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Map of Finland

Below is a list of airports, airfields and heliports in Finland, grouped by type and sorted by location.


ICAO location identifiers link to pages from the Finnish Aeronautical Information Service.[1]

Names shown in bold indicate airports with scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines. For such airports, the number of passengers and a percentage of the total number of passengers on commercial airports in Finland in 2013 is given.

City served / Location Region ICAO IATA Name Type Passengers (2013)[2]
ÿ Airports [3] ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Enontekiö Lapland EFET ENF Enontekiö Airport Civil 20,169 (0.11%)
Helsinki / Malmi Uusimaa EFHF HEM Helsinki-Malmi Airport Civil
Helsinki / Vantaa Uusimaa EFHK HEL Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Civil 15,278,994 (80.92%)
Hyvinkää, Hyvinkää Uusimaa EFHV HYV Hyvinkää Airfield Civil
Ivalo, Inari Lapland EFIV IVL Ivalo Airport Civil 146,314 (0.77%)
Joensuu / Liperi North Karelia EFJO JOE Joensuu Airport Civil 131,291 (0.70%)
Jyväskylä / Tikkakoski Central Finland EFJY JYV Jyväskylä Airport Civil/Military 50,570 (0.27%)
Jämsä Central Finland EFHA KEV Halli Airport Military
Kajaani Kainuu EFKI KAJ Kajaani Airport Civil 74,558 (0.39%)
Kauhava Southern Ostrobothnia EFKA KAU Kauhava Airport Military
Kemi / Tornio Lapland EFKE KEM Kemi-Tornio Airport Civil 57,681 (0.31%)
Kittilä Lapland EFKT KTT Kittilä Airport Civil 237,222 (1.26%)
Kokkola / Kronoby Ostrobothnia EFKK KOK Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport Civil 68,991 (0.37%)
Kouvola Kymenlaakso EFUT UTI Utti Airport Military
Kuopio / Siilinjärvi Northern Savonia EFKU KUO Kuopio Airport Civil/Military 261,151 (1.38%)
Kuusamo Northern Ostrobothnia EFKS KAO Kuusamo Airport Civil 74,583 (0.40%)
Lappeenranta South Karelia EFLP LPP Lappeenranta Airport Civil 98,300 (0.52%)
Mariehamn / Jomala Åland EFMA MHQ Mariehamn Airport Civil 52,514 (0.28%)
Mikkeli Southern Savonia EFMI MIK Mikkeli Airport Civil
Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia EFOU OUL Oulu Airport Civil 877,080 (4.65%)
Pori Satakunta EFPO POR Pori Airport Civil 26,229 (0.14%)
Rovaniemi Lapland EFRO RVN Rovaniemi Airport Civil/Military 427,367 (2.26%)
Savonlinna Southern Savonia EFSA SVL Savonlinna Airport Civil 12,215 (0.06%)
Seinäjoki / Ilmajoki Southern Ostrobothnia EFSI SJY Seinäjoki Airport Civil
Tampere / Pirkkala Pirkanmaa EFTP TMP Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Civil/Military 466,671 (2.47%)
Turku Southwest Finland EFTU TKU Turku Airport Civil 324,667 (1.72%)
Vaasa Ostrobothnia EFVA VAA Vaasa Airport Civil 319,315 (1.69%)
Varkaus / Joroinen Southern Savonia EFVR VRK Varkaus Airport Civil 6,759 (0.04%)
ÿ Airfields [4] ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Alajärvi Southern Ostrobothnia EFME Menkijärvi Airfield
Alavus Southern Ostrobothnia EFAL Alavus Airfield
Asikkala Päijänne Tavastia EFLA fi (Lahti-Vesivehmaa Airfield)
Eura Satakunta EFEU Eura Airfield
Forssa Tavastia Proper EFFO Forssa Airfield
Haapajärvi Northern Ostrobothnia EFHJ Haapajärvi Airfield
Haapavesi Northern Ostrobothnia EFHP Haapavesi Airfield
Hailuoto Northern Ostrobothnia EFHL Hailuoto Airfield
Hanko Uusimaa EFHN Hanko Airfield
Helsinki (Meilahti Hospital) Uusimaa EFHY Meilahti hospital
Huittinen (Vampula) Satakunta EFVP Vampula Airfield
Hämeenkyrö Pirkanmaa EFHM Hämeenkyrö Airfield
Iisalmi Northern Savonia EFII Iisalmi Airfield
Imatra South Karelia EFIM Immola Airfield
Ingå Uusimaa EFTO Torbacka Airfield
Jämijärvi Satakunta EFJM Jämijärvi Airfield
Kalajoki Northern Ostrobothnia EFKO Kalajoki Airfield
Kannus Central Ostrobothnia EFKN Kannus Airfield
Kauhajoki Southern Ostrobothnia EFKJ KHJ Kauhajoki Airfield
Kemijärvi Lapland EFKM Kemijärvi Airfield
Kimitoön (Dragsfjärd) Southwest Finland EFGE Genböle Airfield
Kitee North Karelia EFIT KTQ Kitee Airfield
Kittilä Lapland EFPA Pokka Airfield
Kiuruvesi Northern Savonia EFRV Kiuruvesi Airfield
Kivijärvi Central Finland EFKV Kivijärvi Airfield
Kokemäki Satakunta EFPI Piikajärvi Airfield
Kolari Lapland EFAA Aavahelukka Airfield
Kotka Kymenlaakso EFKY Kymi Airfield
Kouvola Kymenlaakso EFSE fi (Selänpää Airfield)
Kouvola (Anjalankoski) Kymenlaakso EFWB Wredeby Airfield
Kuhmo Kainuu EFKH Kuhmo Airfield
Kumlinge Åland EFKG Kumlinge Airfield
Kärsämäki Northern Ostrobothnia EFKR Kärsämäki Airfield
Lapinlahti Northern Savonia EFLL Lapinlahti Airfield
Lieksa North Karelia EFLN Lieksa-Nurmes Airfield
Loppi Tavastia Proper EFRY Räyskälä Airfield
Mäntsälä Uusimaa EFMN Mäntsälä Airfield
Nurmijärvi Uusimaa EFNS Savikko Airfield
Oripää Southwest Finland EFOP Oripää Airfield
Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia EFAH Ahmosuo Airfield
Pieksämäki Southern Savonia EFPK Pieksämäki Airfield
Pudasjärvi Northern Ostrobothnia EFPU Pudasjärvi Airfield
Punkaharju Southern Savonia EFPN Punkaharju Airfield
Pyhäjärvi Northern Ostrobothnia EFPY Pyhäsalmi Airfield
Raahe Northern Ostrobothnia EFRH Raahe-Pattijoki Airfield
Rantasalmi Southern Savonia EFRN Rantasalmi Airfield
Ranua Lapland EFRU Ranua Airfield
Rautavaara Northern Savonia EFRA Rautavaara Airfield
Salo Southwest Finland EFIK fi (Kiikala Airfield)
Sodankylä Lapland EFSO SOT Sodankylä Airfield
Suomussalmi Kainuu EFSU Suomussalmi Airfield
Tampere Pirkanmaa EFTS fi (Teisko Airfield)
Vaala Kainuu EFVL Vaala Airfield
Veteli Central Ostrobothnia EFVT Sulkaharju Airfield
Vihti / Nummela Uusimaa EFNU fi (Nummela Airfield)
Viitasaari Central Finland EFVI Viitasaari Airfield
Ylivieska Northern Ostrobothnia EFYL Ylivieska Airfield
ÿ Heliports [5] ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Enontekiö Lapland EFEK Kilpisjärvi Heliport
Espoo Uusimaa EFEJ Jorvi Hospital Heliport
Helsinki Uusimaa EFHE Helsinki Hernesaari Heliport
Helsinki Uusimaa EFHY Helsinki University Hospital/Meilahti Heliport
Hämeenlinna Tavastia Proper EFHH Tavastia Proper Central Hospital Heliport
Joensuu North Karelia EFJE Northern Karelia Central Hospital Heliport
Jyväskylä Central Finland EFJV Central Finland Central Hospital Heliport
Kuopio Northern Savonia EFPJ Kuopio University Hospital Heliport
Lahti Päijänne Tavastia EFPL Päijänne Tavastia Central Hospital Heliport
Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia EFHO Oulu University Hospital Heliport
Rovaniemi Lapland EFLR Lapland Central Hospital Heliport
Seinäjoki Southern Ostrobothnia EFHS Seinäjoki Central Hospital Heliport
Tampere Pirkanmaa EFPT Tampere University Hospital Heliport
Turku Southwest Finland EFTV Turku University Hospital Heliport
Vantaa Uusimaa EFPE Peijas Hospital Heliport
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