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The following is a list of characters who will appear in the BBC soap opera Doctors in 2013, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the series' producer Peter Eryl Lloyd. The first character to be introduced will be Rory Bishton, a road sweeper who will appear in one episode.

Rory Bishton

Rory Bishton played by Jeff Rawle, will appear in early 2013.[1] Rawle's casting was announced on 4 October 2012.[1] Rawle is best known for his role as serial killer Silas Blissett in the soap opera Hollyoaks and Rawle had previously appeared in Doctors in 2004.[1] A Doctors spokesperson said, "We are delighted to be booking the fabulous Jeff Rawle for a weighty guest role in an episode to be transmitted early next year. Jeff will play Rory Bishton, a road sweeper with a secret, who finds his double life increasingly difficult to sustain, in an episode which will pique the curiosity and pull the heartstrings. We look forward to welcoming Jeff back to the Doctors family when filming starts next week".[1]

Carl and Lindsay

Carl and Lindsay played by Anthony Quinlan and Joanna Higson, will both appear in early 2013. The couple's casting was announced on 12 October 2012.[2] Carl and Lindsay were once lovers, but they split.[2] After time apart, "their paths cross again" and Carl is brought back into his criminal past.[2] A Doctors spokespersonhave teased "explosive consequences" for the pair and they will appear over a two episode story arc.[2][3] Quinlan is best known for his role as Gilly Roach in the soap opera Hollyoaks and Higson is best known for her role in Shameless.[2] A Doctors spokesperson said, "We at Doctors are thrilled to have worked with such high calibre young talent and hope viewers get a kick out of these cracking episodes when they transmit early next year".[2]


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