List of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States Congress

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This is a list of Hispanic and Latino Americans who have served in the United States Congress.

In addition to the members of Congress listed below, Charles Gayarré was elected to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat from Louisiana in 1834, but resigned on account of ill health prior to taking his seat.


Picture Senator Party State Term Hispanic Ancestry; Place of birth Reason for leaving
Sen. Bouligny Charles Dominique Joseph Bouligny
Adams-Clay Republican Louisiana 1824-1829  Spain; born in United States New Orleans, Louisiana Retired
Sen. Benjamin Judah P. Benjamin
Democrat Louisiana 1853-1861  Spain; born in United States Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands Resigned when Louisiana seceded from the Union
Sen. Larrazolo Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo
Republican New Mexico 1928-1929  Mexico; born in Chihuahua, Mexico Retired
Sen. Chavez Dennis Chavez
Democrat New Mexico 1935-1962  Spain; born in United States Los Chaves, New Mexico Died in office
Sen. Montoya Joseph Montoya
Democrat New Mexico 1964-1977  Spain; born in United States Peña Blanca, New Mexico Defeated
Sen. Sununu John E. Sununu
(b. 1964)
Republican New Hampshire 2003-2009  Cuba &  El Salvador; born in United States Boston, Massachusetts Defeated
Sen. Martinez Mel Martínez
(b. 1946)
Republican Florida 2005-2009  Cuba; born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba Resigned. Served as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2001 to 2003.
Sen. Salazar Ken Salazar
(b. 1955)
Democrat Colorado 2005-2009  Mexico; born in United States Alamosa, Colorado Resigned to become United States Secretary of the Interior
Sen. Menendez Bob Menendez
(b. 1954)
Democrat New Jersey 2006–present  Cuba; born in United States New York, New York
Sen. Rubio Marco Rubio
(b. 1971)
Republican Florida 2011–present  Cuba; born in United States Miami, Florida
Sen. Cruz Ted Cruz
(b. 1970)
Republican Texas 2013–present  Cuba; born in Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada

House of Representatives

Picture Representative Party State Term Reason for leaving
No image.svg Alcée Louis la Branche
Democrat Louisiana 1843-1845 Retired
Rep. Bouligny John Edward Bouligny
American (Know-Nothing) Louisiana 1859-1861 Retired; was only congressman from Louisiana not to resign when the state seceded from the Union
Rep. Pacheco Romualdo Pacheco
Republican California 1877-1878, 1879-1883 Lost election challenge & Retired; was also the first and only Hispanic Governor of California and the first Hispanic Governor in the United States.
Rep. Estopinal Albert Estopinal
Democrat Louisiana 1908-1919 Died in office
Rep. Lazaro Ladislas Lazaro
Democrat Louisiana 1913-1927 Died in office
Rep. Hernandez Benigno C. Hernández
Republican New Mexico 1915-1917
Defeated & Retired
Rep. Montoya Néstor Montoya
Republican New Mexico 1921-1923 Died in office
Rep. Chavez Dennis Chavez
Democrat New Mexico 1931-1935 Elected as the United States Senator for New Mexico
Rep. Fernandez Joachim O. Fernández
Democrat Louisiana 1931-1941 Defeated
Rep. Fernandez Antonio M. Fernández
Democrat New Mexico 1943-1956 Died in office
Rep. Montoya Joseph Montoya
Democrat New Mexico 1957-1964 Elected as the United States Senator for New Mexico
Rep. Gonzalez Henry B. Gonzalez
Democrat Texas 1961-1999 Retired
Rep. Roybal Edward R. Roybal
Democrat California 1963-1993 Retired
Rep. de la Garza Kika de la Garza
(b. 1927)
Democrat Texas 1965-1997 Retired
Rep. Lujan Manuel Lujan, Jr.
(b. 1928)
Republican New Mexico 1969-1989 Retired and became United States Secretary of the Interior
Rep. Rangel Charles B. Rangel
(b. 1930)
Democrat New York 1971–present
Rep. Badillo Herman Badillo
Democrat New York 1973-1977 Resigned to become Deputy Mayor of New York City and later joined the Republican Party
Rep. Garcia Robert García
(b. 1933)
Democrat New York 1978-1990 Resigned and jailed due to the Wedtech scandal
Rep. Martinez Matthew G. Martinez
Democrat 1982-2000, Republican 2000-2001 California 1982-2001 Lost re-nomination and joined the Republican Party
Rep. Richardson Bill Richardson
(b. 1943)
Democrat New Mexico 1983-1997 Resigned to become United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Rep. Ortiz Solomon P. Ortiz
(b. 1937)
Democrat Texas 1983-2011 Defeated
Rep. Torres Esteban Edward Torres
(b. 1930)
Democrat California 1983-1999 Retired
Rep. Vucanovich Barbara Vucanovich
Republican Nevada 1983-1997 Though Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is widely credited as the first Hispanic woman in Congress, Vucanovich's mother was of partial Hispanic heritage
Rep. Bustamente Albert Bustamante
(b. 1935)
Democrat Texas 1985-1993 Defeated and convicted of accepting bribes and racketeering in 1993 and was sentenced to 42 months in prison
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
(b. 1952)
Republican Florida 1989–present First female Hispanic and first Cuban American elected to Congress
Rep. Serrano José Serrano
(b. 1943)
Democrat New York 1990–present
Rep. Pastor Ed Pastor
(b. 1943)
Democrat Arizona 1991–2015 Retired
Rep. Tejeda Frank Tejeda
(b. 1945-1997)
Democrat Texas 1993-1997 Died in office
Rep. Menendez Bob Menendez
(b. 1954)
Democrat New Jersey 1993-2006 Resigned to accept appointment as a United States Senator from New Jersey
Rep. Becerra Xavier Becerra
(b. 1958)
Democrat California 1993–present
Rep. Bonilla Henry Bonilla
(b. 1954)
Republican Texas 1993–2007 Defeated
Rep. Diaz-Balart Lincoln Diaz-Balart
(b. 1954)
Republican Florida 1993–2011 Retired
Rep. Gutiérrez Luis Gutiérrez
(b. 1953)
Democrat Illinois 1993–present
Rep. Roybal-Allard Lucille Roybal-Allard
(b. 1941)
Democrat California 1993–present
Rep. Velázquez Nydia Velázquez
(b. 1953)
Democrat New York 1993–present
Rep. Sununu John E. Sununu
(b. 1964)
Republican New Hampshire 1997–2003 Retired to run successfully for the United States Senate from New Hampshire
Rep. Reyes Silvestre Reyes
(b. 1944)
Democrat Texas 1997–2013 Lost re-nomination
Rep. Rodriguez Ciro Rodriguez
(b. 1946)
Democrat Texas 1997–2005, 2007–2011 Lost re-nomination & Defeated
Rep. Hinojosa Rubén Hinojosa
(b. 1940)
Democrat Texas 1997–present
Rep. Sanchez Loretta Sanchez
(b. 1960)
Democrat California 1997–present
Rep. Baca Joe Baca
(b. 1947)
Democrat California 1999–2013 Defeated; joined the Republican Party after leaving office
Rep. Gonzalez Charlie Gonzalez
(b. 1945)
Democrat Texas 1999–2013 Retired
Rep. Napolitano Grace Napolitano
(b. 1936)
Democrat California 1999–present
Rep. Solis Hilda Solis
(b. 1957)
Democrat California 2001–2009 Resigned to become United States Secretary of Labor
Rep. Diaz-Balart Mario Diaz-Balart
(b. 1961)
Republican Florida 2003–present
Rep. Grijalva Raúl Grijalva
(b. 1948)
Democrat Arizona 2003–present
Rep. Sánchez Linda Sánchez
(b. 1969)
Democrat California 2003–present
Rep. Cuellar Henry Cuellar
(b. 1955)
Democrat Texas 2005–present
Rep. Salazar John Salazar
(b. 1953)
Democrat Colorado 2005–2011 Defeated
Rep. Sires Albio Sires
(b. 1951)
Democrat New Jersey 2006–present
Rep. Luján Ben R. Luján
(b. 1972)
Democrat New Mexico 2009–present
Rep. Garamendi John Garamendi
(b. 1945)
Democrat California 2009–present
Rep. Canseco Francisco "Quico" Canseco
(b. 1949)
Republican Texas 2011–2013 Defeated
Rep. Flores Bill Flores
(b. 1954)
Republican Texas 2011–present
Rep. Herrera Jaime Herrera
(b. 1978)
Republican Washington 2011–present
Rep. Labrador Raúl Labrador
(b. 1967)
Republican Idaho 2011–present
Rep. Rivera David Rivera
(b. 1965)
Republican Florida 2011–2013 Defeated
Rep. Cardena Tony Cardenas
(b. 1963)
Democrat California 2013–present
Rep. Castro Joaquín Castro
(b. 1974)
Democrat Texas 2013–present
Rep. Gallego Pete Gallego
(b. 1961)
Democrat Texas 2013–2015 Defeated
Rep. Garcia Joe Garcia
(b. 1963)
Democrat Florida 2013–2015 Defeated
Rep. Lujan-Grisham Michelle Lujan Grisham
(b. 1959)
Democrat New Mexico 2013–present
Rep. Negrete McLeod Gloria Negrete McLeod
(b. 1941)
Democrat California 2013–2015 Retired to run unsuccessfully for San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors
Rep. Ruiz Raul Ruiz
(b. 1972)
Democrat California 2013–present
Rep. DeSantis Ron DeSantis
(b. 1978)
Republican Florida 2013–present
Rep. Vargas Juan Vargas
(b. 1961)
Democrat California 2013–present
Rep. Vela Filemon Vela, Jr.
(b. 1963)
Democrat Texas 2013–present
Rep. Aguilar Pete Aguilar
(b. 1979)
Democratic California 2015–present
Rep. Curbelo Carlos Curbelo
(b. 1980)
Republican Florida 2015–present
Rep. Gallego Ruben Gallego
(b. 1979)
Democratic Arizona 2015–present
Rep. Mooney Alex Mooney
(b. 1971)
Republican West Virginia 2015–present
Norma Torres official portrait.jpg Norma Torres
(b. 1965)
Democratic California 2015–present

House Delegates (non-voting members)

Representative Party Territory Term
Joseph Marion Hernández
Whig Florida Territory 1822-1823
José Manuel Gallegos
Democrat New Mexico Territory 1853-1856
Miguel Antonio Otero
Democrat New Mexico Territory 1856-1861
Francisco Perea
Republican New Mexico Territory 1863-1865
José Francisco Chaves
Republican New Mexico Territory 1865-1867
Trinidad Romero
Republican New Mexico Territory 1877-1879
Mariano S. Otero
Republican New Mexico Territory 1879-1881
Tranquilino Luna
Republican New Mexico Territory 1881-1884
Francisco Antonio Manzanares
Democrat New Mexico Territory 1884-1885
Pedro Perea
Republican New Mexico Territory 1899-1901
Federico Degetau
Insular Republican Puerto Rico 1901-1905
Tulio Larrinaga
Unionist Puerto Rico 1905-1911
Manuel L. Quezon
Non-Partisan Philippines 1909-1916
Luis Muñoz Rivera
Unionist Puerto Rico 1911-1916
Félix Córdova Dávila
Unionist Puerto Rico 1917-1932
José Lorenzo Pesquera
Non-Partisan Puerto Rico 1932-1933
Santiago Iglesias
Coalitionist Puerto Rico 1933-1939
Bolívar Pagán
Coalitionist Puerto Rico 1939-1945
Jesús T. Piñero
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1945-1946
Antonio Fernós-Isern
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1946-1965
Santiago Polanco Abreu
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1965-1969
Jorge Luis Córdova
New Progressive Puerto Rico 1969-1973
Jaime Benítez
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1973-1977
Ron de Lugo
(b. 1930)
Democrat U.S. Virgin Islands 1973-1979
Baltasar Corrada del Río
(b. 1935)
New Progressive Puerto Rico 1977-1985
Jaime Fuster
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1985-1992
Antonio Colorado
(b. 1939)
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 1992-1993
Carlos Romero Barceló
(b. 1932)
New Progressive Puerto Rico 1993-2001
Aníbal Acevedo Vilá
(b. 1962)
Popular Democratic Puerto Rico 2001-2005
Luis Fortuño
(b. 1960)
New Progressive Puerto Rico 2005-2009
Pedro Pierluisi
(b. 1959)
New Progressive Puerto Rico 2009–present

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  1. for the predecessors and successors of each Hispanic and Latino American Representative's/Delegate's district or Senator with their date of birth and death, click on the U.S. representative/delegate or senator, for the number of congresses, click on the congress.