List of Presidents of the United States by home state

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These lists give the states of primary affiliation, states of birth and places of birth of the Presidents of the United States.

States of primary affiliation

States shown by number of US Presidents primarily affiliated with them.

A list of US Presidents including the state with which each was primarily affiliated, due to residence, professional career, and electoral history. This is not necessarily the state in which the president was born.

Note: The flags presented for the states are the present day flags, which were not necessarily adopted in the times of the earliest presidents.

States of primary affiliation by president

No. President State
1 George Washington  Virginia
2 John Adams  Massachusetts
3 Thomas Jefferson  Virginia
4 James Madison  Virginia
5 James Monroe  Virginia
6 John Quincy Adams  Massachusetts
7 Andrew Jackson  Tennessee
8 Martin Van Buren  New York
9 William Henry Harrison  Ohio
10 John Tyler  Virginia
11 James K. Polk  Tennessee
12 Zachary Taylor  Louisiana
13 Millard Fillmore  New York
14 Franklin Pierce  New Hampshire
15 James Buchanan  Pennsylvania
16 Abraham Lincoln  Illinois
17 Andrew Johnson  Tennessee
18 Ulysses S. Grant  Illinois[1]
19 Rutherford B. Hayes  Ohio
20 James A. Garfield  Ohio
21 Chester A. Arthur  New York[2]
22 Grover Cleveland  New York
23 Benjamin Harrison  Indiana
24 Grover Cleveland  New York
25 William McKinley  Ohio
26 Theodore Roosevelt  New York
27 William Howard Taft  Ohio
28 Woodrow Wilson  New Jersey
29 Warren G. Harding  Ohio
30 Calvin Coolidge  Massachusetts
31 Herbert Hoover  California
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt  New York
33 Harry S. Truman  Missouri
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower  Kansas
35 John F. Kennedy  Massachusetts
36 Lyndon B. Johnson  Texas
37 Richard Nixon  California
38 Gerald Ford  Michigan
39 Jimmy Carter  Georgia
40 Ronald Reagan  California
41 George H. W. Bush  Texas
42 Bill Clinton  Arkansas
43 George W. Bush  Texas
44 Barack Obama  Illinois

Presidents by state of primary affiliation

A list of all 44 presidents based on residence and birth, with priority given to residence. Only 18 out of the 50 states are represented. Presidents with an asterisk (*) did not primarily reside in their respective birth states (they were not born in the state listed below).

State Presidents per state Presidents #th President
 New York 6 Martin Van Buren 8
Millard Fillmore 13
Chester A. Arthur* 21
Grover Cleveland* 22
Theodore Roosevelt 26
Franklin D. Roosevelt 32
 Ohio 6 William Henry Harrison* 9
Rutherford B. Hayes 19
James A. Garfield 20
William McKinley 25
William Howard Taft 27
Warren G. Harding 29
 Virginia 5 George Washington 1
Thomas Jefferson 3
James Madison 4
James Monroe 5
John Tyler 10
 Massachusetts 4 John Adams 2
John Quincy Adams 6
Calvin Coolidge* 30
John F. Kennedy 35
 California 3 Herbert Hoover* 31
Richard Nixon 37
Ronald Reagan* 40
 Illinois 3 Abraham Lincoln* 16
Ulysses S. Grant* 18
Barack Obama* 44
 Tennessee 3 Andrew Jackson* 7
James K. Polk* 11
Andrew Johnson* 17
 Texas 3 Lyndon B. Johnson 36
George H. W. Bush* 41
George W. Bush* 43
 Arkansas 1 Bill Clinton 42
 Georgia 1 Jimmy Carter 39
 Indiana 1 Benjamin Harrison* 23
 Kansas 1 Dwight D. Eisenhower* 34
 Louisiana 1 Zachary Taylor* 12
 Michigan 1 Gerald Ford* 38
 Missouri 1 Harry S. Truman 33
 New Hampshire 1 Franklin Pierce 14
 New Jersey 1 Woodrow Wilson* 28
 Pennsylvania 1 James Buchanan 15

Places of birth

States shown by number of US Presidents born there.

Presidents by state of birth

State President Year elected Birthplace
 Virginia 8 George Washington 1788 Popes Creek Plantation, Westmoreland County
Thomas Jefferson 1800 Shadwell, Albemarle County
James Madison 1808 Port Conway, King George County
James Monroe 1816 Monroe Hall, Westmoreland County
William Henry Harrison 1840 Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County
John Tyler 1841 Charles City County
Zachary Taylor 1848 Barboursville, Orange County
Woodrow Wilson 1912 House in Staunton
 Ohio 7 Ulysses S. Grant 1868 Point Pleasant, Clermont County
Rutherford B. Hayes 1876 Delaware, Delaware County
James A. Garfield 1880 Orange Township, Cuyahoga County
Benjamin Harrison 1888 North Bend, Hamilton County
William McKinley 1896 Niles, Trumbull County
William Howard Taft 1908 Cincinnati, Hamilton County
Warren G. Harding 1920 Near Blooming Grove, Morrow County
 Massachusetts 4 John Adams 1796 John Adams Birthplace, Quincy,[3] Norfolk County
John Quincy Adams 1824 John Quincy Adams Birthplace, Quincy,[4] Norfolk County
John F. Kennedy 1960 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Norfolk County
George H. W. Bush 1988 173 Adams Street, Milton, Norfolk County
 New York 4 Martin Van Buren 1836 Kinderhook, Columbia County
Millard Fillmore 1850 Summerhill, Cayuga County
Theodore Roosevelt 1901 28 East 20th Street, Manhattan, New York City
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932 Hyde Park, Dutchess County
 North Carolina 2 James K. Polk 1844 Pineville, North Carolina
Andrew Johnson 1865 Casso's Inn, Raleigh
 Texas 2 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1952 208 East Day Street, Denison, Grayson County
Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 Near the Pedernales River in Stonewall, Gillespie County
 Vermont 2 Chester A. Arthur 1881 Fairfield, Vermont
Calvin Coolidge 1923 Plymouth, Vermont
 Arkansas 1 Bill Clinton 1992 Julia Chester Hospital, Hope, Arkansas[5]
 California 1 Richard Nixon 1968 A house in Yorba Linda
 Connecticut 1 George W. Bush 2000 Grace-New Haven Community Hospital,[6] New Haven
 Georgia 1 Jimmy Carter 1976 Wise Sanitarium[7] in Plains
 Hawaii 1 Barack Obama 2008 Kapiʻolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, Honolulu[8]
 Illinois 1 Ronald Reagan 1980 Graham Building, Tampico
 Iowa 1 Herbert Hoover 1928 West Branch
 Kentucky 1 Abraham Lincoln 1860 Sinking Spring Farm, near Hodgenville
 Missouri 1 Harry S. Truman 1945 1009 Truman Street, Lamar
 Nebraska 1 Gerald Ford 1974 3202 Woolworth Ave., Omaha
 New Hampshire 1 Franklin Pierce 1852 Hillsborough, New Hampshire
 New Jersey 1 Grover Cleveland 1884 First Presbyterian Church rectory, Caldwell
 Pennsylvania 1 James Buchanan 1856 Cove Gap, Pennsylvania
 South Carolina 1 Andrew Jackson 1828 Lancaster County[9]

Communities where presidents were born

Birthplace President
Barboursville, Virginia Zachary Taylor
Blooming Grove, Ohio Warren G. Harding
Braintree, Massachusetts John Quincy Adams
Brookline, Massachusetts John F. Kennedy
Caldwell, New Jersey Grover Cleveland
Charles City County, Virginia William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
Cincinnati, Ohio William Howard Taft
Cove Gap, Pennsylvania James Buchanan
Delaware, Ohio Rutherford B. Hayes
Denison, Texas Dwight D. Eisenhower
Fairfield, Vermont Chester A. Arthur[10]
Hillsborough, New Hampshire Franklin Pierce
Honolulu, Hawaii Barack Obama
Hope, Arkansas Bill Clinton
Hyde Park, New York Franklin D. Roosevelt
Kinderhook, New York Martin Van Buren
Lamar, Missouri Harry S. Truman
Lancaster County, South Carolina Andrew Jackson
Milton, Massachusetts George H. W. Bush
Moreland Hills, Ohio James A. Garfield
New Haven, Connecticut George W. Bush
New York City, New York Theodore Roosevelt
Niles, Ohio William McKinley
Nolin Creek, Kentucky[11] Abraham Lincoln
North Bend, Ohio Benjamin Harrison
Omaha, Nebraska Gerald Ford
Pineville, North Carolina James K. Polk
Plains, Georgia Jimmy Carter
Plymouth, Vermont Calvin Coolidge
Point Pleasant, Ohio Ulysses S. Grant
Port Conway, Virginia James Madison
Braintree, Massachusetts John Adams
Raleigh, North Carolina Andrew Johnson
Shadwell, Virginia Thomas Jefferson
Stonewall, Texas Lyndon B. Johnson
Staunton, Virginia Woodrow Wilson
Moravia, New York Millard Fillmore
Tampico, Illinois Ronald Reagan
West Branch, Iowa Herbert Hoover
Westmoreland County, Virginia George Washington
James Monroe
Yorba Linda, California Richard Nixon

Presidents who did not primarily reside in their respective birth states

As of 2012, 19 out of 43 individuals (44%) – accounting for Grover Cleveland's two non-consecutive terms—served as President after officially residing in a different place than their birth.

President Birth state Home state
Andrew Jackson  South Carolina  Tennessee
William Henry Harrison  Virginia  Ohio
James K. Polk  North Carolina  Tennessee
Zachary Taylor  Virginia  Louisiana
Abraham Lincoln  Kentucky  Illinois
Andrew Johnson  North Carolina  Tennessee
Ulysses S. Grant  Ohio  Illinois
Chester A. Arthur  Vermont  New York
Grover Cleveland  New Jersey  New York
Benjamin Harrison  Ohio  Indiana
Woodrow Wilson  Virginia  New Jersey
Calvin Coolidge  Vermont  Massachusetts
Herbert Hoover  Iowa  California
Dwight D. Eisenhower  Texas  Kansas
Gerald Ford  Nebraska  Michigan
Ronald Reagan  Illinois  California
George H. W. Bush  Massachusetts  Texas
George W. Bush  Connecticut  Texas
Barack Obama  Hawaii  Illinois

Presidents born as British subjects

The following Presidents were born British subjects before the establishment of the United States:

The following Presidents were born British subjects, as well as American citizens, after the establishment of the United States:

Notes and references

  1. While Grant's birth state was Ohio, his home prior to his election was in Galena, IL. The Library of Congress contains the official Senate record for the election, which states that Grant was elected from the state of Illinois, not Ohio. See A Century of Lawmaking. The official House record for the election, also preserved on the Library of Congress website, says the same thing.
  2. Shortly after the election of James Garfield, the Democratic National Committee hired a New York attorney Arthur P. Hinman to dig up dirt on the vice president elect Chester Arthur. The Democrats did not believe that Chester was born in Fairfield, Vermont, nor did they believe he was even born in the United States of America. Hinman concluded that Arthur was born in Dunham, Quebec in Canada, not Fairfield, and was therefore not an American citizen. He accused Arthur of traveling to Canada following his election as vice president in 1880 to see if there were any records or evidence of his birth. Finding none, he chose Fairfield, Vermont as his birthplace. He claimed that Arthur knew nobody would be able to prove otherwise and he was supported by the fact that his father was a preacher there around the time of his birth. Hinman even went so far as to claim that the Arthurs did have a baby son while in Fairfield who had died as an infant and Chester Arthur had deviously appropriated his deceased younger brother’s birth records. In 1884, Hinman published his explosive allegations in his book How a British Subject became President of the United States. Where the Presidents Were Born: The History & Preservation of the Presidential Birthplaces by Louis L. Picone
  3. John Adams Birthplace was then part of Braintree.
  4. Then a part of Braintree.
  5. Note: Bill Clinton's home in his first four years is sometimes called the Bill Clinton Birthplace, although the name is misleading.
  8. [1]
  9. Born in the Waxhaw region on the North CarolinaSouth Carolina border. Exactly on which side of the border Jackson was born is in dispute. Jackson himself considered South Carolina as his birth state, and that is how it is most frequently listed.
  10. There are some claims that Arthur was in fact born in Canada, not far from his official Vermont birthplace. His father was an Irish-born Canadian who was not naturalized as a U.S. citizen until some years after Arthur's birth. See here for details.
  11. The modern county in which Lincoln's birthplace lies, LaRue County, was not created until 1843.
  12. The Official Library of Congress Naturalization Record for William Arthur (father of Chester Arthur) states that William Arthur (who was born in Ireland and later emigrated to Canada) was not naturalized until 14 years after the birth of Chester Arthur. His father's British subjecthood, governed by English common law, was conferred via jus sanguinis; cf. William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England I.10 ("Of People, Whether Aliens, Denizens or Natives"), Oxford 1765-1769: […] all children, born out of the king’s ligeance, whose fathers were natural-born subjects, are now natural-born subjects themselves, to all intents and purposes, without any exception; […].
  13. According to the British Nationality Act 1948, Obama was from birth a Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent (jus sanguinis) through his father, a native of Kenya, which was then a British colony. This status reverted to Kenyan citizenship upon Kenya's independence in 1963, and Obama lost his Kenyan citizenship upon turning 23 in 1984 because the Kenyan Constitution prohibits dual citizenship for adults. Does Barack Obama have Kenyan citizenship? See also: Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories