Kerim Tekin

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Kerim Tekin
Born (1975-04-18)18 April 1975
Erzincan, Turkey
Died 27 June 1998(1998-06-27) (aged 23)
Sandıklı, Turkey
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Years active 1994–1998
Labels Raks; S Müzik

Kerim Tekin (18 April 1975 – 27 June 1998) was a Turkish pop singer and musician.

Life & career

He was interested in music from a very early age. While still in middle school, he took vocal and guitar lessons. He started his music career, while still in high school, playing in night clubs. In 1994, he signed with S Müzik and started working on his first album with a professional band. The album was titled "Kara Gözlüm" (Dark-Eyed One) in 1995; which was produced by Halis Bütünley and included 10 tracks. His song "Cici Baba" was a big hit.[citation needed] In 1997, he released his second and last album, Haykırsam Dünyaya (Shout it Out to the World). The 11th song on the album was again produced by Halis Bütünley. Meanwhile speculations grew over his relationship with fellow singer Zerrin Özer and later it was revealed that his song "Karbeyaz" (White as Snow) was about her.[citation needed]


On 27 June 1998, Tekin died in a chain collision near Afyon, Turkey. It happened immediately after his performance in a festival, where his last song was "Karbeyaz", a song about a lover who would rather die than be without his true love.

Eight years after his death, the producer of the movie Karbeyaz, a friend of Tekin, Ahmet Altınbaşak, attempted to complete and release the movie. Altınbaşak asked Zerrin Özer to star in five minutes of the remaining 20 minutes. Zerrin said yes, but wanted $40K. Ahmet later released a statement saying that she was unfaithful and was only seeking fame. A fan of Tekin contacted Ahmet, and starred in the five minutes for free. It would appear that the movie remains unreleased (as of 2013). A film with the same title was released in 2010, but bears no relationship to the song by Tekin.[citation needed]



  1. Cici Baba (Pretty Papa)
  2. Senelerce (For Many Years)
  3. Kara Gözlüm (Dark Eyed)
  4. Yine Beni Sev (Love Me Still)
  5. Çapkın Yaz (Flirtatious Summer)
  6. Bana Bir Zevce Lazım (I Gotta Get a Lover)
  7. Sözüm Yemindir (My Word of Honor)
  8. Sensiz Olmaz (I Can't Live Without You)
  9. Bir Ölüm Var (Death is Here)
  10. Unutamadın (I Can't Forget)


  1. Motor (The Motorcycle)
  2. Kız Bana Değer Mi? (Is It Worth It to Me, Girl?)
  3. Karbeyaz
  4. Vay O Zaman (Wow, What a Time!)
  5. Dudağı Şekerlim (Sugar Lips)
  6. Ada Sahillerinde (An Island Off the Coast)
  7. Haykırsam Dünyaya
  8. Dilber (My Belle)
  9. Akşamlar (Evenings)
  10. Buğulu Gözlüm (Steamy Eyed)
  11. Dön Gel (Come Back to Me)

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