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Crayola manufactures several different types of colored pencils. The most popular one is the standard sharpenable wood-shafted pencil, which also offers the widest range of available colors. A smaller and slightly different range of colors is available in mechanical pencil format as part of their "Twistable" product line.

Both formats have a certain subset of "Erasable" colors. Although the default colored pencils are not completely indelible, their markings have a slightly waxy texture that tends to smear and thin out rather than truly erasing.

There are also two types of multicolored pencils: "Heads 'n Tails" and "True to Life".

All Crayola colored pencils are manufactured by Brazilian Faber-Castell plants in São Carlos and are the same colors of Brazilian packages.

Standard pencils

Wooden pencils that can be sharpened.

Standard colors

The following is a complete list of colors included in the 12,[1] 24,[2] 36, 50, and 64 packs of Crayola's standard colored pencils.[citation needed] Color values are approximate.

12 pack +12 = 24 pack +12 = 36 pack +14 = 50 pack +14 = 64 pack (2008)
Red #C91111 Aqua Green #5BD2C0 Bronze Yellow #A78B00 Bubble Gum #FFC1CC Amethyst #9966CC
Red Orange #D84E09 Golden Yellow #F6E120 Cool Gray #788193 Cerulean #006A93 Auro Metal Saurus #6E7F80
Orange #FF8000 Gray #808080 Dark Brown #514E49 Gold #867200 Baby Blue #0070FF
Yellow #F6EB20 Jade Green #7E9156 Green Blue #098FAB Harvest Gold #E2B631 Ball Blue #21ABCD
Yellow Green #51C201 Light Blue #83AFDB Lemon Yellow #F4FA9F Lime Green #6EEB6E Dollar Bill #85BB65
Green #1C8E0D Magenta #F863CB Light Orange #FED8B1 Mango #FFC800 Electric Green #32CD32
Sky Blue #09C5F4 Mahogany #B44848 Maroon #A32E12 Mauve #CC99BA Guppie Green #00FF7F
Blue #2862B9 Peach #F5D4B4 Pine Green #007872 Navy Blue #00003B Meat Brown #E5B73B
Violet (Purple) #7E44BC Pink #FCA8CC Raspberry #AA0570 Orchid #BC6CAC Platinum #E2E3E4
White #FFFFFF Tan #CC8454 Salmon #FFD3CB Pale Rose #DCCCD7 Rose Red #FF007F
Brown #943F07 Light Brown #BF6A1F Slate #7C7C99 Sand #EBE1C2 Sandstorm #ECD540
Black #000000 Yellow Orange #FD9800 Turquoise #17BFDD Silver #A6AAAE Spiro Disco Ball #0FC0FC
Taupe #B99685 Toolbox #746CC0
Teal #0086A7 UFO Green #3CD070

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 64-box of Crayola crayons in 2010, a 64-box of Crayola colored pencils was issued. It had the same colors as the current 64 box. The year of the introduction of the 12, 24, 36, and 50 packs of colored pencils is unknown.

Metallic Colors 8 Pack

Regular wooden pencils with metallic colors, they have very small flecks of sparkles in them. Colors approximate.[3]

Metallic Gold #9F9977
Metallic Copper #B2592D
Metallic Silver #BDC2C7
Metallic Bronze #BC8777
Metallic Purple #996398
Metallic Green #839182
Metallic Blue #708EB3
Metallic Mauve #BC749A

Multicultural Colors, 8 pack

Regular wooden pencils in colors which represent the colors of people's skin. Colors include: black, red, mahogany, peach, brown, dark brown, light brown and tan.[4] All colors are available in other packages, none unique.


Crayola also manufactures mechanical pencils with colored leads as part of its "Twistables" line, which also includes crayons and markers with a similar screw-based mechanical feed. Crayola does not currently offer refill cores for any of its Twistables products, so the pencils are intended to be discarded when empty. The external packaging of each set shows color swatches labeled by name, but the color names are not imprinted on the individual pencils themselves. They are available in 12, (vibrant set) 18, and 30 packs, and an erasable 12 pack. The 12 pack was released in 1998, the 18 pack was released in 2008, and the 30 pack was released in 2009.

The 30 pack contains 11 of the colors in the standard 12 pack; sky-blue is not included. It also contains all of colors of the 18 pack (vibrant set) with the exception of the three fluorescent colors (the 18 set has four colors from the 12 pack). The remaining eight colors (there are six colors that are in both sets) are unique to the 30 pack.

Some of the Twistables pencil color names do not appear among the standard colored pencils as shown above. The colors are blue-violet, green-yellow, apricot, asparagus, carnation pink, and wisteria.

All color values are approximate.

The "Vibrant Set" 18-pack that released in 2008 has relatively little duplication of the basic 12-pack colors; The colors from the 12 pack are italicized:

12 pack standard set 18 pack vibrant set

(4 12-pack colors, 14 new colors)

30 pack assorted set (8 new colors)
Red Aqua Green Mahogany
Red Orange Black Tan
Orange Blue Violet Apricot
Yellow Cerulean Green Yellow
Yellow Green Fluorescent Orange Asparagus
Green Fluorescent Pink Wisteria
Sky Blue Fluorescent Yellow Gray
Blue Golden Yellow Carnation Pink
Violet Light Brown
Light Brown Lime Green
Brown Magenta
Black Mango
Red Orange
Yellow Green
Yellow Orange

Yellow, Pink, and Orange are fluorescent in the 18 pack but are regular in the 30 pack.

Silly Scents

Silly Scents Color Pencil

Color values are approximate.

The basic "Silly Scents" 8-pack that released in 1998 has the following colors:

Lobster Lips Sasquatch Sneakers Monkey Breath Rotten Tooth Fairy
Fairy Tales Forest Oozing Ogre Zombie Laundry Ghoulish Graham Cracker

Ultra Cool and Super Hot

The basic 12-pack of "Ultra Cool and Super Hot Pencils". T-Shirt green, Dodger Blue and Green Blue were released in July 2010 and the remaining colors were released in January 2011.

T-Shirt green Dodger Blue Green Blue Mucus Ball Green
RYB Position GOV Position Raindrop Steel Green Steel Pink
Strong Magnet Lightning

The currently available "eXtreme colors ultra-bright colored pencils" pack has 8 fluorescent colors.

Fiery Rose Heat Wave Sizzling Sunset Lemon Glacier
Arctic Lime Spring Frost Absolute Zero Winter Sky

Erasable colors

Crayola's erasable colors are available in 8-packs, 12-packs, or 24-packs of standard sharpenable pencils. There is also a 12-pack of "Erasable Twistables" pencils, which lists the same twelve colors as the standard "Twistables" pencils.

Specialty multicolor pencils

"True to Life" pencils are limited to eight colors (or rather, eight color titles such as "Maui Sunset" and "Amazon Rainforest"), in which each pencil has a single tricolor lead. As the color titles are identical to those of the "True to Life" tricolored crayons, their color range is presumably similar or identical.

Similarly, the 8-pack of double-sided "Heads 'n Tails" pencils, in which the two sides of each pencil have two different tints or shades of the same hue, should resemble the color range of the corresponding crayons.

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