List of Queens of Jerusalem

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Coat of arms of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

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This is a list of Queens of Jerusalem, from 1099 to 1291, as well as claimants to the title up to the present day.

Throughout 200 years of its existence, the Kingdom of Jerusalem had 1 protector, 11 reigning kings, 5 queens regnant, and 7 jure uxoris kings. But there were only 6 women who used the title of Queen consort of Jerusalem, wives of the Latin kings of Jerusalem, and 1 woman who was an untitled consort. Nevertheless, many of them were highly influential in the country's history, having ruled as regents for their minor children and heirs, as well has having a great influence over their spouses. Many kings of Jerusalem died unmarried or as a child.

Queens of Jerusalem

Reigning Queens

This is a list of queens regnant of Jerusalem who held to the throne by their own right:

Queen Portrait Birth Husbands and Co-Rulers Death
Melisende of Jerusalem.jpg 1105
daughter of King Baldwin II and Morphia of Melitene
Fulk V, Count of Anjou
2 June 1129
2 sons
11 September 1161
aged 61
Sibyla.jpg c. 1160
daughter of King Amalric and Agnes of Courtenay
William of Montferrat, Count of Jaffa and Ascalon
one son

Guy of Lusignan
April 1180
2 daughters
25 July (probable), 1190
Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem
aged about 40
Isabella I
IsabelaKOnrad.jpg 1172
Nablus, Kingdom of Jerusalem
daughter of King Amalric I and Maria Komnene
Humphrey IV of Toron
November 1183
no children

Conrad of Montferrat
24 November 1190
one daughter

Henry II, Count of Champagne
6 May 1192
2 daughters

Amalric of Lusignan
January 1198
3 children
5 April 1205
Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem
aged 33
Maria of Montferrat.jpg 1192
daughter of Conrad of Montferrat and Queen Isabella
John of Brienne
14 September 1210
one daughter
aged 20
Isabella II
also called Yolande
Yolande of Jerusalem.jpg 1212
daughter of John of Brienne and Queen Maria
Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
August 1225
2 children
25 April 1228
Andria, Holy Roman Empire
aged 16


House of Boulogne, 1099–1118

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Queen Coronation Ceased to be Queen Death Spouse
Arda.png Arda of Armenia Thoros, Lord of Marash - 1097 25 December 1100
husband's coronation
Never Crowned 1105
marriage annulled, but not according to the church
after 1117 Baldwin I
Renouncing.png Adelaide del Vasto Boniface del Vasto
1072/5 September 1113
bigamous according to the Pope
Never Crowned 1117
marriage annulled due to pressure from the Pope
16 April 1118

House of Rethel, 1118–1153

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Queen Coronation Ceased to be Queen Death Spouse
Morphia of Melitene Gabriel of Melitene - 1101 14 April 1118
husband's coronation
Christmas 1119
at Bethlehem
1 October 1126 or 1127 Baldwin II

House of Anjou, 1143–1205

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Queen Coronation Ceased to be Queen Death Spouse
Theodora Jerusalem.jpg Theodora Komnene sebastokratōr Isaac Komnenos
1145 after September 1158 - 10 February 1162
husband's death
- Baldwin III
Agnes courtenay.jpg Agnes of Courtenay
Joscelin II, Count of Edessa
1133/6 1157 10 February 1162
husband's accession
Never crowned 1163
marriage annulled on grounds of consanguinity
September 1184
1 February 1185
Amalric I
MarieKomnene.jpg Maria Komnene protosébastos John Komnenos
1154 29 August 1167 - 11 July 1174
husband's death

House of Aleramici, 1205–1212

House of Brienne, 1212–1228

House of Hohenstaufen, 1228–1268

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Queen Coronation Ceased to be Queen Death Spouse
Elisabeth von Bayern (1227–1273).jpg Elisabeth of Bavaria Otto II, Duke of Bavaria
1227 1 September 1246 - 21 May 1254
husband's death
9 October 1273 Conrad II

House of Lusignan, 1268–1291

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Queen Coronation Ceased to be Queen Death Spouse
Armoiries Ibelin.svg Isabella of Ibelin Guy of Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus
1241/42 after 23 January 1255 24 September 1269
husband's coronation
- 24 March 1284
husband's death
2 June 1324 Hugh I


  1. She was the untitiled royal consort of Amalric I from her husband's accession to their marriage annulment.
  2. After Baldwin III's death, the Haute Cour refused to endorse Amalric as king unless his marriage to Agnes was annulled. She was never a titled Queen consort, although Agnes continued to hold the title Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon and received a pension from that fief's income.

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