Léon Flameng

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Léon Flameng
Flameng at Athens 1896 Summer Olympics
Medal record
Representing  France
Track cycling
Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place 1896 Athens 100 kilometres
Silver medal – second place 1896 Athens 10 kilometres
Bronze medal – third place 1896 Athens 2 kilometres sprint

Léon Flameng (30 April 1877 – 2 January 1917) was a French cyclist. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.[1]

Flameng competed in the 333 metres, 2 kilometres, 10 kilometres and 100 kilometres races. His best finish was in the longest of the races, as he finished the 100 kilometres with a time of 3:08:19.2 to win the event. He took second in the 10 kilometres, barely behind countryman Paul Masson as both had the time of 17:54.2. In the 2 kilometres, Flameng finished third. In his shortest event, he tied with two other cyclists for fifth place in the 333 metres at 27.0 seconds.

He was killed in action during World War I near to Ève, Oise.[1][2]

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