List of Vice Presidents of the United States by place of primary affiliation

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States represented by vice presidents (affiliation place)
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Birth states of vice presidents

This is a list of Vice Presidents of the United States by place of primary affiliation. Some vice presidents have been born in one state, but are commonly associated with another. According to the Twelfth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, no member of the Electoral College may vote for both candidates of a presidential ticket if both candidates inhabit the same state as that elector. The flags presented for the states are the present day flags, which were not necessarily adopted in the times of the earliest vice presidents.

States of primary affiliation

States of primary affiliation by vice president

Note: The flags presented for the states are the present day flags, which were not necessarily adopted in the times of the earliest vice presidents. m

No. Vice President State
1 John Adams  Massachusetts
2 Thomas Jefferson  Virginia
3 Aaron Burr  New York
4 George Clinton  New York
5 Elbridge Gerry  Massachusetts
6 Daniel D. Tompkins  New York
7 John C. Calhoun  South Carolina
8 Martin Van Buren  New York
9 Richard M. Johnson  Kentucky
10 John Tyler  Virginia
11 George Dallas  Pennsylvania
12 Millard Fillmore  New York
13 William R. King  Alabama
14 John C. Breckinridge  Kentucky
15 Hannibal Hamlin  Maine
16 Andrew Johnson  Tennessee
17 Schuyler Colfax  Indiana
18 Henry Wilson  Massachusetts
19 William A. Wheeler  New York
20 Chester A. Arthur  New York
21 Thomas Hendricks  Indiana
22 Levi P. Morton  New York
23 Adlai E. Stevenson  Illinois
24 Garret Hobart  New Jersey
25 Theodore Roosevelt  New York
26 Charles W. Fairbanks  Indiana
27 James S. Sherman  New York
28 Thomas R. Marshall  Indiana
29 Calvin Coolidge  Massachusetts
30 Charles G. Dawes  Illinois
31 Charles Curtis  Kansas
32 John Nance Garner  Texas
33 Henry A. Wallace  Iowa
34 Harry S. Truman  Missouri
35 Alben W. Barkley  Kentucky
36 Richard Nixon  California
37 Lyndon B. Johnson  Texas
38 Hubert Humphrey  Minnesota
39 Spiro Agnew  Maryland
40 Gerald Ford  Michigan
41 Nelson Rockefeller  New York
42 Walter Mondale  Minnesota
43 George H. W. Bush  Texas
44 Dan Quayle  Indiana
45 Al Gore  Tennessee
46 Dick Cheney  Wyoming
47 Joe Biden  Delaware

Vice Presidents by state of primary affiliation

State Vice President per state Vice President #th Vice President
 New York 11 Aaron Burr 3
George Clinton 4
Daniel D. Tompkins 6
Martin Van Buren 8
Millard Fillmore 12
William A. Wheeler 19
Chester A. Arthur 20
Levi P. Morton 22
Theodore Roosevelt 25
James S. Sherman 27
Nelson Rockefeller 41
 Indiana 5 Schuyler Colfax 17
Thomas Hendricks 21
Charles W. Fairbanks 26
Thomas R. Marshall 28
Dan Quayle 44
 Massachusetts 4 John Adams 1
Elbridge Gerry 5
Henry Wilson 18
Calvin Coolidge 29
 Kentucky 3 Richard M. Johnson 9
John C. Breckinridge 14
Alben W. Barkley 35
 Texas 3 John Nance Garner 32
Lyndon B. Johnson 36
George H. W. Bush 43
 Illinois 2 Adlai E. Stevenson 23
Charles G. Dawes 30
 Minnesota 2 Hubert Humphrey 38
Walter Mondale 42
 Virginia 2 Thomas Jefferson 2
John Tyler 10
 Tennessee 2 Andrew Johnson 17
Al Gore 45
 Alabama 1 William R. King 13
 California 1 Richard Nixon 36
 Delaware 1 Joe Biden 47
 Iowa 1 Henry A. Wallace 33
 Kansas 1 Charles Curtis 31
 Maine 1 Hannibal Hamlin 15
 Maryland 1 Spiro Agnew 39
 Michigan 1 Gerald Ford 40
 Missouri 1 Harry S. Truman 34
 New Jersey 1 Garret Hobart 24
 Pennsylvania 1 George Dallas 11
 South Carolina 1 John C. Calhoun 7
 Wyoming 1 Dick Cheney 46

Places of birth

Vice Presidents by state and district of birth

State Vice Presidents per state Vice President Year elected Birthplace
 New York 8 George Clinton 1805 Little Britain, Province of New York
Daniel D. Tompkins 1817 Scarsdale, Province of New York
Martin Van Buren 1833 Kinderhook, Columbia County
Millard Fillmore 1849 Summerhill, Cayuga County
Schuyler Colfax 1869 New York City, New York
William A. Wheeler 1877 Malone, New York
Theodore Roosevelt 1901 28 E. 20th St., Manhattan, New York County
James S. Sherman 1909 Utica, New York
 Kentucky 4 Richard Mentor Johnson 1837 Beargrass, Kentucky
John C. Breckinridge 1857 Lexington, Kentucky
Adlai Stevenson 1893 Christian County, Kentucky
Alben W. Barkley 1949 Graves County, Kentucky
 Massachusetts[1] 3 John Adams 1789 John Adams Birthplace, Quincy, Massachusetts[2]
Elbridge Gerry 1813 Marblehead, Massachusetts Bay
George H. W. Bush 1981 173 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts
 Ohio 3 Thomas A. Hendricks 1885 Fultonham, Ohio
Charles W. Fairbanks 1905 Unionville Center, Ohio
Charles G. Dawes 1925 Marietta, Ohio
 Vermont 3 Chester A. Arthur 1881 Fairfield, Vermont
Levi P. Morton 1889 Shoreham, Vermont
Calvin Coolidge 1921 Plymouth, Vermont
 Indiana 2 Thomas R. Marshall 1913 North Manchester, Indiana
Dan Quayle 1989 Indianapolis, Indiana
 Maine 2 Hannibal Hamlin 1861 Paris, Maine
Nelson Rockefeller 1974 Bar Harbor, Maine
 Nebraska 2 Gerald Ford 1973 3202 Woolworth Ave., Omaha, Nebraska
Dick Cheney 2001 Lincoln, Nebraska
 New Jersey 2 Aaron Burr 1801 Newark, Province of New Jersey
Garret Hobart 1897 Long Branch, New Jersey
 North Carolina 2 William R. King 1853 Sampson County, North Carolina
Andrew Johnson 1865 Raleigh, North Carolina.
 Pennsylvania 2 George M. Dallas 1845 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joe Biden 2009 Scranton, Pennsylvania
 Texas 2 John Nance Garner 1933 Detroit, Red River County, Texas
Lyndon B. Johnson 1961 Near the Pedernales River in Stonewall, Gillespie County
 Virginia 2 Thomas Jefferson 1797 Shadwell, Albemarle County
John Tyler 1841 Charles City County
 California 1 Richard Nixon 1953 A house in Yorba Linda, California
 Iowa 1 Henry A. Wallace 1941 Orient, Iowa
 Kansas 1 Charles Curtis 1929 Topeka, Kansas
 Maryland 1 Spiro Agnew 1969 Baltimore, Maryland
 Minnesota 1 Walter Mondale 1977 Ceylon, Minnesota
 Missouri 1 Harry S Truman 1945 Lamar, Missouri
 New Hampshire 1 Henry Wilson 1873 Farmington, New Hampshire
 South Carolina 1 John C. Calhoun 1825 Abbeville, South Carolina
 South Dakota 1 Hubert Humphrey 1965 Wallace, South Dakota
 Washington, D.C. 1 Al Gore 1993 Washington, D.C.

Vice Presidents who did not primarily reside in their respective birth states

As of 2012, 19 out of 47 individuals (40%) – accounting for President Grover Cleveland's two non-consecutive terms—were elected after officially residing in a different place than their birth.

Vice President Birth state Home state
Aaron Burr  New Jersey  New York
William R. King  North Carolina  Alabama
Andrew Johnson  North Carolina  Tennessee
Schuyler Colfax  New York  Indiana
Henry Wilson  New Hampshire  Massachusetts
Chester A. Arthur  Vermont  New York
Thomas A. Hendricks  Ohio  Indiana
Levi P. Morton  Vermont  New York
Adlai Stevenson  Kentucky  Illinois
Charles W. Fairbanks  Ohio  Indiana
Calvin Coolidge  Vermont  Massachusetts
Charles G. Dawes  Ohio  Illinois
Hubert Humphrey  South Dakota  Minnesota
Gerald Ford  Nebraska  Michigan
Nelson Rockefeller  Maine  New York
George H. W. Bush  Massachusetts  Texas
Al Gore  Washington, D.C.  Tennessee
Dick Cheney  Nebraska  Wyoming
Joe Biden  Pennsylvania  Delaware


  1. All Massachusetts-born Presidents have been born in Norfolk County, but counties in Massachusetts are largely ceremonial and hold little meaning in that state.
  2. John Adams Birthplace was then part of Braintree.

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