List of Mexican television networks

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Mexico has adopted the NTSC and ATSC television transmission standards without any alterations. However, some unique local variations exist for DTH television due to transponder design variation in the Anik series of satellites.

National networks


Four television networks in Mexico have more than 75% national coverage and are thus required to be carried by all cable providers and offered at no cost by the broadcaster:

There are also several other significant national networks:


Of the many noncommercial services, there are only two national networks of retransmitters:

The digital SPR retransmitters offer Canal Once along with these important noncommercial television networks:

State-level broadcast television networks

Mexico also has government-run state television networks in 25 of its 32 federal units:

Network State
Aguascalientes TV Aguascalientes
Canal Ocho Baja California Sur
TRC Campeche
Canal Diez Chiapas Chiapas
Once TV Conexión Colima
Capital 21 Distrito Federal
TVCUATRO Guanajuato
RTG Guerrero
Hidalgo Radio y Televisión Hidalgo
C7 Jalisco
Televisión Mexiquense State of Mexico
SMRTV Michoacán
Canal 49 Morelos
La Señal de la Gente Nayarit
TVNL Nuevo León
CORTV Oaxaca
Puebla TV Puebla
RTQ Querétaro
Canal Nueve San Luis Potosí
Telemax Sonora
Televisión Tabasqueña Tabasco
TDT Tlaxcala
TVMÁS Veracruz
Trecevisión Yucatán

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