List of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Opening Day starting pitchers

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John Lackey was the Angels' Opening Day starting pitcher in 2003 and 2007.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Anaheim, California. They play in the American League West division. The franchise has also gone by the names "Los Angeles Angels", "California Angels" and "Anaheim Angels" at various points in its history.[1] The first game of the new baseball season for a team is played on Opening Day, and being named the Opening Day starter is an honor, which is often given to the player who is expected to lead the pitching staff that season,[2] though there are various strategic reasons why a team's best pitcher might not start on Opening Day.[3] The Angels have used 25 different Opening Day starting pitchers in their 51 seasons. The 25 starters have a combined Opening Day record of 26 wins, 18 losses and 7 no decisions. No decisions are awarded to the starting pitcher if the game is won or lost after the starting pitcher has left the game. It can also result if a starting pitcher does not pitch five full innings, even if his team retains the lead and wins.[4][5][6]

Vlad Guerrero has the most Opening Day starts for the Angels, with five.[4] He has a record of one win and three losses, with one no decision in those starts. Frank Tanana, Mark Langston and Chuck Finley have all made four Opening Day starts for the Angels.[4] Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, Bartolo Colón and Jered Weaver have each made three such starts for the Angels.[4]

Nolan Ryan has the Angels record for most wins in Opening Day starts with three.[7][8][9] He also has the best win–loss record in Opening Day starts for the Angels, which is 3–0. The other Angels pitchers with multiple wins in Opening Day starts without a loss are Ken McBride and Andy Messersmith. Mike Witt has the record for most losses in Opening Day starts for the Angels with three. Frank Tanana and Chuck Finley each had two such losses.[4]

The Angels have played in three home ball parks. They played their first season in Wrigley Field, which was designed to look like Wrigley Field in Chicago, but never played an Opening Day home game there. In 1962, they moved to Dodger Stadium, but only stayed there through 1965. They played two Opening Day games at Dodger Stadium, winning once and losing once. The Angels finally moved to Angel Stadium of Anaheim in 1966, which was first called Anaheim Stadium, then subsequently renamed Edison International Field of Anaheim later.[10] They have played 29 Opening Day games there, and their starting pitchers have 15 wins and 12 losses with 2 no decisions. This makes their record at home in Opening Day games 15 wins and 13 losses with 2 no decisions. In Opening Day games on the road, their starting pitchers have a record of 10 wins and 5 losses with 5 no decisions.[4][5][6]

The Angels have played in one World Series championship in their history, which they won in 2002. Jarrod Washburn was the Angels Opening Day starting pitcher that season. The Angels lost that Opening Day game to the Cleveland Indians. The winning pitcher for the Indians in that game was Bartolo Colón, who would make three Opening Day starts for the Angels later in his career.[4][11]


Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the Angels' home ball park under various names since 1966
Season Each year is linked to an article about that particular Angels season.
W Win
L Loss
ND (W) No decision by starting pitcher; Angels won game
ND (L) No decision by starting pitcher; Angels lost game
Final score Game score with Angels runs listed first
Location Stadium in italics for home game
Pitcher (#) Number of appearances as Opening Day starter with the Angels
* Advanced to the post-season
** Won American League Championship Series
Won World Series


Nolan Ryan, shown with the Houston Astros, won three Opening Day starts for the Angels.
Bert Blyleven was the Angels' Opening Day starting pitcher in 1990.
Scott Schoeneweis, shown with the New York Mets, was the Angels' Opening Day starting pitcher in 2001.
Season Pitcher Decision Final
Opponent Location Ref(s)
1961 Grba, EliEli Grba W 7–2 Baltimore Orioles Memorial Stadium [12]
1962 Grba, EliEli Grba (2) ND (L) 1–2 Chicago White Sox White Sox Park [13]
1963 McBride, KenKen McBride W 4–1 Boston Red Sox Dodger Stadium [14]
1964 McBride, KenKen McBride (2) W 4–0 Washington Senators District of Columbia Stadium [15]
1965 Newman, FredFred Newman L 1–7 Cleveland Indians Dodger Stadium [16]
1966 Chance, DeanDean Chance ND (L) 2–3 Chicago White Sox White Sox Park [17]
1967 Brunet, GeorgeGeorge Brunet W 4–2 Detroit Tigers Anaheim Stadium [18]
1968 Brunet, GeorgeGeorge Brunet (2) L 0–1 New York Yankees Yankee Stadium [19]
1969 McGlothlin, JimJim McGlothlin L 3–4 Seattle Pilots Anaheim Stadium [20]
1970 Messersmith, AndyAndy Messersmith W 12–0 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee County Stadium [21]
1971 Wright, ClydeClyde Wright L 1–4 Kansas City Royals Anaheim Stadium [22]
1972 Messersmith, AndyAndy Messersmith (2) W 1–0 Texas Rangers Anaheim Stadium [23]
1973 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan W 3–2 Kansas City Royals Anaheim Stadium [7]
1974 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (2) W 8–2 Chicago White Sox White Sox Park [8]
1975 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (3) W 3–2 Kansas City Royals Anaheim Stadium [9]
1976 Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana L 2–5 Oakland Athletics Anaheim Stadium [24]
1977 Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana (2) W 7–0 Seattle Mariners Kingdome [25]
1978 Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana (3) W 1–0 Oakland Athletics Anaheim Stadium [26]
1979* Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana (4) L 4–5 Seattle Mariners Kingdome [27]
1980 Frost, DaveDave Frost W 10–2 Cleveland Indians Anaheim Stadium [28]
1981 Zahn, GeoffGeoff Zahn W 6–2 Seattle Mariners Kingdome [29]
1982* Forsch, KenKen Forsch ND (L) 2–3 Oakland Athletics Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum [30]
1983 Kison, BruceBruce Kison W 3–2 Milwaukee Brewers Anaheim Stadium [31]
1984 Forsch, KenKen Forsch (2) W 2–1 Boston Red Sox Anaheim Stadium [32]
1985 Witt, MikeMike Witt L 2–6 Minnesota Twins Anaheim Stadium [33]
1986* Witt, MikeMike Witt (2) ND (L) 4–8 Seattle Mariners Kingdome [34]
1987 Witt, MikeMike Witt (3) W 7–1 Seattle Mariners Anaheim Stadium [35]
1988 Witt, MikeMike Witt (4) L 5–8 Chicago White Sox Comiskey Park [36]
1989 Witt, MikeMike Witt (5) L 2–9 Chicago White Sox Anaheim Stadium [37]
1990 Blyleven, BertBert Blyleven L 4–7 Seattle Mariners Anaheim Stadium [38]
1991 Finley, ChuckChuck Finley W 3–2 Seattle Mariners Kingdome [39]
1992 Langston, MarkMark Langston L 4–10 Chicago White Sox Anaheim Stadium [40]
1993 Langston, MarkMark Langston (2) W 3–1 Milwaukee Brewers Anaheim Stadium [41]
1994 Langston, MarkMark Langston (3) W 8–2 Minnesota Twins Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome [42]
1995 Finley, ChuckChuck Finley (2) L 4–5 Detroit Tigers Anaheim Stadium [43]
1996 Finley, ChuckChuck Finley (3) L 9–15 Milwaukee Brewers Anaheim Stadium [44]
1997 Langston, MarkMark Langston (4) ND (L) 5–6 Boston Red Sox Anaheim Stadium [45]
1998 Finley, ChuckChuck Finley (4) W 4–1 New York Yankees Edison International Field of Anaheim [46]
1999 Belcher, TimTim Belcher ND (W) 6–5 Cleveland Indians Edison International Field of Anaheim [47]
2000 Hill, KenKen Hill L 2–3 New York Yankees Edison International Field of Anaheim [48][49]
2001 Schoeneweis, ScottScott Schoeneweis L 2–3 Texas Rangers Rangers Ballpark in Arlington [50]
2002 Washburn, JarrodJarrod Washburn L 0–6 Cleveland Indians Edison International Field of Anaheim [11][51]
2003 Lackey, JohnJohn Lackey L 3–6 Texas Rangers Edison International Field of Anaheim [52][53]
2004* Colón, BartoloBartolo Colón W 10–5 Seattle Mariners Safeco Field [54][55]
2005* Colón, BartoloBartolo Colón (2) W 3–2 Texas Rangers Angel Stadium of Anaheim [56][57]
2006 Colón, BartoloBartolo Colón (3) ND (W) 5–4 Seattle Mariners Safeco Field [58][59]
2007* Lackey, JohnJohn Lackey (2) W 4–1 Texas Rangers Angel Stadium of Anaheim [60][61]
2008* Weaver, JeredJered Weaver L 2–3 Minnesota Twins Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome [62][63]
2009* Saunders, JoeJoe Saunders W 3–0 Oakland Athletics Angel Stadium of Anaheim [5]
2010 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (2) W 6–3 Minnesota Twins Angel Stadium of Anaheim [6]
2011 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (3) W 4–2 Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium [64]
2012 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (4) W 5–0 Kansas City Royals Angel Stadium of Anaheim [65]
2013 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (5) ND (W) 3–1 Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park
2014* Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (6) L 3–10 Seattle Mariners Angel Stadium of Anaheim
2015 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver (7) L 1–4 Seattle Mariners Safeco Field
2016 Richards, GarrettGarrett Richards L 0–9 Chicago Cubs Angel Stadium of Anaheim


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