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The Le Mans Legend is a vintage sports car race held during the 24 Hours of Le Mans festivities. Created in 2001, it was created by the Motor Racing Legends group, and supported by the ACO, organizers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Unlike other vintage events, these races only allow cars which previously ran at Le Mans. Specific eras of cars are run each year, with the era changing each year as deemed by the organizers. Cars run the full Circuit de la Sarthe just as they had originally done when they first raced, and are fully timed and scored based on their classes.

Famous Le Mans drivers have often driven in the event, driving cars they had previously run. Stirling Moss was among the notables in recent years, while amateur drivers mostly make up the rest of the field. Dr. Ulrich Bez, former CEO of Aston Martin from 2000-2013, has also raced in the event, driving the 1959 winning DBR1 in 2007. A record 61 cars were seen in the event in 2007.

Previous winners

Year Driver Car Year built Period of Cars Built & Raced
2015 Bernard Thuner
Claude Nahum
Ford GT40 1968 Cars from 1949–1968
2014 Shaun Lynn Mercedes-Benz C11 1990 Group C/GTP 1982-1993
2013 Alex Buncombe Lister Costin 1959 Cars from 1949–1965
2012 Bob Berridge Mercedes-Benz C11 1990 Group C/GTP 1982-1993
2011 Carlos Monteverde Ferrari 250 LM 1964 Cars from 1949–1965
2010 Justin Law Jaguar XJR-9 1988 Group C/GTP 1982-1993
2009 Carlos Monteverde Ferrari 250 LM 1964 Cars from 1949–1965
2008 Justin Law Jaguar XJR-12 1990 Group C/GTP 1982-1993
2007 Shaun Lynn Ford GT40 1965 Cars from 1956–1968
2006 Gareth Burnett Talbot 105 Alpine 1934 Pre-War Cars 1923-1939
2006 Gary Pearson Jaguar C-Type 1952 Post-War Cars 1949-1954
2005 Johnny Herbert Jaguar D-Type 1955 Cars from 1935–1955
2004 Charlie Agg Nissan R90CK 1990 Group C/GTP 1982-1993
2003 Willie Green Ligier JS2 Ford Cosworth 1971 Cars from 1959–1971
2001 David Piper Ferrari 250 LM 1965 Cars from 1949–1965

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