Lies of the Twins

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Lies of the Twins
Promotional poster
Written by Mel Frohman
Walter Klenhard
Directed by Tim Hunter
Starring Aidan Quinn
Isabella Rossellini
Claudia Christian
Richard Harrison
Theme music composer David McHugh
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Tim Zinnemann
Editor(s) Howard Smith
Cinematography Declan Quinn
Running time 93 minutes
Distributor USA Network
Original network USA Network
Original release August 21, 1991

Lies of the Twins is a 1991 film directed by Tim Hunter.[1]


A fashion model embarks on a romantic affair with her psychiatrist. The relationship is thrown into question when the protagonist espies her lover with another woman. The man she sees winds up being his evil twin, complicating matters further.[1][2]



First airing on the USA Network, Lies of the Twins is based on the novel Lives of the Twins by Joyce Carol Oates, writing under the pen-name Rosamond Smith.[3] In an interview, Oates indicated that the filmmakers "changed the plot quite a bit. I didn't watch it."[4]

Much of the film was shot at Richard Harrison's beach-front home in Malibu.[5] It was one of the first productions that supermodel Iman worked on during her maiden year in Hollywood.[6]

Lies of the Twins was produced by Tim Zinnemann for MCA Television Entertainment (MTE).[3] Mel Frohman and Walter Klenhard prepared the teleplay,[3] with Howard Smith serving as editor. David McHugh provided the film score and Peter Paul Raubertas supplied the production design. Declan Quinn, the brother of lead actor Aidan Quinn, was in charge of cinematography.[7]

An English language movie, it is also known as Bugie allo specchio in Italy.[8]


The film was generally well received by critics upon release.[9]


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