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Lantern Books is an American book publisher founded in 1998, first located in Union Square (New York City), and now with offices in Brooklyn. It "publishes books for all wanting to live with greater spiritual depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world". The subject areas that Lantern Books covers include vegetarianism/veganism, environmentalism, animal rights/animal welfare, spirituality, natural healing, and social justice. Lantern Books is a division of Booklight Incorporated. Lantern Books distributes books published by American Mental Health Foundation Books, Chiron Publications, Samhita Publications, Ryce Publications, and Stealth Technologies. Lantern is in turn distributed by Steiner Books (dedicated to books by and about Rudolf Steiner).

Lantern Books is the publisher of 2004 Nobel Peace Prize-winning author Wangari Maathai's book The Green Belt Movement. Other notable authors who have published work with Lantern Books include Carol J. Adams, Steven Best, Brooks Brown, Bruce Friedrich, Thomas Keating, Andrew Linzey, Jo-Anne McArthur, Ingrid Newkirk, Richard H. Schwartz, Jens Söring,[1][2] Will Tuttle, Ruth Westheimer, and Patricia Wright.

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