Kungliga patrasket

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Kungliga patrasket
Directed by Hasse Ekman
Produced by Lorens Marmstedt, Terrafilm
Written by Hasse Ekman
Starring Edvin Adolphson
Ester Roeck-Hansen
Hasse Ekman
Eva Henning
Olof Winnerstrand
Hilda Borgström
Music by Sune Waldimir
Release dates
19 January 1945
Running time
117 min
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Kungliga patrasket (English: The Royal Rabble) is a 1945 Swedish drama film directed by Hasse Ekman. Ekman was inspired by his father, Gösta Ekman and the Barrymore family.

Plot summary

The film circles around the Anker family who are all actors work together at Stefan Ankers theatre, Kungsteatern, in Stockholm. But different complications threaten to break up the happy union between three generations of Ankers, how will it end?


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