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Kurt-Tucholsky-Preis is a literary prize of Germany. The prize amount is currently €3,000.

The prize, for "committed and succinct literary works"[1] was first awarded in 1995, and thereafter annually till 1997, since when it has been awarded every two years. It is targeted on short form works including Essays, Satire, Song, Treatises and Pamphlets. Texts should "verify reality, disclose backgrounds and help the reader towards a critical evaluation".[2]

The Kurt-Tucholsky-Preis was originally awarded by the "Kurt-Tucholsky-Society"[3] to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Kurt Tucholsky's death, and was subsequently (till 2003) taken on by the Kurt Tucholsky Foundation.[4] The Foundation remains closely involved with the administration of the prize, but after the copyright on Tucholsky's writings lapsed it was no longer able to fund the prize.

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