Liberal Party (Iceland, historical)

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Liberal Party
Frjálslyndi flokkurinn
Founded 1927
Dissolved 1929
Preceded by Independence Party (1907–1927)
Succeeded by Independence Party (1929–present)
Politics of Iceland
Political parties

The Liberal Party (Icelandic: Frjálslyndi flokkurinn) was a short-lived political party in Iceland in the late 1920s.


The party was formed in 1927 by a group of MPs sitting under the Independence Party name.[1] In 1923 the original Independence Party had allied with former members of the dissolved Home Rule Party to form the Citizens' Party. Most members formed the Conservative Party the following year, with the remainder remaining under the Independence Party name.

In 1929 the party merged with the Conservatives to establish the new Independence Party.[1]


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