List of archaeological excavations in Jerusalem

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List of archaeological excavations in Jerusalem is an incomplete list of archaeological excavations in Jerusalem.

19th Century

The nineteenth century saw much interest in Jerusalem develop. British Protestants, eager to find hard evidence for their Christian convictions, set out to dig the Holy City. Among them were Flinders Petrie, Charles Warren, Charles William Wilson and Montague Parker.

The British Mandate

During the Mandate, efforts to excavate Jerusalem continued with digs by R. A. Stewart Macalister in the City of David.

Jordanian Occupation

Under Jordanian Occupation, Kathleen Kenyon excavated in the City of David, discovering numerous important finds including the proto-Ionic capital.

Summary Table

Years Primary Excavators Backing Organization Findings
1867 Charles Warren PEF Warren's Shaft
1923, 1925 R. A. Stewart Macalister and J. G. Duncan Ophel Hill, top of Stepped Stone Structure which they called the "Jebusite Wall"
1961–1967 Kathleen Kenyon Proto-Ionic capital from Large Stone Structure, Stepped Stone Structure, Fortress walls from Canaanite and First Temple periods, residential buildings from various periods, sections of Second Temple "pilgrim's road" in central valley
1978–1985 Yigal Shiloh Hebrew University, IAA Dating and detailed study of water system, more of Stepped Stone Structure, First Temple Period residences in Area G, "The Burnt Room" with arrowheads, bullae including the "Gemaryahu ben Shafan" bulla
1995 Ronnie Reich and Eli Shukron El Ad / IAA The Spring House above the Gihon