Laurentius Petri Gothus

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The Most Reverend
Laurentius Petri Gothus
Archbishop of Uppsala
Primate of Sweden
Church Church of Sweden
Archdiocese Uppsala
Appointed 1574
In office 1574-1579
Predecessor Laurentius Petri
Successor Andreas Laurentii Björnram
Consecration 14 July 1575
by Jacob Johannis
Rank Metropolitan Archbishop
Personal details
Born 1529/1530
Söderköping, Sweden
Died 12 February 1579
Uppsala, Sweden
Nationality Swede
Spouse Margareta Larsdotter
Children 2

Laurentius Petri Gothus (died February 12, 1579) was the second Swedish Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden, in 1575–1579.

He was born in 1529 or 1530 in the province Östergötland, from where the name Gothus is derived as the means of separating him from his predecessor as archbishop, Laurentius Petri Nericius.

He was a well-mannered and educated person, and the previous archbishop Nericius recommended him as his court chaplain to the King Erik XIV in 1560.

When Erik's successor John III was crowned, Johan preferred Gothus to Nericius, since Gothus was more in agreement with his own view on Lutheranism. They advocated a middle way between Catholicism and Lutheranism in Sweden, unlike Nericius ,who was more inclined to Luther's teachings.

He was ordained by the king in 1575 in a ceremony by Catholic proportions, with cope and all the Catholic rituals.

In the 1570s, Jesuits were allowed to spread their messages. As a reaction, Gothus wrote several texts against papism and liturgy. As opposed as Gothus was to this, he was still a supporter of liturgy, as evident from some of his texts, while also at the same time in favor of Luther's works.

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