Kultuur ja Elu

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Kultuur ja Elu
Categories Cultural magazine
Publisher Perioodika
Year founded 1958; 61 years ago (1958)
Country Estonia
Based in Tallinn
Language Estonian
ISSN 0134-5605
OCLC number 486108978

Kultuur ja Elu (meaning "Culture and Life" in English) is an Estonian magazine dedicated to culture.

History and profile

Kultuur ja Elu has been issued since 1958.[1][2]

During the Soviet times the magazine was a publication of the Minustry of Culture of Estonian SSR and Estonian SSR Council of Trade Unions. Between 1858 and 1958 its name was Kultuuritöötaja (meaning Worker of Culture in English).[3] Its content was related to "workers of culture", i.e., artists, actors, writers, critics, ets. It also published short literary works and has a section of photography.

Since the 1990s, after re-establishing independence by Estonia, its main topics has included crimes of the Soviet regime and struggle for freedom against Communism and Soviet state. Following the privatization of the press the magazine began to be published by Perioodika.[4]



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