List of Prime Ministers of the Papal States

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Prime Minister of the Papal States
CoA Pontifical States 02.svg
Style His Excellency
Appointer Pope Pius IX
Formation July 17, 1847
First holder Cardinal Gabriele Ferretti
Final holder Cardinal Carlo Emanuele Muzzarelli
Abolished December 26, 1849

This is a list of the prime ministers of the Papal States. Officially the prime minister was recognized as Minister of Interior (Italian: Ministro dell'Interno), like the title of "chief of the government" was reserved to the Cardinal Secretary of State, the office was created from the granting of the Statute of the Papal States in 1848 to 1850, when Pope Pius IX disclaim the Statute after the Roman Republic's fall in 1849.

List of Prime Ministers (1848–1849)

Ministers of Interior

Portrait Name
Took office Left office Pope
Podesti Ritratto del cardinal Ferretti.JPG Cardinal Gabriele Ferretti
17 July 1847 21 January 1848 Pius IX
70px Cardinal Giuseppe Bofondi
21 January 1848 10 March 1848
70px Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli
10 March 1848 4 May 1848
70px Count Terenzio Mamiani della Rovere
4 May 1848 6 August 1848
CoA Pontifical States 02.svg Count Edoardo Fabbri
6 August 1848 16 September 1848
Rossi bridi.jpg Pellegrino Rossi
16 September 1848 15 November 1848
No image.svg Cardinal Carlo Emanuele Muzzarelli
20 November 1848 25 April 1849

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