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L.S.V. is a secret honorary society at the University of Missouri dedicated to "promoting and improving the status of women" and recognizing "the most outstanding upperclass women" at the university, who "strive to promote and improve the status of women."[1] L.S.V. was revealed to the campus in February 1908,[2] and speculation immediately began that it was the female sister-chapter to QEBH. L.S.V. is the highest honor that is bestowed upon a woman at the University. The society taps four to six outstanding women or men [3][4] during the spring of their junior year, and their identities remain secret until the annual Tap Day ceremony near the close of the following academic year. Although L.S.V. is more than 100 years old, it did not begin taking part in the annual Tap Day ceremony until the mid-1960s.[5]