List of Major League Baseball general managers

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This is a list of current Major League Baseball general managers.


Team Division General Manager Date of hire College Baseball Career Previous Ref
Arizona Diamondbacks National League West Stewart, DaveDave Stewart
Dave Stewart on August 1, 2009.jpg
September 25, 2014 None 1978–1995 Towers, KevinKevin Towers [1]
Atlanta Braves National League East Coppolella, JohnJohn Coppolella October 1, 2015 University of Notre Dame None Hart, JohnJohn Hart[a] [2]
Baltimore Orioles American League East Duquette, DanDan Duquette
Dan Duquette 2011.jpg
November 6, 2011 Amherst College College MacPhail, AndyAndy MacPhail [3]
Boston Red Sox American League East Hazen, MikeMike Hazen September 24, 2015 Princeton University
Minors Cherington, BenBen Cherington [4]
Chicago Cubs National League Central Hoyer, JedJed Hoyer October 26, 2011 Wesleyan University College Bush, RandyRandy Bush[b] [5]
Chicago White Sox American League Central Hahn, RickRick Hahn October 26, 2012 University of Michigan
(Harvard Law School, MBA Kellogg School of Management)
None Williams, KennyKenny Williams
Cincinnati Reds National League Central Williams, DickDick Williams November 4, 2015 None Jocketty, WaltWalt Jocketty [6]
Cleveland Indians American League Central Antonetti, ChrisChris Antonetti October 4, 2010 Georgetown University
(MS University of Massachusetts)
None Shapiro, MarkMark Shapiro [7]
Colorado Rockies National League West Bridich, JeffJeff Bridich October 8, 2014 Harvard University College O'Dowd, DanDan O'Dowd [8]
Detroit Tigers American League Central Avila, AlAl Avila August 4, 2015 St. Thomas University None Dombrowski, DaveDave Dombrowski [9]
Houston Astros American League West Luhnow, JeffJeff Luhnow
Jeff Luhnow at Union Station in August 2014.jpg
December 7, 2011 University of Pennsylvania
(MBA Kellogg School of Management)
None Wade, EdEd Wade [10]
Kansas City Royals American League Central Moore, DaytonDayton Moore June 8, 2006 George Mason University College Baird, AllardAllard Baird
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim American League West Eppler, BillyBilly Eppler October 4, 2015 University of Connecticut College Stoneman, BillBill Stoneman [11]
Los Angeles Dodgers National League West Zaidi, FarhanFarhan Zaidi November 6, 2014 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(PhD University of California, Berkeley)
None Colletti, NedNed Colletti [12]
Miami Marlins National League East Vacant Jennings, DanDan Jennings [13]
Milwaukee Brewers National League Central Stearns, DavidDavid Stearns September 22, 2015 Harvard None Melvin, DougDoug Melvin
Minnesota Twins American League Central Ryan, TerryTerry Ryan
Terry Ryan 2013.jpg
November 7, 2011 University of Wisconsin Minors Smith, BillBill Smith
New York Mets National League East Alderson, SandySandy Alderson October 29, 2010 Dartmouth College
(Harvard Law School)
None Minaya, OmarOmar Minaya [14]
New York Yankees American League East Cashman, BrianBrian Cashman
Brian Cashman on June 25, 2009.jpg
February 3, 1998 Catholic University of America College Watson, BobBob Watson [15]
Oakland Athletics American League West Forst, DavidDavid Forst October 5, 2015 Harvard University College Beane, BillyBilly Beane [16]
Philadelphia Phillies National League East Klentak, MattMatt Klentak October 26, 2015 Dartmouth College College Proefrock, ScottScott Proefrock
Pittsburgh Pirates National League Central Huntington, NealNeal Huntington September 25, 2007 Amherst College
(MS University of Massachusetts)
College Littlefield, DaveDave Littlefield [17]
San Diego Padres National League West Preller, A. J.A. J. Preller August 6, 2014 Cornell None Byrnes, JoshJosh Byrnes [18]
San Francisco Giants National League West Evans, BobbyBobby Evans April 3, 2015 University of North Carolina College Sabean, BrianBrian Sabean
Seattle Mariners American League West Dipoto, JerryJerry Dipoto September 28, 2015 Virginia Commonwealth University 1993–2000 Kingston, JeffJeff Kingston[d] [19]
St. Louis Cardinals National League Central Mozeliak, JohnJohn Mozeliak
John Mozeliak 2011.jpg
October 30, 2007 University of Colorado None Jocketty, WaltWalt Jocketty [20]
Tampa Bay Rays American League East Silverman, MatthewMatthew Silverman
Matthtew Silverman 2008.jpg
October 14, 2014 Harvard University None Friedman, AndrewAndrew Friedman
Texas Rangers American League West Daniels, JonJon Daniels
Jon Daniels 2010.jpg
October 4, 2005 Cornell University None Hart, JohnJohn Hart [21]
Toronto Blue Jays American League East Atkins, RossRoss Atkins December 3, 2015 Wake Forest University Minors Anthopoulos, AlexAlex Anthopoulos
Washington Nationals National League East Rizzo, MikeMike Rizzo
Rizzo with Silver Slugger.jpg
March 4, 2009 St. Xavier University Minors Bowden, JimJim Bowden [22]


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