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Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives is a collection of library and information resources. KDLA's mission is to serve "Kentucky's need to know" through its services "assuring equitable access" to information and services. Many of the materials available from KDLA are public domain.

KDLA's fair use statement: "Fair use" includes activities such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, research, and other related activities.


In 1809 the state library was established. The Secretary of State acted as librarian, and it was their duty to collection materials related to legislation.[1] The library was used by legislature and other members of the government. The entire collection, which was located in the State Capitol burned in a fire in November 1824.[1] The library was reopened in the new Capitol building in the early 1830s. During that time, the state decided to use state librarians to maintain the collection.[1]

Into the twentieth century, the library was called the Law and Legislative Library.[1] The government went through considerable changes in regards to operating the libraries and archives in the twentieth century. In 1936 it officially became known as the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.[1]


KDLA operates through a commissioner's Office and four major divisions:[1]

  • Administrative Services
  • Field Services
  • Public Records
  • State Library Services


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