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Fiesta Texas Kidzopolis.jpg
KIDZOPOLIS sign at Fiesta Texas
Great Escape
Opening date May 21, 2011
Replaced Wiggles World
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Opening date March 5, 2011
Replaced Wiggles World
Six Flags Great America
Opening date May 7, 2011
Replaced Wiggles World
Six Flags New England
Opening date April 16, 2011
Replaced Tiny Timber Town, Wiggles World
General statistics
Attraction type Themed area

KIDZOPOLIS is a themed kid's area with various rides at several Six Flags amusement parks.


Wiggles World at Six Flags Great America

Before being named KIDZOPOLIS, these themed areas were named Wiggles World from 2007 - 2010.

Krazy Kars at Fiesta Texas during Holiday In The Park 2010


Name Type Great Escape Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Great America Six Flags New England
Bouncer Hopper Bouncin' With Wags (2007-2010)
Buckarooz Hopper Rodeo Rider (1999-2001)
Lil' Bronco Buster (2002-2008)
Wiggly Trail Ride (2009-2010)
Kiddee Koaster Vekoma Junior roller coaster[9] Pied Piper (1992-1995)
Rollschuhcoaster (1996-2009)
Romp Bomp A Stomp (2009-2010)
Krazy Kars Car ride Big Red Cars (2008-2010) Kinderbahn (1992-2008)
Big Red Cars (2009-2010)
Big Red Cars (2007-2010) Big Red Cars (2007-2010)
Krazy Kups Teacups Dorothy's Rosy Red Tea Cups (2008-2010) Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cups (2007-2010) Tiny's Tea Party (2001-2006)
Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cups (2007-2010)
Pirate's Playship Play area S.S. Feathersword Pirate Ship (2007-2010)
Ship's Ahoy! Zamperla Rockin' Tug Captain Feathersword's Rockin' Pirate Ship (2007-2010)
Splish Splash Zone Water play area S.S. Feathersword's Playship (2009-2010) Henry's Splish Splash (2007-2010) Henry's Splish Splash/S.S. Feathersword's Playship (2007-2010)
Up, Up & Away Rotating balloon ride Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad (2009-2010) Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad (2007-2010)
Wacky Wheel Junior ferris wheel Chuck Wagon Wheel (2001-2006)
Cold Spaghetti Western Wheel (2007-2010)
Whirlybirds Mini helicopter ride Timber Town Sky Patrol (2001-2006)
Wags' Doggie Copters (2007-2010)
Wild Wheelz Arrow Dynamics antique cars Route 66 (1962-2014)
Zinger Swings Chair-O-Planes Flight of the Bumble Bees (2001-2006)
Henry's Underwater Swing Band (2007-2010)
ZoomJets Rotating plane ride Big Red Planes (2008-2010) Big Red Planes (2009-2010) Big Red Planes (2007-2010) Big Red Planes (2007-2010)
     Operating at park.
     No longer operating at park.

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