Kredenn Geltiek

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Celtic Creed of the World
Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel
Abbreviation Kredenn Geltiek
Formation 1936
Founder Raffig Tullou
Morvan Marchal
Francis Bayer du Kern
Type Breton culture
Celtic Revival
Headquarters Brittany

Kredenn Geltiek (Celtic Creed) is a neo-Pagan Druidic group founded in Brittany in 1936. It was later known as Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel (Celtic Creed of the World). It now exists under the name Kevanvod Tud Donn (Parliament of people of Dêua Ana). It publishes the journal Ialon-Kad-Nemeton.


Founded in 1936 by Rafig Tullou, Morvan Marchal, and Francis Bayer du Kern, Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel grew out of the Breton Federalist Movement as an attempt to reassert ancient Celtic religious beliefs. The group's explicit anti-Catholic and Neopagan ideology distinguished it from the existing non-religious Gorsedd of Brittany, from which it emerged as a splinter group.

Morvan Marchal was the group's first "Arch-Druid." They mixed readings of the Bhagavad Gita and the maxims of Lao Tsu with Celtic traditions to create an Indo-European esotericism as a basis for the re-creation of druidic worship. Esotericist research by Gwilherm Berthou led to claims that ancient Celtic beliefs had been reconstructed.

During World War II, its journal, Kad (combat), devoted to druidic philosophy, changed its title to the less militaristic Nemeton (sanctuary). This later became Ialon-Kad-Nemeton.

From 1937 onward, the group experienced numerous schisms. The most recent was in 1994, when a faction split and moved to Commana.

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