Lauren Southern

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Lauren Southern
Lauren Southern 2 (cropped).jpg
Southern in 2016
Born Lauren Cherie Southern
(1995-06-16) 16 June 1995 (age 23)[1]
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Residence Langley, British Columbia, Canada[2]
Nationality Canadian
Education Two years of a four-year undergraduate degree in political science
Alma mater University of the Fraser Valley
Occupation Political activist, internet personality[3]
Political party Libertarian

Lauren Cherie Southern[4] is a Canadian libertarian commentator, activist, political candidate, author and media personality.[5][6][7]

Southern is a former contributor for the Canadian online newsgroup The Rebel Media,[8] where she hosted a twice monthly show called Standoff with Lauren Southern. Since becoming an independent journalist, she has started work on a documentary called Farmlands about the systematic killing of white farmers in South Africa.

On 12 March 2018, Southern was denied entry into the United Kingdom for thought crimes.[9]

Personal Life

Lauren Southern was born in Surrey, British Columbia and was a resident of Langley at the time of the 2015 Canadian federal election,[10] but has since moved to Toronto. She is secretive about her exact age, but once sent a tweet claiming June 15 is her birthday,[11] with her birth year variously reported as anywhere from 1993 to 1996. She studied Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley.[12]

Anti-Feminist Activism

Lauren Southern first gained notoriety on social media as a teenager when she posted a picture of herself holding a sign reading "I don't need feminism because I believe in equality not entitlements & supremacy."[13] Later she made a video further explaining why believes feminism is not a movement for equality.[14]

Vancouver SlutWalk

In June 2015, Southern went to a SlutWalk protest in Vancouver. With the help of a cameraman, she interviewed protesters as a reporter for The Rebel Media. She then went from reporter to troll, by standing behind the protesters holding up a sign saying "There is NO Rape Culture in the West."[15]

As a result of the SlutWalk, the Libertarian Party of Canada suspended Southern as a candidate, with the leader Tim Moen claiming she had "broken message discipline". Mark Burnison, an executive within the Libertarian Party of Canada, allegedly told Southern that in order to remain a candidate, she would have to end her association with The Rebel Media, apologize, and "avoid anti-feminist speech" in the future.[16] After public outcry, Southern was reinstated as a candidate, and Burnison resigned.[17]


In March 2016, in Vancouver, Canada, Southern was assaulted by having a container of a liquid assumed to be urine poured over her head in public while speaking with some protesters.[18] The incident happened after Southern had stated there were only two genders.[19] Southern is known for saying she identifies as an attack helicopter,[20][21] to mock those who claim to have a gender identity other than male or female.

On May 20, 2016, Southern was temporarily blocked from Facebook for posts she made that were allegedly in violation of Facebook community standards. An administrator's posts from "Disdain For Plebs",[22] a Facebook group, were removed that argued in support of United States presidential candidate Donald Trump.[23] After Southern criticized Facebook for removing the posts, her criticism was removed and she was given a 30-day ban from posting. After public criticism, her ban was lifted and Southern claimed she had received an email apology from Facebook that stated her ban was the result of "human error".[24][25][26][27]


Lauren Southern wrote Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation,[28] which she self-published in 2016 through Amazon's CreateSpace.[29] In January 2017, Barbarians was the number one bestselling book on the Canadian Amazon store.[30]

Electoral record

Canadian federal election, 2015: Langley—Aldergrove
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Conservative Mark Warawa 27,333 45.6 -20.22
Liberal Leon Jensen 21,894 36.6 +27.62
New Democratic Margot Sangster 7,490 12.5 -6.85
Green Simmi Kaur Dhillon 2644 4.4 -0.86
Libertarian Lauren Southern 535 0.9 +0.41
Total valid votes/Expense limit 59,896 100.0     $216,042.49
Total rejected ballots 204
Turnout 60,100
Eligible voters 80,360
Conservative hold Swing -23.92
Source: Elections Canada[31][32]


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