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This list of Pittsburgh Panthers football All-Americans includes those members of the Pittsburgh Panthers football team who have received All-American honors from one or more selector organizations. The Pittsburgh Panthers, commonly referred to as the Pitt Panthers, represent the University of Pittsburgh in the sport of American football, and they compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Several selector organizations release annual lists of their All-America teams after each college football season, honoring the best players at each position. Selector organizations include football analysts, television networks, publications, media wire services, sports writers' associations, and coaches' associations. Traditionally, several of the selectors have recognized two or more tiers of All-Americans, referred to as the first team, second team, third team and honorable mentions.

Hugh Green was a three-time consensus All-American and two-time unanimous All-American playing at defensive end

The NCAA currently recognizes the All-America teams of five selector organizations to determine "consensus All-Americans" and "unanimous All-Americans" in college football.[1] The NCAA compiles consensus All-Americans using a point system based on the All-America teams from the five selector organizations.[2] The point system consists of three points for a first-team selection, two points for a second-team selection, and one point for a third-team selection; no points are awarded for honorable mention selections.[2] Since 1993, the NCAA-recognized selectors have included the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the Associated Press (AP), the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), The Sporting News (SN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF), but the number of selectors used by the NCAA has varied over time, and has included different organizations in the past.[1] The players receiving the most points at each position are recognized as consensus All-Americans; in order for a player to receive unanimous All-American recognition, he must be a first-team selection of all of the NCAA-recognized selector organizations.[1][2]

Since the Pitt Panthers football team played its first season in 1890, at least 128 All-American selections have been bestowed on Pitt football players. 74 Panthers football players have received one or more selections as first-team All-Americans for a total of 90 all-time selections.[3] Included among these players are 50 consensus All-Americans, which is the 12th most of any team.[4] Of these, 14 were also unanimous All-Americans.[1] The first Pitt player to be recognized as a first-team All-American was end J. Huber Wagner who was selected by Parke H. Davis,[5][6] although Davis' selections are not listed in Pitt's Media Guide.[3] Center Robert Peck, a three-time first team selection and member of the "Pop" Warner coached national championship teams of 1915 and 1916, was Pitt's first consensus All-American, a distinction that he earned twice. Peck, the first selection reported in Pitt's media guide, was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame following his playing days at the university.[3]

All-time Pitt All-American selections

Joe Walton was both a First Team Athletic and Academic All-American in 1956


dagger Consensus selection
double-dagger Unanimous selection

-1 = First Team Selection
-2 = Second Team Selection
-3 = Third Team Selection
-4 = Fourth Team Selection

-t = tied for selection

[Defense] = selected for defensive team
[ ] other brackets following selectors indicated selections for alternate position if different from what is listed for each player (T=Tackle, HB=Halfback, FB=Fullback)



A list of football All-Americans at the University of Pittsburgh from all tiers and selectors follows. This list is assembled from historic, non-university sources but is likely incomplete, particularly for the list selectors for each individual. The University of Pittsburgh does not publish a list of All-Americans other than those that received first team honors, and that list can be found in the following section.

Year Name Position Selectors
1913 Wagner, HubeHube Wagner End PD-1,[5][6] TT-2[8]
1914 Miller, William H.William H. Miller Halfback FM-3[9]
1914 Peck, BobBob Peck Center FM-1[9]
1915 Hastings, AndyAndy Hastings Halfback FM-2[10]
1915 Herron, James P.James P. Herron End WC-2[11]
1915 Peck, BobBob Peckdagger Center WC-1,[11] FM-1,[10] MON-1,[12] PD-1,[13] TC-1[14]
1916 Carlson, CliffordClifford Carlson End PP-2[15]
1916 DeHart, JamesJames DeHart Quarterback WE-1[16]
1916 Hastings, AndyAndy Hastings Halfback UP-1,[17] INS-1[18]
1916 Herron, James P.James P. Herrondagger End WC-2,[19] INS-2,[18] WE-1,[16] MS[20]
1916 Peck, BobBob Peckdagger Center WC-1,[19] UP-1,[17] INS-1,[18] WE-1,[16] MON-1,[21] PP-1,[15] BP-1,[22] MS[20]
1916 Thornhill, Claude "Tiny"Claude "Tiny" Thornhill Guard INS-1[18]
1917 Carlson, CliffordClifford Carlson End WE-1,[23] JV-1[24]
1917 McLaren, George "Tank"George "Tank" McLaren Fullback WC–2,[25] INS,[26] MS,[26] WE-1 [HB],[23] JV-1,[24] PP-2[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34]
1917 Seis, DaleDale Seisdagger Guard WC-1,[25] NEA,[26] MS,[26] PP-1[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34]
1917 Sutherland, JockJock Sutherlanddagger Guard INS,[26] JV-1[24]
1918 Davies, TomTom Daviesdagger Halfback WC-1,[35] MS,[36] TM-1[37]
1918 Easterday, KatyKaty Easterday Halfback TM-1[37]
1918 Gougler, SkipSkip Gougler Halfback TM-2[37]
1918 Harrington, William E.William E. Harrington End TM-2[37]
1918 Hilty, LeonardLeonard Hiltydagger Tackle WC-1,[35] TM-2[37]
1918 McLaren, George "Tank"George "Tank" McLarendagger Fullback WC-2 [HB],[35] MS,[36] TM-1[37]
1918 Stahl, JakeJake Stahl Guard WC-2,[35] TM-2[37]
1920 Davies, TomTom Davies Halfback WC-2,[38] UP-1,[39] WE-2,[40] INS-2,[41] FW,[42] MS,[42] NYT[43]
1920 Stein, HerbHerb Steindagger Center WC-1,[38] WE-2,[40] MS[42]
1921 Davies, TomTom Davies Halfback FW-2,[44] WC-2,[45] BE-2 [FB]
1921 Stein, HerbHerb Steindagger Center FW-1,[44] WC-3,[45] LP-2, BE-1, WE-1, JV-1,[46] MM-1[47]
1921 Hewitt, OrvilleOrville Hewitt Fullback NB-2[48]
1922 Bowser, CharleyCharley Bowser Center WE-1,[49] BE,[50] FM-1,[51] RO-2[52]
1922 Hewitt, OrvilleOrville Hewitt Fullback RO-4[52]
1922 Sack, JackJack Sack Guard BE,[50] RO-4[52]
1923 Bohren, KarlKarl Bohren Halfback WC-3[53]
1924 Wissinger, Zonar "Zeke"Zonar "Zeke" Wissinger Tackle WC-3[54]
1925 Chase, RalphRalph Chasedagger Tackle AP-1,[55] COL-1,[56] AAB-1,[57] NYS-2,[58] WE-2,[59][60] BE-2[61]
1925 Wissinger, Zonar "Zeke"Zonar "Zeke" Wissinger Guard AAB-3[57]
1927 Kern, BillBill Kern Tackle INS-2,[62] NYS-2,[63] BE-1[64]
1927 Welch, GibbyGibby Welchdouble-dagger Halfback AP-1,[65] UP-1,[66] COL-1,[67] CP-1,[68] INS-1,[62] DJW-1,[69] NYS-1,[63] BE-1,[64] LP-1,[70] AAB[71]
1928 Getto, MikeMike Gettodagger Tackle CO-1,[72] NEA-1,[73] WC-1,[74] AP-2,[75] UP-2,[76] AAB
1929 DiMeolo, LubyLuby DiMeolo Guard INS-3 [T],[77] NYP-2[78]
1929 Donchess, JoeJoe Donchessdouble-dagger End AP-1,[79] UP-1,[80] COL-1,[81] NEA-1,[82] INS-1,[77] NANA-1,[83] NYS-1,[84][85] NYP-1,[78] AAB-1,[86] DJW-1,[87] LP-1,[88] WT[89]
1929 Montgomery, RayRay Montgomerydagger Guard AP-2,[79] UP-1,[80] COL-1,[81] NEA-1,[82] INS-1,[77] NANA-2,[83] NYS-2,[84][85] AAB-1,[86] DJW-1[87]
1929 Parkinson, Thomas "Pug"Thomas "Pug" Parkinson Fullback AP-2,[79] UP-2,[80] INS-1,[77] NANA-2,[83] NYS-1,[84][85] NYP-2,[78] DJW-2 [HB],[87] LP-1,[88] WT[89]
1929 Uansa, Octavius "Toby"Octavius "Toby" Uansa Halfback AP-1,[79] UP-3,[80] NEA-2,[82] INS-2,[77] NANA-3,[83] CP-1,[90] WT[89]
1930 Baker, EddieEddie Baker Quarterback NEA-3[91]
1931 Daugherty, RalphRalph Daugherty Center AP-2,[92] NEA-3,[93] INS-3,[94] CP-1,[95] LP[96]
1931 MacMurdo, JamesJames MacMurdo Tackle AP-2,[92] NEA-3,[93] INS-3,[94] HSM[97]
1931 Quatse, JesseJesse Quatsedagger Tackle UP-1,[98] COL-1,[99] CP-2,[95] WC,[100] CH-1,[101] AAB[71]
1932 Heller, WarrenWarren Hellerdouble-dagger Halfback AP-1,[102] UP-1,[103][104] COL-1 [FB],[105] AAB-1,[106] NEA-1,[107] INS-1,[108] CP-1,[109][110] NYS-1,[111] WC-1,[112] TR-1,[113] PM[114]
1932 Tormey, JoeJoe Tormey Center UP-3[103][104]
1932 Skladany, JoeJoe Skladanydagger End AP-2,[102] UP-1,[103][104] NEA-1,[107] INS-1,[108] CP-2,[109][110] TR-1[113]
1933 Skladany, JoeJoe Skladanydagger End AP-1,[115] UP-3,[116] COL-1,[117] NANA-1,[118] NEA-1,[119] INS-1, CP-1,[120] NYS-1,[121] WC-1,[112] DJW-1,[122] WD-1,[123] CNS[124]
1933 Walton, FrankFrank Walton Tackle UP-3,[116] NANA-3[118]
1934 Hartwig, ChuckChuck Hartwigdagger Guard AP-1,[125] INS-1, LIB-1,[126] NANA-1,[127] CP-1, NYS-1, WC-1[74]
1934 Munjas, MillerMiller Munjas Quarterback AP-3,[125] NANA-2[127]
1934 Ormiston, KenKen Ormiston Guard AP-3,[125] INS-1, NYS-1
1934 Shotwell, GeorgeGeorge Shotwelldagger Center UP-1, NANA-2,[127] CP-1
1934 Weinstock, IzzyIzzy Weinstock Fullback AP-2,[125] NEA-1, NANA-1,[127] CSW-2[128]
1935 Detzel, ArtArt Detzel Tackle NEA-1[129]
1935 Larue, BobbyBobby Larue Halfback UP-3[130]
1936 Daddio, BillBill Daddio End AP-3[131]
1936 Daniell, AveAve Danielldagger Tackle AP-1,[131] UP-1,[132] COL-1,[133] NEA-1,[134] CP-1[135]
1936 Glassford, BillBill Glassford Guard AP-3,[131] INS-1,[136] CP-2[135]
1937 Daddio, BillBill Daddio End UP-3[137]
1937 Goldberg, MarshallMarshall Goldbergdagger Halfback AP-1,[138] UP-1 [FB],[137] COL-1,[139] INS-1,[140] NEA-1,[141] CP-1,[142] CE-1,[143] WC-1[74]
1937 Matisi, TonyTony Matisidagger Tackle AP-1,[138] UP-2,[137] INS-2,[140] CE-1,[143] WC-1[74]
1937 Souchak, FrankFrank Souchak End UP-2,[137] INS-2[140]
1938 Daddio, BillBill Daddio End UP-1, PW-3[144]
1938 Goldberg, MarshallMarshall Goldbergdouble-dagger Fullback AP-1, UP-1, CP-1,[145] COL-1,[146] NEA-1,[147] NYS-1,[148] WC-1,[112] ID-1,[144] PW
1939 Cassiano, RichardRichard Cassiano Halfback UP-3,[149] NEA-3[150]
1941 Fife, RalphRalph Fife Guard AP-1,[151] UP-2,[152] NEA-2,[153] CP-3[154]
1948 Balkovak, NickNick Balkovak Tackle NEA-2[155]
1949 Barkouskie, BernieBernie Barkouskie Guard AP-3,[156] AFCA-1,[157][158][159] INS [Defense],[160] NEA [Defense][161]
1952 Kraemer, EldredEldred Kraemer Tackle AP-2[162]
1952 Schmidt, JoeJoe Schmidt Linebacker INS-1[163]
1953 Dietrich, DickDick Dietrich End NEA-2[164]
1953 Kraemer, EldredEldred Kraemer Tackle UP-3[165]
1955 Walton, JoeJoe Walton End CP[166]
1956 Walton, JoeJoe Waltondouble-dagger End AP,[167] UP,[168] INS,[169] CP,[170] NEA,[171] AFCA,[172][173] WC,[112] FWAA,[174] TSN[175]
1958 Guzik, JohnJohn Guzikdagger Guard UPI,[176] NEA,[177] WC,[178] FWAA,[179] TSN,[180] Time[181]
1960 Ditka, MikeMike Ditkadouble-dagger End AP,[182] UPI,[183] NEA,[184] CP,[185] WC,[178] AFCA,[186] FWAA,[187] TSN,[188] Time[189]
1963 Martha, PaulPaul Marthadagger Back NEA, CP, TSN[190]
1963 Borghetti, ErnieErnie Borghetti Tackle FWAA[191]
1965 Crabtree, EricEric Crabtree Defensive back Time[192]
1973 Dorsett, TonyTony Dorsett Running back AP, NEA[193][194]
1974 Burley, GaryGary Burley Middle guard WC[195]
1975 Dorsett, TonyTony Dorsett Running back WC, AFCA, FWAA[193][196]
1976 Dorsett, TonyTony Dorsettdouble-dagger Running back AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, FN, CFN[193]
1976 Romano, AlAl Romanodagger Middle guard AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FN[193]
1977 Brzoza, TomTom Brzozadagger Center AP, UPI, WC[193]
1977 Cavanaugh, MattMatt Cavanaugh Quarterback AFCA[193]
1977 Holloway, RandyRandy Hollowaydagger Defensive tackle UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, FN[193]
1977 Jury, BobBob Jurydagger Defensive back AP, WC, FWAA, TSN[193]
1978 Green, HughHugh Greendagger Defensive end AP, UPI, WC[193]
1978 Jones, GordonGordon Jones Receiver NEA, AFCA[193]
1979 Green, HughHugh Greendouble-dagger Defensive end AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1980 Green, HughHugh Greendouble-dagger Defensive end AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1980 May, MarkMark Maydouble-dagger Offensive tackle AP, WC, UPI, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1981 Covert, JimboJimbo Covert Offensive tackle NEA[193]
1981 Dawkins, JuliusJulius Dawkins Receiver AP[193]
1981 Marino, DanDan Marino Quarterback NEA, WC, AFCA-t, TSN[193]
1981 Sunseri, SalSal Sunseridagger Linebacker AP, AFCA, FWAA[193]
1982 Covert, JimboJimbo Covertdagger Offensive tackle UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA[193]
1982 Fralic, BillBill Fralic Offensive tackle AP, NEA[193]
1982 Maas, BillBill Maas Defensive tackle TSN[193]
1983 Fralic, BillBill Fralicdouble-dagger Offensive tackle AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1984 Fralic, BillBill Fralicdouble-dagger Offensive tackle AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1986 Dixon, RandyRandy Dixondagger Offensive tackle UPI, WC, AFCA, TSN[193]
1986 Woods, TonyTony Woodsdagger Defensive end UPI, FWAA, TSN[193]
1987 Gadson, EzekialEzekial Gadson Linebacker FWAA[193]
1987 Heyward, CraigCraig Heywarddagger Running back AP, UPI, FWAA, SH, TSN[193]
1988 Olsavsky, JerryJerry Olsavsky Linebacker AFCA[193]
1988 Stepnoski, MarkMark Stepnoskidagger Offensive guard WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN[193]
1989 Spindler, MarcMarc Spindler Defensive tackle TSN[193]
1990 Greenfield, BrianBrian Greenfielddagger Punter UPI, WC,[197] TSN,[198] FWAA,[199] SH
1994 Brown, RubenRuben Brown Offensive tackle AFCA,[200] FN[201]
2000 Bryant, AntonioAntonio Bryantdagger Receiver AP,[202] FWAA,[203] Rivals[204]
2003 Fitzgerald, LarryLarry Fitzgeralddouble-dagger Receiver AP,[205] AFCA,[206] WC,[207] FWAA,[208] TSN,[209] PFW,[210] SI,[211] ESPN, Rivals[212]
2003 Lee, AndyAndy Lee Punter PFW[210]
2006 Blades, H. B.H. B. Blades Linebacker FWAA,[213] SI[214]
2007 McKillop, ScottScott McKillop Linebacker Scout[215]
2007 Otah, JeffJeff Otah Offensive tackle PFW[216]
2008 McKillop, ScottScott McKillop Linebacker FWAA,[217] CBS[218]
2009 Dickerson, DorinDorin Dickerson Tight end FWAA,[219] CBS[220]
2010 Sheard, JabaalJabaal Sheard Defensive end AFCA[221]
2013 Donald, AaronAaron Donalddouble-dagger Defensive tackle AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, WC,[222] USAT,[223] CBS,[224] ESPN,[225] SI,[226] Athlon[227]
2014 Conner, JamesJames Conner Running back AFCA-1,[228] AP-2, FWAA-2, PS-2, TSN-2, WC-2, USAT-2[229]
2014 Clemmings, T. J.T. J. Clemmings Offensive tackle PS-2, FWAA-2[229]
2014 Boyd, TylerTyler Boyd Wide receiver SI-2, PS-3[229]

First Team selections

Pitt recognizes, per listing in its football media guide, 74 different players as having been selected as First Team All-American throughout its history for a total of 90 all-time First Team All-American Selections. That total includes 50 selections which have attained Consensus status per the NCAA official records book. Pitt's Consensus First Team selections ranks as the twelfth most consensus All-Americans among Division I FBS schools.[4][230][231] The following list of Pitt's First Team All-Americans is compiled for the Pitt football media guide from various sources including the NCAA Football Guide, and consists of players who were first-team selections on one or more of the All American teams which were made over the years by Walter Camp, Grantland Rice, Caspar Whitney, International News Service, Associated Press, United Press International, NANA, NEA, the Football Writers Association of America, the Football Coaches Association, the All-America Board, Newsweek, The Sporting News, and Sports Illustrated.[232]

First Team All-American Selections
Year Name Pos.
1914 Robert Peck C
1915 Robert Peck* C
1916 Robert Peck* C
1916 James Herron* E
1916 Andy Hastings F
1916 Claude Thornhill G
1917 H.C. "Doc" Carlson E
1917 Jock Sutherland* G
1917 Dale Sies* G
1917 George McLaren F
1918 Leonard Hilty* T
1918 Tom Davies* B
1918 George McLaren* F
1920 Tom Davies B
1920 Herb Stein* C
1921 Herb Stein* C
1925 Ralph Chase* T
1927 Bill Kern T
Year Name Pos.
1927 Gilbert Welch# B
1928 Mike Getto* T
1929 Joe Donchess# E
1929 Ray Montgomery* G
1929 Toby Uansa H
1929 Thomas Parkinson B
1931 Jesse Quatse* T
1932 Joe Skladany* E
1932 Warren Heller# B
1933 Joe Skladany* E
1934 Charles Hartwig* E
1934 George Shotwell* G
1934 Izzy Weinstock C
1935 Art Detzel T
1936 Averell Daniell* T
1936 William Glassford G
1937 Frank Souchak E
1937 Bill Daddio E
Year Name Pos.
1937 Tony Matisi* T
1937 Marshall Goldberg* B
1938 Marshall Goldberg# B
1938 Bill Daddio E
1941 Ralph Fife G
1949 Bernie Barkouskie G
1952 Eldred Kraemer T
1952 Joe Schmidt LB
1956 Joe Walton# E
1958 John Guzik* G
1960 Mike Ditka# E
1963 Paul Martha* B
1963 Ernie Borghetti T
1973 Tony Dorsett RB
1974 Tony Dorsett RB
1974 Gary Burley MG
1975 Tony Dorsett RB
1976 Tony Dorsett# RB
Year Name Pos.
1976 Al Romano* MG
1977 Matt Cavanaugh QB
1977 Randy Holloway* DT
1977 Bob Jury* DB
1977 Tom Brzoza* C
1978 Hugh Green* DE
1978 Gordon Jones WR
1979 Hugh Green# DE
1980 Hugh Green# DE
1980 Mark May# OT
1981 Sal Sunseri* LB
1981 Jimbo Covert OT
1981 Dan Marino QB
1981 Julius Dawkins SE
1982 Jimbo Covert* OT
1982 Bill Maas DT
1982 Bill Fralic OT
1983 Bill Fralic# OT
Year Name Pos.
1984 Bill Fralic# OT
1986 Randy Dixon* OT
1986 Tony Woods* DE
1987 Ezekial Gadson LB
1987 Craig Heyward* RB
1988 Mark Stepnoski* OG
1988 Jerry Olsavsky LB
1989 Marc Spindler DT
1990 Brian Greenfield* P
1994 Ruben Brown OT
2000 Antonio Bryant* WR
2003 Larry Fitzgerald# WR
2006 H.B. Blades LB
2008 Scott McKillop LB
2009 Dorin Dickerson TE
2010 Jabaal Sheard DE
2013 Aaron Donald# DT
2014 James Conner RB
*indicates Consensus status. #indicates unanimous selection.   Ref:[232]

Academic All-Americans

Pitt has had 15 different football players named as College Sports Information Directors of America Academic-All Americans for a total of 23 selections.[233] In addition, five Pitt players have been named as a National Scholar-Athletes by the National Football Foundation[234] and three players have awarded NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships.[231]

Academic Honors
Name Year(s) Selection Position
Dave Blandino 1973 NFF OL
Ralph Cindrich 1971 AA LB
Vince Crochunis 2002, 2003, 2004 AA DL
Dick Deitrick 1952 AA E
Jeff Delaney 1976, 1978
Wayne DiBartola 1981 AA RB
Rob Fada 1981, 1982 AA OL
Al Grigaliunas 1963 NFF E
John Guzik 1958 AA G
Connor Lee 2008 AA PK
Name Year(s) Selection Position
Bill Lindner* 1959 AA[234] T
Greg Meisner 1979, 1980 AA DL
Lou Palatella 1954 AA T
J.C. Pelusi 1982 AA DL
Louis Riddick 1989, 1990 AA DB
Robert Schilken 1986 NCAA DE
Dan Stephens 2003, 2004 AA DL
Mark Stepnoski 1986, 1988
Todd Toerper 1974 NFF WR
Joe Walton 1956 AA E
AA = Academic All-American; NCAA = NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship; NFF = National Football Foundation National Scholar-Athlete   Ref:[231][233][234]
*Listed as an Academic All-American in Pitt's Media Guide[234] but not by CoSIDA.[233]

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