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Barbara Kiefer Lewalski (born 1931) is an American academic, an authority on Renaissance literature particularly known for her work on John Milton.[1] Since 1983 she is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English Literature and of History and Literature at Harvard University.


Lewalski graduated B.S.E. at Emporia State University in 1950 and A.M. in 1951, Ph.D. in 1956 at the University of Chicago.[2] She was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1967.[3]


  • Milton's Brief Epic (1966)
  • Protestant Poetics and the Seventeenth-Century English Lyric (1979)
  • Paradise Lost and the Rhetoric of Literary Forms (1985)
  • Writing Women in Jacobean England (1993)
  • The Polemics and Poems of Rachel Speght (1996) editor
  • The Life of John Milton: A Critical Biography (2000)


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Further reading

  • Amy Boesky, Mary Thomas Crane (editors) (2000), Form and Reform in Renaissance England: Essays in Honor of Barbara Kiefer Lewalski