List of Lord Mayors of London

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List of all Mayors and Lord Mayors of London (Leader of the City of London Corporation and First Citizen of the City of London - from medieval times). Until 1354, the title held was Mayor of London. The dates are those of election to office (Michaelmas Day on 29 September, excepting those years when it fell on the Sabbath) and office is not actually entered until the second week of November. Therefore, the years 'Elected' below do not represent the main calendar year of service.

In 2006 the title "Lord Mayor of the City of London" was devised, for the most part, to avoid confusion with the office of Mayor of London. However, the legal and commonly-used title and style remains Lord Mayor of London.


before 1300

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1189-1212 Sir Henry FitzAilwin; First Mayor of London: died in office (24 terms) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1212-1214 Sir Roger FitzAlan (Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1215 Serlo le Mercer (1st term) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1215 William Hardell (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1216 James Alderman unknown
1217 Salomon de Basing unknown
1218-1221 Serlo le Mercer (terms 2-5) (Mercer)
1222-1226 Richard Renger (terms 1-5) unknown
1227-1230 Roger le Duke (4 terms) unknown
1231-1237 Andrew Buckerell (7 terms) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1238 Richard Renger (6th term) unknown
1239 Sir William Joynier unknown
1240 Gerard de La Beche unknown
1240 Reginald de Bungay unknown
1241-1243 Sir Ralph Ashley (3 terms) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1244-1245 Sir Michael Tovey (terms 1-2) unknown
1246 Sir John de Gisors (1st term) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1246 Peter FitzAlan unknown
1247-1248 Sir Michael Tovey (terms 3-4) unknown
1249 Roger FitzRoger unknown
1250 John le Norman unknown
1251 Sir Adam de Port, baron de Basing (Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1252 John Tulesan (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1253 Sir Nicholas de La Beche unknown
1254-1257 Sir Ralph Hardell (4 terms); deposed (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1258 Sir William FitzRichard (1st term); Royal Nominee (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1258 Sir John de Gisors (2nd term) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1259-1260 Sir William FitzRichard (terms 2-3)
Royal Nominee
(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1261-1264 Sir Thomas FitzThomas (4 terms); deposed and imprisoned unknown
1265 Sir Hugh FitzOtho (1st term) Royal Warden
1265 Sir John Walerand Royal Warden
1265 Sir John de La Lynde Royal Warden
1266 Sir William FitzRichard (4th term)
Royal Nominee
(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1267 Sir Alan de La Zouche Royal Warden; (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1268 Sir Thomas de Ippegrave Royal Warden
1268 Sir Stephen de Eddeworth Royal Warden
1269 Sir Hugh FitzOtho (2nd term) Royal Warden
1270 John Adrien (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1271-1272 Walter Hervey (2 terms); deposed unknown
1273 Sir Henry le Wallis (1st term) unknown
1274-1280 Sir Gregory de Rokesley (terms 1-7) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 4]
1281-1283 Sir Henry le Wallis (terms 2-4) unknown
1284 Sir Gregory de Rokesley (8th term) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 4]
1285-1289 Sir Ralph de Sandwich (terms 1-5) Royal Warden
1289 Sir John le Breton (1st term) Royal Warden
1289-1292 Sir Ralph de Sandwich (terms 6-9) Royal Warden
1293-1298 Sir John le Breton (terms 2-7) Royal Warden
1298 Sir Henry le Wallis (5th term) unknown
1299-1301 Elias Russell (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 The Drapers are recognised as having formed a fraternity from 1180, were incorporated in 1361, and received a Royal Charter in 1438.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 The Grocers were known as the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, and incorporated under a Royal Charter of 1428.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The Goldsmiths formed as a guild in the 12th century and received their first Royal Charter of Incorporation in 1327.

14th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1301-1307 Sir John le Blund (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1308 Sir Nicholas de Farndone (1st term) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]
1309 Thomas Romayn (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1310 Sir Richard de Refham; deposed (Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1311-1312 Sir John de Gisors (terms 1-2) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1313 Sir Nicholas de Farndone (2nd term) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]
1314 Sir John de Gisors (3rd term) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1315 Stephen de Abyngdon (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1316-1318 Sir John de Wengrave (2 terms) Royal Warden
1319 Sir Hamo de Chigwell (1st term) Fishmonger
1320 Sir Nicholas de Farndone (3rd term) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]
1321 Sir Robert de Ros, baron of Kendal Royal Warden
1321-1322 Sir Hamo de Chigwell (terms 2-3) Fishmonger
1323 Sir Nicholas de Farndone (4th term) (Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]
1323-1325 Sir Hamo de Chigwell (terms 4-6) Fishmonger
1326 Sir Richard de Betoyne (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1327 Sir Hamo de Chigwell (7th term) Fishmonger
1328 Sir John de Grantham (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1329 Sir Simon Swanland (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1330-1331 Sir John de Pulteney (terms 1-2) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1332 Sir John de Preston (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1333 Sir John de Pulteney (3rd term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1334-1335 Sir Reginald de Conduit (2nd term) (Vintner)[lower-alpha 5]
1336 Sir John de Pulteney (4th term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1337-1338 Sir Henry Darcy (2 terms) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1339-1340 Sir Andrew d'Aubrey (terms 1-2) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1341 John d'Oxenford (died in office) (Vintner)[lower-alpha 5]
1342 Simon Francis (1st term) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1343-1344 Sir John Hammond (2 terms) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1345 Richard le Lacer (Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1346 Sir Geoffrey de Wychingham (Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1347 Sir Thomas Legge (1st term) Skinner
1348 Sir John Lovekyn (1st term) Fishmonger
1349 Sir Walter Turke Fishmonger
1350 Richard de Kislingbury (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1351 Sir Andrew d'Aubrey (3rd term) (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1352-1353 Sir Adam Francis (2 terms) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 The Goldsmiths originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1327.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 The Grocers were the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, but did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  5. 5.0 5.1 The Vintners probably originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1364.

Lord Mayors

14th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1354 Sir Thomas Legge (2nd term); First Lord Mayor Skinner
1355 Simon Francis (2nd term - 1st term as Lord Mayor) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
1357 John de Stodeye (Vintner)[lower-alpha 2]
1358 Sir John Lovekyn (2nd term - 1st term as Lord Mayor) Fishmonger
1359 Simon Dolseley (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1360 Sir John Wroth Fishmonger
1361 Sir John Pecche Fishmonger
1362 Stephen Cavendisshe (Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1363 John Nott (Pepperer→Grocer)[lower-alpha 3]
1364-1365 Sir Adam de Bury (terms 1-2; impeached) Skinner
1366 Sir John Lovekyn (3rd term - 2nd term as Lord Mayor) Fishmonger
1367 James Andrewes (Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1368 Simon de Montfort Fishmonger
1369 Sir John de Chichester Goldsmith
1370-1371 Sir John Berners (2 terms) (Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
1372 John Pyell (Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
1373 Sir Adam de Bury (3rd term) Skinner
1374 Sir William Walworth (1st term) Fishmonger
1375 John Warde Grocer
1376 Adam Stable (Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1377 Sir Nicholas Brembre (1st term) Grocer
1378 Sir John Philpot Grocer
1379 John Hadley (1st term) Grocer
1380 Sir William Walworth (2nd term) Fishmonger
1381-1382 John de Northampton (2 terms) (Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1383-1385 Sir Nicholas Brembre (terms 2-4) Grocer
1386-1387 Sir Nicholas Exton (2 terms) Fishmonger
1388 Sir Nicholas Twyford Goldsmith
1389 William Venour Grocer
1390 Adam Bamme Goldsmith
1391 Sir John Hende (1st term; deposed and imprisoned) (Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1392 Sir Edward Dalyngrigge Royal Warden
1392 Sir Baldwin Radyngton Royal Warden
1392 Sir William de Staunton (1st term) Grocer
1393 John Hadley (2nd term) Grocer
1394 John Fresshe Mercer
1395 Sir William More Vintner
1396 Adam Bamme (died in office) Goldsmith
1397 Sir Richard Whittington (appointed by Richard II) Mercer
1397 Sir Richard Whittington (2nd term; elected) Mercer
1398 Sir Drugo Barentyn (1st term) Goldsmith
1399 Sir Thomas Knollys (1st term) Grocer
1400 John Francis Goldsmith
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The Vintners probably originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1364.
  3. 3.0 3.1 The Grocers were the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, but did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.

15th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1401 John Shadworth Mercer
1402 John Walcote (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1403 William Little Fishmonger
1404 Sir John Hende (2nd term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1405 Sir John Woodcock Mercer
1406 Sir Richard Whittington (3rd term) Mercer
1407 Sir William de Staunton (2nd term) (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1408 Sir Drugo Barentyn (2nd term) Goldsmith
1409 Sir Richard Marlowe (1st term) (Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]
1410 Sir Thomas Knollys (2nd term) (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1411 Sir Robert Chichele (1st term) (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1412 Sir William Walderne (1st term) Mercer
1413 Sir William Cromer (1st term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1414 Sir Thomas Fauconer Mercer
1415 Sir Nicholas Wootton (1st term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1416 Sir Henry Barton (1st term) Skinner
1417 Sir Richard Marlowe (2nd term) (Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]
1418 Sir William Sevenoke (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1419 Sir Richard Whittington (4th term) Mercer
1420 Sir William de Cambridge (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1421 Sir Robert Chichele (2nd term) (Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1422 Sir William Walderne (2nd term) Mercer
1423 Sir William Cromer (2nd term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1424 Sir John Michell (1st term) Fishmonger
1425 Sir John Coventry Mercer
1426 Sir John Reynwell Fishmonger
1427 Sir John Gedney (1st term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1428 Sir Henry Barton (2nd term) Skinner
1429 Sir William Eastfeld (1st term) Mercer
1430 Sir Nicholas Wootton (2nd term) (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1431 Sir John Welles Grocer
1432 Sir John Verney Fishmonger
1433 Sir John Brokley (Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1434 Sir Robert Oately Grocer
1435 Sir Henry de Frowick (1st term) Mercer
1436 Sir John Michell (2nd term) Fishmonger
1437 Sir William Eastfeld (2nd term) Mercer
1438 Sir Stephen Browne (1st term) Grocer
1439 Robert Large Mercer
1440 Sir John Paulet Goldsmith
1441 Sir Robert Clopton Draper
1442 Sir John Atherley (Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]
1443 Sir Thomas Catworth Grocer
1444 Sir Henry de Frowick (2nd term) Mercer
1445 Sir Simon Eyre Draper
1446 Sir John Olney Mercer
1447 Sir John Gedney (2nd term) Draper
1448 Sir Stephen Browne (2nd term) Grocer
1449 Sir Thomas Chalton Mercer
1450 Sir Nicholas Wyfold Grocer
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1451 Sir William Gregory Skinner
1452 Sir Geoffrey Fielding Mercer
1453 Sir John Norman Draper
1454 Sir Stephen Forster Fishmonger
1455 Sir William Marlowe Grocer
1456 Sir Thomas Canynges Grocer
1457 Sir Geoffrey Boleyn Mercer
1458 Sir Thomas Scott Draper
1459 Sir William Hewlyn Fishmonger
1460 Sir Richard Leigh (1st term) Grocer
1461 Sir Hugh Wyche Mercer
1462 Sir Thomas Coke Draper
1463 Sir Matthew Phillip Goldsmith
1464 Sir Ralph Josselyn, KB (1st term) Draper
1465 Sir Ralph Verney Mercer
1466 Sir John Yonge, half-brother of Sir William Canynges Grocer
1467 Sir Thomas Walgrave Skinner
1468 Sir William Taylour Grocer
1469 Sir Richard Leigh (2nd term) Grocer
1470 Sir John Stockton Mercer
1471 William Edwardes Grocer
1472 Sir William Hampton Fishmonger
1473 Sir John Tate Mercer
1474 Sir Robert Drope Draper
1475 Sir Robert Basset Salter
1476 Sir Ralph Josselyn, KB (2nd term) Draper
1477 Sir Humphrey Heyford Goldsmith
1478 Sir Richard Gardiner Mercer
1479 Sir Bartholomew James Draper
1480 Sir John Browne[1] Mercer
1481 Sir William Heriot Draper
1482 Sir Edmund Shaw Goldsmith
1483 Sir Robert Billesdon Haberdasher[lower-alpha 4]
1484 Sir Thomas Hill (died in office) Grocer
1485 Sir William Stoker (died in office) Draper
1485 Sir John Warde Grocer
1485 Sir Hugh Bryce Grocer
1486 Sir Henry Colet (1st term) Mercer
1487 Sir William Horne Salter
1488 Sir Robert Tate Mercer
1489 Sir William White Draper
1490 Sir John Mathew[2][3] Mercer
1491 Sir Hugh Clopton Mercer
1492 Sir William Martyn Skinner
1493 Sir Ralph Astley Fishmonger
1494 Sir Richard Baldry Salter
1495 Sir Henry Colet (2nd term) Mercer
1496 Sir John Tate (1st term)[4] Mercer
1497 Sir William Purchas Mercer
1498 Sir John Percival Merchant Taylor
1499 Nicholas Ailwyn (died in office) Mercer
1500 Sir William Remyngton Fishmonger
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 The Grocers did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 The Ironmongers did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1463.
  4. The Haberdashers are on record as having formed a fraternity before 1371 and first received a Royal Charter in 1448.

16th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1501 Sir John Shaw Goldsmith
1502 Sir Bartholomew Reade Goldsmith
1503 Sir William Capell (1st term) Draper
1504 Sir John Wyngar Grocer
1505 Sir Thomas Kneesworth Fishmonger
1506 Sir Richard Vernon (1st term) Mercer
1507 Sir William Browne (died in office)[1] Mercer
1508 Sir Lawrence Aylmer Merchant Taylor
1508 Sir Stephen Jenyns Woolman
1509 Sir Thomas Bradbury Mercer
1510 Sir William Capell (2nd term) Draper
1510 Sir Henry Keble Grocer
1511 Sir Roger Ashley Draper
1512 Sir William Copinger Fishmonger
1513 Sir Richard Vernon (2nd term) Mercer
1513 Sir William Browne (died in office)[1] Mercer
1514 Sir John Tate (2nd term) Mercer
1514 Sir George Monoux Draper
1515 Sir William Butler[5] Grocer
1516 John Rest[6] Grocer
1517 Sir Thomas Exmewe Goldsmith
1518 Sir Thomas Mirfyn Skinner
1519 Sir James Yarford Mercer
1520 Sir John Brydges, Brugge Draper
1521 Sir John Milburne Draper
1522 Sir John Mundy Goldsmith
1523 Sir Thomas Baldry Mercer
1524 Sir William Bailey Draper
1525 Sir John Alleyn (1st term) Mercer
1526 Sir Thomas Seymour, MP[7] Mercer
1527 Sir James Spencer Vintner
1528 Sir John Rudston Draper
1529 Sir Ralph Dodmer Brewer
1530 Sir Thomas Pargiter Salter
1531 Sir Nicholas Lombard Grocer
1532 Sir Stephen Peacock Haberdasher
1533 Sir Christopher Askew Draper
1534 Sir John Champneys Skinner
1535 Sir John Alleyn (2nd term) Mercer
1536 Sir Ralph Warren (1st term) Mercer
1537 Sir Richard Gresham Mercer
1538 Sir William Fermor Haberdasher
1539 Sir William Holles Mercer
1540 Sir William Roche Draper
1541 Sir Michael Dormer Mercer
1542 Sir John Coates Salter
1543 Sir William Bowyer[8] Draper
1544 Sir Ralph Warren (2nd term) Mercer
1544 Sir William Laxton Grocer
1545 Sir Martin Bowes Goldsmith
1546 Sir Henry Huberthorn Merchant Taylor
1547 Sir John Gresham Mercer
1548 Sir Henry Amcotes Fishmonger
1549 Sir Rowland Hill[9] Mercer
1550 Sir Andrew Judd Skinner
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1551 Sir Richard Dobbs Skinner
1552 Sir George Barne[10] Haberdasher
1553 Sir Thomas White Merchant Taylor
1554 Sir John Lyon Grocer
1555 Sir William Gerard Haberdasher
1556 Sir Thomas Offley Merchant Taylor
1557 Sir Thomas Curtis PewtererFishmonger
1558 Sir Thomas Leigh Mercer
1559 Sir William Hewett[11] Clothworker
1560 Sir William Chester Draper
1561 Sir William Harpur Merchant Taylor
1562 Sir Thomas Lodge Grocer
1563 Sir John Whyte Grocer
1564 Sir Richard Mallory[12] Mercer
1565 Sir Richard Champion Draper
1566 Sir Christopher Draper Ironmonger
1567 Sir Roger Martyn Mercer
1568 Sir Thomas Rowe Merchant Taylor
1569 Sir Alexander Avenon Ironmonger
1570 Sir Rowland Hayward (1st term) Clothworker
1571 Sir William Allen Mercer
1572 Sir Lionel Duckett Mercer
1573 Sir John Rivers Grocer
1574 Sir James Hawes Clothworker
1575 Sir Ambrose Nicholas Salter
1576 Sir John Langley Goldsmith
1577 Sir Thomas Ramsey Grocer
1578 Sir Richard Pype Draper
1579 Sir Nicholas Woodroffe Haberdasher
1580 Sir John Branche Draper
1581 Sir James Harvey Ironmonger
1582 Sir Thomas Blanke Haberdasher
1583 Sir Edward Osborne Clothworker
1584 Sir Thomas Pullyson Draper
1585 Sir Wolstan Dixie Skinner
1586 Sir George Barne, MP[10] Haberdasher
1587 Sir George Bond Haberdasher
1588 Sir Martin Calthorpe[13] Draper
1589 Sir Richard Martin (1st term) Goldsmith
1589 Sir John Harte Grocer
1590 Sir John Allot (died in office) Fishmonger
1591 Sir Rowland Heyward (2nd term) Clothworker
1591 Sir William Webbe Salter
1592 Sir William Rowe Ironmonger
1593 Sir Cuthbert Buckell (died in office) Vintner
1594 Sir Richard Martin (2nd term) Goldsmith
1594 Sir John Spencer Clothworker
1595 Sir Stephen Slaney Skinner
1596 Thomas Skinner (died in office) Clothworker
1596 Sir Henry Billingsley Haberdasher
1597 Richard Saltonstall, MP[14][15] Skinner
1598 Sir Stephen Soame Grocer
1599 Nicholas Mosley Clothworker
1600 Sir William Ryder Haberdasher

17th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1601 Sir John Gerard Haberdasher
1602 Sir Robert Lee Merchant Taylor
1603 Sir Thomas Bennet Mercer
1604 Sir Thomas Lowe Haberdasher
1605 Sir Leonard Halliday Merchant Taylor
1606 Sir John Watts Clothworker
1607 Sir Henry Rowe Mercer
1608 Sir Humphrey Weld Grocer
1609 Sir Thomas Cambell Ironmonger
1610 Sir William Craven Merchant Taylor
1611 Sir James Pemberton Goldsmith
1612 Sir John Swynnerton Merchant Taylor
1613 Sir Thomas Myddelton Grocer
1614 Sir Thomas Hayes Draper
1615 Sir John Jolles Draper
1616 Sir John Leman Fishmonger
1617 Sir George Bolles Grocer
1618 Sir Sebastian Hervey Ironmonger
1619 Sir William Cockayne Skinner
1620 Sir Francis Jones Haberdasher
1621 Sir Edward Barkham Draper
1622 Sir Peter Proby Grocer
1623 Sir Martin Lumley Draper
1624 Sir John Gore Merchant Taylor
1625 Sir Allen Cotton[16] Draper
1626 Sir Cuthbert Hacket Draper
1627 Sir Hugh Hamersley Haberdasher
1628 Sir Richard Deane Skinner
1629 Sir James Cambell* Ironmonger
1630 Sir Robert Ducie, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1631 Sir George Whitmore Haberdasher
1632 Sir Nicholas Rainton Haberdasher
1633 Sir Ralph Freeman (died in office) Clothworker
1634 Sir Thomas Moulson Grocer
1634 Sir Robert Parkhurst Clothworker
1635 Sir Christopher Clitheroe Ironmonger
1636 Sir Edward Bromfield Fishmonger
1637 Sir Richard Fenn Haberdasher
1638 Sir Maurice Abbot Draper
1639 Sir Henry Garraway Draper
1640 Sir William Acton, 1st Baronet
(elected, but displaced by Parliament)
Merchant Taylor
1640 Sir Edmund Wright Grocer
1641 Sir Richard Gurney, 1st Baronet Clothworker
1642 Sir Isaac Penington Fishmonger
1643 Sir John Wollaston Goldsmith
1644 Sir Thomas Atkins Mercer
1645 Sir Thomas Adams, 1st Baronet Draper
1646 Sir John Gayre Fishmonger
1647 Sir John Warner, 1st Baronet Grocer
1648 Sir Abraham Reynardson
(deposed, April 1649)
Merchant Taylor
1649 Sir Thomas Andrewes Grocer
1649 Sir Thomas Foote, 1st Baronet Grocer
1650 Sir Thomas Andrewes Grocer
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1651 John Kendrick Grocer
1652 John Fowke MP[17] Haberdasher
1653 Sir Thomas Vyner, 1st Baronet Goldsmith
1654 Sir Christopher Packe Draper
1655 Sir John Dethick Mercer
1656 Sir Robert Tichborne Skinner
1657 Sir Richard Chiverton Skinner
1658 Sir John Ireton Clothworker
1659 Sir Thomas Allen, 1st Baronet Grocer
1660 Sir Richard Browne, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1661 Sir John Frederick Grocer
1662 Sir John Robinson, 1st Baronet Clothworker
1663 Sir Anthony Bateman Skinner
1664 Sir John Lawrence Haberdasher
1665 Sir Thomas Bloodworth Vintner
1666 Sir William Bolton Merchant Taylor
1667 Sir William Peake Clothworker
1668 Sir William Turner Merchant Taylor
1669 Sir Samuel Starling Brewer
1670 Sir Richard Ford Mercer
1671 Sir George Waterman Skinner
1672 Sir Robert Hanson Grocer
1673 Sir William Hooker Grocer
1674 Sir Robert Viner, 1st Baronet Goldsmith
1675 Sir Joseph Sheldon Tallow Chandler
1676 Sir Thomas Davies Stationer
1677 Sir Francis Chaplin Clothworker
1678 Sir James Edwards[18] Grocer
1679 Sir Robert Clayton Scrivener
1680 Sir Patience Ward Merchant Taylor
1681 Sir John Moore Grocer
1682 Sir William Prichard Merchant Taylor
1683 Sir Henry Tulse Grocer
1684 Sir James Smyth Draper
1685 Sir Robert Geffrye Ironmonger
1686 Sir John Peake Mercer
1687 Sir John Shorter Goldsmith
1688 Sir John Eyles Mercer
1688 Sir John Chapman Haberdasher
Sir Thomas Pilkington Skinner
1691 Sir Thomas Stampe Draper
1692 Sir John Fleet Grocer
1693 Sir William Ashurst Merchant Taylor
1694 Sir Thomas Lane Clothworker
1695 Sir John Houblon Grocer
1696 Sir Edward Clarke Merchant Taylor
1697 Sir Humphrey Edwin Barber-Surgeon
1698 Sir Francis Child Goldsmith
1699 Sir Richard Levett Haberdasher
1700 Sir Thomas Abney Fishmonger

18th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1701 Sir William Gore Mercer
1702 Sir Samuel Dashwood Vintner
1703 Sir John Parsons[19] Brewer
1704 Sir Owen Buckingham Salter
1705 Sir Thomas Rawlinson Vintner
1706 Sir Robert Bedingfeld Merchant Taylor
1707 Sir William Withers Fishmonger
1708 Sir Charles Duncombe Goldsmith
1709 Sir Samuel Garrard, 4th Baronet Grocer
1710 Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 1st Baronet Vintner
1711 Sir Robert Beachcroft Clothworker
1712 Sir Richard Hoare Goldsmith
1713 Sir Samuel Stanier Draper
1714 Sir William Humfreys, 1st Baronet Ironmonger
1715 Sir Charles Peers Salter
1716 Sir James Bateman LorinerFishmonger
1717 Sir William Lewen Haberdasher
1718 Sir John Ward Merchant Taylor
1719 Sir George Thorold, 1st Baronet Ironmonger
1720 Sir John Fryer, 1st Baronet PewtererFishmonger
1721 Sir William Stewart Barber-SurgeonGoldsmith
1722 Sir Gerard Conyers Salter
1723 Sir Peter Delmé Fishmonger
1724 Sir George Merttins ClockmakerSkinner
1725 Sir Francis Forbes Haberdasher
1726 Sir John Eyles, 2nd Baronet Haberdasher
1727 Sir Edward Becher Draper
1728 Sir Robert Baylis Grocer
1729 Sir Richard Brocas Grocer
1730 Sir Humphrey Parsons (1st term)[19] Grocer
1731 Sir Francis Child Goldsmith
1732 John Barber[20] StationerGoldsmith
1733 Sir William Villiers Haberdasher
1734 Sir Edward Bellamy Fishmonger
1735 Sir John Williams Mercer
1736 Sir John Thompson Vintner
1737 Sir John Barnard Grocer
1738 Micajah Perry, MP Haberdasher
1739 Sir John Salter Merchant Taylor
1740 Sir Humphrey Parsons (2nd term; died in office) Grocer
1741 Sir Daniel Lambert CooperIronmonger
1741 Sir Robert Godschall Vintner
1742 George Heathcote, MP Salter
1742 Sir Robert Willimott Cooper
1743 Sir Robert Westley Merchant Taylor
1744 Sir Henry Marshall Draper
1745 Sir Richard Hoare Goldsmith
1746 William Benn Fletcher
1747 Sir Robert Ladbroke Grocer
1748 Sir William Calvert Brewer
1749 Sir Samuel Pennant (died in office) Ironmonger
1750 John Blachford Goldsmith
1750 Francis Cockayne Farrier
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1751 Thomas Winterbottom Clothworker
1752 Robert Alsop Brewer
1752 Sir Crisp Gascoyne Ironmonger
1753 Edward Ironside Goldsmith
1753 Sir Thomas Rawlinson Grocer
1754 Stephen Theodore Janssen, MP Stationer
1755 Slingsby Bethell, MP Fishmonger
1756 Marshe Dickinson, MP Grocer
1757 Sir Charles Asgill, 1st Baronet Skinner
1758 Sir Richard Glyn, 1st Baronet Salter
1759 Sir Thomas Chitty Salter
1760 Sir Matthew Blakiston, 1st Baronet Grocer
1761 Sir Samuel Fludyer, 1st Baronet Clothworker
1762 Sir William Beckford, MP (1st term) Goldsmith
1763 William Bridgen Cutler
1764 Sir William Stephenson Grocer
1765 George Nelson Grocer
1766 Sir Robert Kite Skinner
1767 The Hon. Sir Thomas Harley Goldsmith
1768 Samuel Turner Clothworker
1769 Sir William Beckford[21] (2nd term) Goldsmith
1770 Barlow Trecothick, MP Clothworker
1770 Brass Crosby, MP MusicianGoldsmith
1771 William Nash Salter
1772 James Townsend, MP Mercer
1773 Sir Frederick Bull Salter
1774 John Wilkes, MP Joiner
1775 John Sawbridge, MP Framework Knitter
1776 Sir Thomas Hallifax Goldsmith
1777 Sir James Esdaile Cooper
1778 Samuel Plumbe Gold & Silver Wyre DrawerGoldsmith
1779 Brackley Kennett Vintner
1780 Sir Watkin Lewes Joiner
1781 Sir William Plomer Tyler
1782 Nathaniel Newnham, MP Mercer
1783 Robert Peckham Wheelwright
1784 Richard Clark Joiner
1785 Thomas Wright Stationer
1786 Thomas Sainsbury Bowyer
1787 John Burnell Glover
1788 William Gill Stationer
1789 William Pickett, MP Goldsmith
1790 John Boydell Stationer
1791 Sir John Hopkins Grocer
1792 Sir James Sanderson, 1st Baronet Draper
1793 Sir Paul Le Mesurier Goldsmith
1794 Rt Hon. Thomas Skinner Haberdasher
1795 Sir William Curtis, 1st Baronet Draper
1796 Sir Brook Watson, 1st Baronet Musician
1797 Sir John Anderson, 1st Baronet Glover
1798 Sir Richard Glyn, 1st Baronet Salter
1799 Harvey Christian Combe, MP Brewer
1800 Sir William Staines Carpenter

19th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1801 Sir John Eamer Salter
1802 Sir Charles Price, 1st Baronet Ironmonger
1803 Sir John Perring, 1st Baronet Clothworker
1804 Peter Perchard Goldsmith
1805 Sir James Shaw, 1st Baronet Scrivener
1806 Sir William Leighton WheelwrightFishmonger
1807 Sir John Ansley Merchant Taylor
1808 Sir Charles Flower, 1st Baronet Framework Knitter
1809 Thomas Smith Leatherseller
1810 Joshua Smith PattenmakerIronmonger
1811 Sir Claudius Hunter, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1812 George Scholey Distiller
1813 Sir William Domville, 1st Baronet Stationer
1814 Samuel Birch Cook
1815–1816 Sir Matthew Wood, 1st Baronet Fishmonger
1817 Christopher Smith, MP Draper
1818 John Atkins, MP Merchant Taylor
1819 George Bridges, MP Wheelwright
1820 John Thomas Thorp, MP Draper
1821 Christopher Magnay Merchant Taylor
1822 Sir William Heygate, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1823 Robert Waithman, MP Framework Knitter
1824 John Garratt Goldsmith
1825 William Venables, MP Stationer
1826 Anthony Brown Fishmonger
1827 Matthias Prime Lucas Vintner
1828 William Thompson, MP Ironmonger
1829 John Crowder Playing Card Maker
1830-1831 Sir John Key, 1st Baronet Stationer
1832 Sir Peter Laurie Saddler
1833 Charles Farebrother Vintner
1834 Henry Winchester, MP Cutler
1835 William Taylor Copeland, MP Goldsmith
1836 Sir Thomas Kelly Plaisterer
1837 Sir John Cowan, 1st Baronet Wax Chandler
1838 Sir Samuel Wilson Weaver
1839 Sir Chapman Marshall Innholder
1840 Thomas Johnson Cooper
1841 Sir John Pirie, 1st Baronet Plaisterer
1842 John Humphery, MP Tallow Chandler
1843 Sir William Magnay, 1st Baronet Stationer
1844 Michael Gibbs Fishmonger
1845 Sir John Johnson Spectacle Maker
1846 Sir George Carroll Spectacle Maker
1847 John Kinnersley Hooper Vintner
1848 Sir James Duke, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1849 Thomas Farncombe Tallow Chandler
1850 Sir John Musgrove, 1st Baronet Clothworker
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1851 Sir William Hunter Upholder
1852 Thomas Challis, MP Butcher
1853 Thomas Sidney, MP Girdler
1854 Sir Francis Moon, 1st Baronet Stationer
1855 Sir David Salomons, 1st Baronet Cooper
1856 Thomas Finnis, MP Bowyer
1857 Sir Robert Carden, 1st Baronet Cutler
1858 David Wire[22] Innholder
1859 John Carter[23] Clockmaker
1860-1861 William Cubitt, MP Fishmonger
1862 Sir William Rose Clothworker
1863 Sir William Lawrence[24] Carpenter
1864 Warren Hale Tallow Chandler
1865 Sir Benjamin Phillips Spectacle Maker
1866 Sir Thomas Gabriel, 1st Baronet Goldsmith
1867 William Ferneley Allen[25] Stationer
1868 Sir James Lawrence, 1st Baronet Carpenter
1869 Robert Besley Loriner
1870 Sir Thomas Dakin Spectacle Maker
1871 Sir John Sills Gibbons, 1st Baronet Salter
1872 Sir Sydney Waterlow, 1st Baronet Stationer
1873 Sir Andrew Lusk, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1874 Sir Henry Stone Spectacle Maker
1875 Sir William Cotton Haberdasher
1876 Sir Thomas White FeltmakerVintner
1877 Sir Thomas Owden Innholder
1878 Sir Charles Whetham Leatherseller
1879 Sir Francis Wyatt Truscott Stationer
1880 Sir William McArthur Spectacle Maker
1881 Sir John Ellis, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1882 Sir Henry Knight Spectacle MakerFishmonger
1883 Sir Robert Fowler, 1st Baronet (1st term) Spectacle Maker
1884 George Nottage (died in office) Spectacle Maker
1885 Sir Robert Fowler (2nd term) Spectacle Maker
1885 Sir John Staples, KCMG Leatherseller
1886 Sir Reginald Hanson, 1st Baronet Merchant TaylorShipwright
1887 Sir Polydore de Keyser[26] Spectacle Maker
1888 Sir James Whitehead, 1st Baronet Fanmaker
1889 Sir Henry Isaacs Loriner
1890 Sir Joseph Savory, 1st Baronet Goldsmith
1891 Sir David Evans, KCMG Haberdasher
1892 Sir Stuart Knill, 1st Baronet Goldsmith
1893 Sir George Tyler, 1st Baronet Stationer
1894 Sir Joseph Renals, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1895 Sir Walter Wilkin, KCMG Broderer
1896 Sir George Faudel-Phillips, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1897 Lt-Col. Sir Horatio Davies, KCMG Spectacle Maker
1898 Sir John Voce Moore Loriner
1899 Sir Alfred Newton, 1st Baronet Fanmaker
1900 Sir Frank Green, 1st Baronet Glazier

20th century

Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1901 Sir Joseph Dimsdale, 1st Baronet Grocer
1902 Sir Marcus Samuel, 1st Baronet
(later Viscount Bearsted)
Spectacle Maker
1903 Sir James Ritchie, 1st Baronet Shipwright
1904 Sir John Pound, 1st Baronet Leatherseller
1905 Sir Walter Morgan, 1st Baronet Cutler
1906 Sir William Treloar, 1st Baronet Loriner
1907 Sir John Bell, 1st Baronet FanmakerHaberdasher
1908 Sir George Truscott, 1st Baronet Stationer
1909 Sir John Knill, 2nd Baronet Goldsmith
1910 Sir Vezey Strong, KCVO, KBE Stationer
1911 Sir Thomas Crosby, MD Turner
1912 Col. Sir David Burnett, 1st Baronet Loriner
1913 Sir Vansittart Bowater, 1st Baronet Girdler
1914 Sir Charles Johnston, 1st Baronet Innholder
1915 Sir Charles Wakefield, 1st Baronet
(later Viscount Wakefield)
1916 Sir William Dunn, 1st Baronet Wheelwright
1917 Sir Charles Hanson, 1st Baronet Pattenmaker
1918 The Lord Marshall of Chipstead Stationer
1919 Sir Edward Cooper, 1st Baronet Musician
1920 Sir James Roll, 1st Baronet Horner
1921 Sir John Baddeley, 1st Baronet Framework Knitter
1922 Sir Edward Moore, 1st Baronet Fruiterer
1923 Col. Sir Louis Newton, 1st Baronet Loriner
1924 Sir Alfred Bower, 1st Baronet Vintner
1925 Sir William Pryke, 1st Baronet Painter-Stainer
1926 Sir Rowland Blades, 1st Baronet
(later Baron Ebbisham
1927 Sir Charles Batho, 1st Baronet Pavior
1928 Sir Kynaston Studd, 1st Baronet Fruiterer
1929 Sir William Waterlow, 1st Baronet Stationer
1930 Sir William Neal, 1st Baronet Horner
1931 Sir Maurice Jenks, 1st Baronet Haberdasher
1932 Sir Percy Greenaway, 1st Baronet Stationer
1933 Sir Charles Collett, 1st Baronet Glover
1934 Sir Stephen Killik Fanmaker
1935 Sir Percy Vincent, 1st Baronet Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer
1936 Sir George Broadbridge
(later Baron Broadbridge)
1937 Sir Harry Twyford Framework Knitter
1938 Sir Frank Bowater, 1st Baronet Girdler
1939 Sir William Coxen, 1st Baronet Cordwainer
1940 Sir George Wilkinson, 1st Baronet Stationer
1941 Lt-Col. Sir John Laurie, 1st Baronet Saddler
1942 Sir Samuel Joseph, 1st Baronet Cutler
1943 Sir Frank Newson-Smith, 1st Baronet Turner
1944 Sir Frank Alexander, 1st Baronet Shipwright
1945 Sir Charles Davis, 1st Baronet Fanmaker
1946 Sir Bracewell Smith, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1947 Sir Frederick Wells, 1st Baronet Carman
1948 Sir George Aylwen, 1st Baronet Merchant Taylor
1949 Sir Frederick Rowland, 1st Baronet Horner
1950 Sir Denis Lowson, 1st Baronet Grocer
Elected Name Mother Livery Company
1951 Sir Leslie Boyce, 1st Baronet Loriner
1952 Sir Rupert de la Bère, 1st Baronet Skinner
1953 Sir Noël Bowater, 2nd Baronet Vintner
1954 Sir Seymour Howard, 1st Baronet Gardener
1955 Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd, 1st Baronet Carpenter
1956 Sir Cullum Welch, 1st Baronet Haberdasher
1957 Sir Denis Truscott Stationer
1958 Sir Harold Gillett, 1st Baronet Basketmaker
1959 Sir Edmund Stockdale, 1st Baronet Carpenter
1960 Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen, 1st Baronet Clothworker
1961 Sir Frederick Hoare, 1st Baronet Spectacle Maker
1962 Sir Ralph Perring, 1st Baronet Tin Plate Worker
1963 Sir James Harman Painter-Stainer
1964 Sir James Miller[27] Coachmaker
1965 Sir Lionel Denny Vintner
1966 Sir Robert Bellinger Broderer
1967 Sir Gilbert Inglefield Haberdasher
1968 Sir Charles Trinder Fletcher
1969 Lt-Col. Sir Ian Bowater Haberdasher
1970 Sir Peter Studd Merchant Taylor
1971 Sir Edward Howard, 2nd Baronet Gardener
1972 Sir Alan Mais (later The Lord Mais, GBE) Pavior
1973 Sir Hugh Wontner Feltmaker
1974 Sir Murray Fox Wheelwright
1975 Sir Lindsay Ring Armourer & Brasier
1976 Sir Robin Gillett Master Mariner
1977 The Hon. Sir Peter Vanneck Gunmaker
1978 Sir Kenneth Cork Horners
1979 Sir Peter Gadsden Clothworker
1980 Sir Ronald Gardner-Thorpe Painter-Stainer
1981 Sir Christopher Leaver Carman
1982 Sir Anthony Jolliffe Painter-Stainer
1983 Dame Mary Donaldson (later The Lady Donaldson of Lymington, GBE) Gardener
1984 Sir Alan Traill Cutler
1985 Sir Allan Davis Painter-Stainer
1986 Sir David Rowe Ham Wheelwright
1987 Sir Greville Spratt Ironmonger
1988 Sir Christopher Collett Glover
1989 Sir Hugh Bidwell Grocer
1990 Sir Michael Graham Mercer
1991 Sir Brian Jenkins Chartered Accountant
1992 Sir Francis McWilliams Loriner
1993 Sir Paul Newall Baker
1994 Sir Christopher Walford Playing Card Maker
1995 Sir John Chalstrey Apothecary
1996 Sir Roger Cork[28] Bowyer
1997 Sir Richard Nichols Salter
1998 The Lord Levene of Portsoken, KBE Carman
1999 Sir Clive Martin Stationer
2000 Sir David Howard, 3rd Baronet Gardener

21st century


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