Klaas Bruinsma (drug lord)

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Klaas Bruinsma (6 October 1953 – 27 June 1991) was a major Dutch drug lord. He was shot dead on 27 June 1991 by mafia member and former police officer Martin Hoogland. He was known as "De Lange" ("The Tall One") and also as "De Dominee" ("The Reverend") because of his black clothing and his habit of lecturing others.[citation needed]


Bruinsma and his gang often hung out at the Amsterdam luxury brothel Yab Yum. In 1990 Bruinsma and his associate Roy Adkins fought in the brothel after one of their operations had gone sour; shots were fired but nobody was injured and nobody talked to the police. Adkins was assassinated later that year.[1] A newspaper article in 2006 reported that true ownership of the brothel had long been in the hands of mafia figures, beginning with Klaas Bruinsma, who called it "the club house". After Bruinsma's death in 1991, his associates Sam Klepper and John Mieremet and the Dutch Hells Angels took over control of the club.[2]

On the night of 27 June 1991 Bruinsma became involved in a verbal argument with Martin Hoogland, an ex-police officer who was employed by the mafia at that time. Bruinsma was shot to death by Hoogland in front of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel at 4 a.m. that morning.[3] Hoogland was murdered in 2004 in prison.[4]


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