Lê Tương Dực

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Lê Tương Dực (chữ Hán: 黎襄翼; 1495–1516), reigned 1509-1516, was the ninth emperor of the later Lê dynasty of Vietnam. He usurped the throne after assassinating his ruthless and unpopular cousin.[1]


He was a cousin of Lê Thánh Tông, rising to power after the years of turmoils. Besides reorganizing the court officials, he attempted to revive the glory of the dynasty. His reign witnessed the compilation of a new book of history, Đại Việt thông giám thông khảo, by Vũ Quỳnh, and Trị bình bảo phạm, or Rules for Securing Peace, according to Confucian ethics. Nguyễn Bính Khiêm, a notable scholar - official, rose to a position of censor, and later the commander in suppressing the rebels.

However, in spring 1516, a group of imperial guards, led by Trịnh Duy Sản, murdered Lê Tương Dực in the capital.

Preceded by
Lê Uy Mục
King of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Lê Chiêu Tông


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