List of Austrian flags

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This is a list of flags used in Austria. For more information about the national flag, visit the article Flag of Austria.

National Flag

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Austria.svg National flag and civil ensign The flag of Austria has three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and red.
Flag of Austria (state).svg State and war flag and state and naval ensign Three equal horizontal bands of red, white, and red, with the coat of arms surmounted


Flag Date Use Description
Presidential Standard of Austria (-1984).svg Standard for a Member of the Federal Government or the Federal President used only on army occasions (out of use since 1984)
Stander General Austria.svg Standard for a General of the Austrian Armed Forces


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Burgenland.svg Flag of Burgenland
Flag of Carinthia.svg Flag of Carinthia
Flag of Niederösterreich.svg Flag of Lower Austria
Flag of Salzburg.svg Flag of Salzburg
Flag of Styria.svg Flag of Styria
Flag of Tirol.svg Flag of Tyrol
Flag of Upper Austria.svg Flag of Upper Austria
Flag of Vorarlberg.svg Flag of Vorarlberg
Flag of Vienna.svg Flag of Vienna

Historical flags

Flag Date Use Description
Imperial Standard of Austria (1828-Late 19th Century).svg 1815-
Late 19th Century
Standard of the Emperor
Imperial Standard of Austria-Hungary (Before 1915).svg Late 19th Century-
Standard of the Emperor
Imperial Standard of Austria-Hungary (1915-1918).svg 1915-1918 Standard of the Emperor
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg 18th century - 1918 Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy and Austrian Empire Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy, also the flag of the Austrian Empire, from the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 flag of Cisleithanian Austria
Austria-Hungary-flag-1869-1914-naval-1786-1869-merchant.svg 1786-1915 Naval Ensign, Merchant Ensign (until 1869)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg 1869-1918 Merchant Ensign of Austria-Hungary
Naval Ensign of Austria-Hungary (1918).svg 1915-1918 Naval Ensign
Flag of Austria (state) 1934-1938.svg 1934-1938 State Flag of the Federal State of Austria This is the state flag of Austria adopted in 1934 and used until Austria was incorporated into Germany from 1938 to 1945. This flag was used during the regime of the Fatherland Front's one-party state.
Fatherland Front of Austria.svg 1934-1938 Flag of the Fatherland Front This flag was declared "equal to the state flag" during the Fatherland Front's one-party state.