Legislative assemblies of Canadian provinces and territories

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Combined composition of the lower houses of the legislatures, as of February 2016:
  Liberal: 289 seats
  New Democratic: 165 seats
  Parti Québécois: 29 seats
  Green: 3 seats
  Québec Solidaire: 3 seats
  Nonpartisans: 45 seats
  Vacant: 8 seats
  Saskatchewan: 49 seats
  Wildrose: 22 seats
  Yukon: 12 seats
  Alberta: 1 seat

This is a list of the Legislative Assemblies of Canada's provinces and territories. Each province's legislative assembly, along with the province's Lieutenant Governor, form the province's legislature (which is called a parliament or general assembly in some provinces). Historically, several provinces had bicameral legislatures, but they all eventually dissolved their upper house or merged it with their lower house.

Current legislative assemblies of provinces and territories of Canada

Table of legislative assemblies by history and by jurisdiction

Jurisdiction Period Elected assembly (lower house) Appointed assembly (upper house)
General legislature for Canada
(Parliament of Canada)
1867– House of Commons of Canada Senate of Canada
Legislatures of provinces
(Parliament of Ontario)
1867– Legislative Assembly of Ontario N/A
(Quebec Legislature)
1867–1968 Legislative Assembly of Quebec Legislative Council of Quebec
1968– National Assembly of Quebec N/A
Nova Scotia
(General Assembly of Nova Scotia)
1758–1838 Nova Scotia House of Assembly Nova Scotia Council
1838–1928 Legislative Council of Nova Scotia
1928– N/A
New Brunswick
(New Brunswick Legislature)
1784–1891 Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick Legislative Council of New Brunswick
1891– N/A
(Manitoba Legislature)
1870–1876 Legislative Assembly of Manitoba Legislative Council of Manitoba
1876– N/A
British Columbia
(Parliament of British Columbia)
1871– Legislative Assembly of British Columbia N/A
Prince Edward Island
(General Assembly of Prince Edward Island)
1773–1893 House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island Legislative Council of Prince Edward Island[1]
1893– Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island N/A
(Saskatchewan Legislature)
1905– Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan N/A
(Alberta Legislature)
1905– Legislative Assembly of Alberta N/A
Newfoundland and Labrador
(General Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador)
1833–1934 Newfoundland House of Assembly Legislative Council of Newfoundland
1934–1949 N/A Commission of Government
1949–2001 Newfoundland House of Assembly N/A
2001– Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly
Legislatures of territories
Northwest Territories
(Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council (1870–1905))
(Commissioner in Council (1905–))
1870–1876 N/A Temporary North-West Council
1876–1888 1st Council of the Northwest Territories
1888–1905 North-West Legislative Assembly N/A
1905–1951 N/A 2nd Council of the Northwest Territories
1951–1975 Northwest Territories Legislative Council N/A
1975– Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
(Commissioner in Council (1898–1978))
(Yukon Legislature (1978–))
1898–1909 N/A Yukon Territorial Council
1909–1978 Yukon Territorial Council N/A
1978– Yukon Legislative Assembly
(Nunavut Legislature)
1999– Legislative Assembly of Nunavut N/A
Legislatures of former colonies and territories
Colony of British Columbia
(Colony of British Columbia Legislature)
1858–1866 N/A Colonial Assembly of British Columbia
United Colony of British Columbia
(United Colony of British Columbia Legislature)
1866–1871 N/A Legislative Council of British Columbia
Province of Canada
(Parliament of the Province of Canada)
1841–1867 Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada Legislative Council of the Province of Canada
Colony of Cape Breton
1784–1820 N/A Cape Breton Council
District of Keewatin
1876–1877 N/A Council of Keewatin
1877–1905 N/A
Lower Canada
(Parliament of Lower Canada)
1791–1838 Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada Legislative Council of Lower Canada
1838–1841 N/A Special Council of Lower Canada
Province of Quebec (1763–91)
(Province of Quebec Legislature)
1763–1791 N/A Council for the Affairs of the Province of Quebec
Upper Canada
(Parliament of Upper Canada)
1791–1841 Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada Legislative Council of Upper Canada
Colony of Vancouver Island
(Governor-in-Council (1849–1855))
(Colony of Vancouver Island Legislature (1855–1866))
1849–1855 N/A N/A
1855–1866 Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island

Party standings in modern assemblies

Governing parties are shown by shading.

Provincial or Territorial Legislative Assembly Liberal Progressive Conservative New Democrat Prov. parties1 CAQ (QC) Wildrose (AB) Green Independent Total
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 493 34 1 1 85
Legislative Assembly of Alberta 13 10 54 1 21 87
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan 10 51 61
Legislative Assembly of Manitoba 33 40 14 57
Legislative Assembly of Ontario 59 28 20 107
National Assembly of Quebec 703 29 22 3 125
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick 26 22 1 55
Nova Scotia House of Assembly 33 10 7 - 51
Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island 18 8 1 27
Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly 31 7 2 48
Yukon Legislative Assembly 13 6 12 19
Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories2 19 19
Legislative Assembly of Nunavut2 19 19


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