List of Sabre and Fury units in the US military

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F-86 Sabre in flight.

List of Sabre and Fury units in the US military identifies the aircraft models, military branches, military units, and service years. The F-86 Sabre and FJ Fury was manufactured by the North American Aviation Company. Units existed in regular USAF, ANG, USN, and USMC squadrons.

USAF F-86 Units

Source: Baugher F-86D[1]
File:F-86H 167th TFS West Virginia ANG.jpg
A West Virginia Air National Guard F-86H.
File:F-86D Tennessee ANG 1950s.jpg
A Tennessee Air Guard F-86D.

Air National Guard Squadrons

Air Force units

Source: Baugher F-86F [2] and F-86E [3]
An F-86F of the 21st Fighter Day Wing at Chambley Air Base.

US Navy units with FJ Fury

Source: Baugher Fury [4]

Atlantic Fleet

Pacific Fleet


US Marine Corps units with FJ Fury


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