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File:Legion Wasa logo.jpg
The logo of Legion Wasa.

Legion Wasa is a Swedish neo-Nazi paramilitary[1][2] organisation founded in 1999.[3]

The members of Legion Wasa have reportedly been preparing for race war,[2] and once made preparations for helping out Saddam Hussein in the Iraq War against the invading United States Army.[1][4] The offer was however turned down by the Iraqi embassy in Sweden.[3] Led by Curt Linusson, a former UN soldier and Home Guard officer, the group has conducted field practice in the forests of Västergötland.[1][2] The organisation is said to have between 25 and 30 members.[3]

In 2004 four members of the organisation were arrested, charged with plotting mass murders of political opponents, and of forming a terrorist cell inspired by the novel The Turner Diaries.[2] All four were acquitted for terror charges, although three of the charged were convicted for violence and drug charges, with sentences ranging from one to two years imprisonment.[5]

The organisation has been inactive since around 2010.[6][7]

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