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The following list is a list of the works contained in the Lingbao Canon as listed by Lu Xiujing in his catalogue of the Lingbao School, China, in 437 CE.[1]

Number Index[2] English Title Pinyin Title
1 22 Perfected Script in Five Tablets Wupian zhenwen
2 352 Jade Instructions
Scripture of the Revolution of Great Kalpas
Scripture of the Revolution of Lesser Kalpas
Yundu daqie jing
Yundu xiaoqie jing
3 Numinous Stanzas of the Void Caverns Kongdong lingzhang
4 1439 Stanzas on Ascending to Mystery and Pacing the Void Shengxuan buxu zhang
5 318 Stanzas of the Life-giving Spirits of the Nine Heavens Jiutian shengshen zhangjing
6 671 Text of the Self-generating Five Talismans of Correspondence Ziran wucheng wen
7 97 Inner Sounds and Jade Graphs of the Heavens Zhutian neiyin yuzi
8 457 Great Precepts of the Upper Chapters on the Roots of Sin Zuigen shangpin dajie
9 177 Great Precepts of Wisdom from the Upper Chapters Zhihui shangpin dajie
10 (lost) Bamboo Slips on the Golden Registers of the Higher Prime Shangyuan jinlu jianwen
11 1411 Code of the Luminous Perfected Mingzhen ke
12 177 Scripture on Wisdom and Fixing the Will Zhihui dingzhi jing
13 Upper Chapters on the Basic Endeavor Benye shangpin
14 346 Blame and Blessings of the Wheel of the Law Falun zuifu
15 1 Scripture of Upper Chapters on Limitless Salvation Wuliang duren shangpin[3]
16 23 Salvation as Recorded by the Spirits of the Various Heavens Zhutian lingshu duming
17 369 Scripture on Salvation through Extinction and the Fivefold Refinement Miedu wulian jing
18 456 Precepts of the Chapters of the Three Primes Sanyuan pinjie
19 1407 Charts of the Twenty-four Life-givers) Ershisi shengtu
20 388 Preface to the Five Talismans of Lingbao[4] Lingbao wufu xu [5]
21 425 Concealed Commentary and Treasured Instructions of the Supreme Ultimate Taiji yinzhu baojue
22 330 Essential Explanations of the Perfected Script Zhenwen yaojue
23 Explanations of the Self-generating Scripture of Perfect Unity Zhenyi ziran jingjue
24 532 Instructions on Retreats and the Dignified Liturgies Fuzhai weiyi jue
25 344 Upper Chapters on the Original Vows and Great Precepts of Devil-destroying Wisdom Xiaomo zhihui benyuan dajie shangpin
26 1114 The Questions of the Transcendent Duke Xiangong qingwen
27 1115 Trials of the Sages Zhusheng nan
28 (lost) Esoteric Tradition of the Activities of the Divine Transcendents Shenxian zhenqi neizhuan
29 (lost) Activities of the Transcendent Duke Xiangong qiju jing


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  4. Contained in this text is the Wufujing, the most important Lingbao scripture.
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