List of airports in Nicaragua

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List of airports in Nicaragua, sorted by location.


City served Department ICAO IATA Airport name
International airports[1]
Managua Managua MNMG MGA Augusto C. Sandino International Airport
Bilwi RAAN MNPC PUZ Puerto Cabezas Airport
Bluefields RAAS MNBL BEF Bluefields Airport
Corn Island RAAS MNCI RNI Corn Island Airport
San Carlos Río San Juan MNSC NCR San Carlos Airport
Chinandega Chinandega MNCH Chinandega Airport (Germán Pomares Ordoñez)
Domestic airports
Bonanza RAAN MNBZ BZA Bonanza Airport
Rosita RAAN MNRT RFS Rosita Airport
Siuna RAAN MNSI SIU Siuna Airport
Waspam RAAN MNWP WSP Waspam Airport
San Juan de Nicaragua Río San Juan MNSN San Juan de Nicaragua Airport
Nueva Guinea RAAS MNNG NVG Nueva Guinea Airport
Other airports
Los Brasiles, Mateare Managua MNBR Los Brasiles Airport (Carlos Ulloa)
San Francisco Libre Managua MNFC Punta Huete Airport (Panchito)
San Rafael del Sur Managua MNMR Montelimar Airport
León León MNLN León Airport (Fanor Urroz)
León León MNPP El Papalonal Airport
Las Lajas Granada MNLL Las Lajas Airport
San Lorenzo Boaco MNAM Altamira Airport
Estelí Estelí MNES Estelí Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNFM Fertimar Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNHG Hato Grande Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNPG Pikin Guerrero Airport
Alamikamba, Prinzapolka RAAN MNAL Alamikamba Airport
Karawala, Desembocadura de la Cruz de Río Grande RAAS MNKW Karawala Airport
El Bluff RAAN MNFF El Bluff Airport
Waspado, Siuna RAAN MNMP Mapinicsa Airport
La Cumplida, Matagalpa Matagalpa MNMT La Cumplida Airport
El Castillo Río San Juan MNPA Palcasa Airport
Moyogalpa Rivas MNLP Ometepe Airport
San Juan del Sur Rivas MNRV Morgan's Rock Airport

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