Konstantin Konik

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Konstantin Konik
Born 31 December 1873
Died 3 August 1936
Nationality Estonian
Occupation Surgeon, Politician
Known for Member of the
Estonian Salvation Committee

Konstantin Konik (31 December [O.S. 19 December] 1873 – 3 August 1936) was an Estonian politician and surgeon,[1] member of the Estonian Salvation Committee[2]

Konstantin Konik was born to a working-class family in Tartu; his father made living as a carter. After studying at the Governorate Gymnasium in Tartu, Konstantin Konik graduated from the faculty of Medicine of the University of Dorpat (now University of Tartu) in 1873, and made his doctorate degree at the Odessa University in 1903.[3]

On 8 March 1920 Konik made history at the University of Tartu by giving the first lecture ever made on medicine in Estonian language.[3] The University of Tartu was established as an Estonian institution only in 1919, it had been the University of Dorpat, a Baltic German institution, before, where only German and since the 1880s–90s Russian language had been used.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Hugo Kukke
Estonian Minister of Education
Succeeded by
Nikolai Kann