State Institute of Physical Education (now. Lithuanian Sports University) in 1949 and continued his post-graduate studies in Leningrad.[3]

Until the end of his life he worked as an assistant coach for the Lithuanian basketball club Žalgiris-Arvydas Sabonis school.


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