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Looking down from East Drive

Lasker Rink is located in the northern part of Central Park in the New York City borough of Manhattan. between 106th and 108th Streets. It is just south of the Farmers Gate entrance on 110th Street and between Harlem Meer and the East Drive.[1] It opened in 1966 and is known by New Yorkers as less crowded and more economical than Wollman Rink.

Lasker is used as a swimming pool in the summer and a hockey rink during the winter, the only such convertible facility of this type.[1] In the winter, Lasker Rink is open from October through March, for public skating and skating schools.

Looking up from Harlem Meer

Hockey programs also operate there:

  • Central Park Ice Hockey uses two rinks where hockey leagues play 4 on 4 ice hockey. Teams can be coed and are separated based on skill level. Alan Strachan is the Director of Central Park Ice Hockey, Lasker Rink.
  • Ice Hockey In Harlem (IHIH), a non-for-profit that combines classroom diligence with hockey. Volunteers act as coaches.[2]
  • The Central Park North Stars, a special needs hockey team. They play in the Special Hockey International League.[3]

A mechanical failure shut down the rink for the 2014-2015 season.[4]


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