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For non-profits, see List of bitcoin organizations.

This is a list of for-profit companies with notable commercial activities related to bitcoin. Common services are wallet providers, bitcoin exchanges, payment service providers and venture capital. Other services include mining pools, cloud mining, peer-to-peer lending, exchange-traded funds, over-the-counter trading, gambling, micropayments, affiliates and prediction markets.

A sign advertising bitcoin payments in a cafe in The Netherlands
A Bitcoin ATM in the Czech Republic
A FPGA based bitcoin mining board
Company Founded Headquarters Services Notes
37coins 2013 USA - Sunnyvale, California wallet provider defunct, 2015
Airbitz 2014 USA - San Diego, California wallet provider
ANX 2013 China - Hong Kong bitcoin exchange
Armory Technologies 2011 USA - Baltimore, Maryland Armory bitcoin wallet[1][2]
BIPS 2011 Denmark - Copenhagen payment service provider defunct, 2014. Acquired by Coinify
BitGo 2013 USA - San Francisco, California multisignature security platform for bitcoin
BitInstant 2011 USA - New York, New York bitcoin exchange defunct, 2014
BitPay 2011 USA - Atlanta, Georgia payment service provider
BitPesa 2013 Kenya - Nairobi bitcoin exchange
Bitreserve 2013 USA - Charleston, South Carolina wallet provider
Bitstamp 2011 UK - London bitcoin exchange
Bitwage 2014 US - San Francisco, California bitcoin payroll & international payroll[3]
BitX 2013 South Africa - Cape Town bitcoin exchange 2011 Luxembourg wallet provider
Blockstream 2014 USA - San Francisco, California software
BTC China 2011 China - Shanghai bitcoin exchange
BTC-e 2011 Russia bitcoin exchange
BTCS 2013 USA - Arlington, Virginia mining, wallet provider 2013 UK - London bitcoin exchange
BTCJam 2013 USA - San Francisco, California peer-to-peer lending
BTCXIndia 2014 India - Hyderabad bitcoin exchange
Buttercoin 2013 USA - Palo Alto, California bitcoin exchange defunct, 2015
Chain 2014 USA - San Francisco, California financial services[4][5]
ChangeTip 2013 USA - San Francisco, California micropayments[6]
Circle 2013 USA - Boston, Massachusetts wallet provider
CloudHashing 2013 UK - London cloud mining
Coinbase 2012 USA - San Francisco, California wallet provider, bitcoin exchange
Coincheck 2014 Japan - Tokyo Bitcoin/Ether exchange, Wallet provider, Payment service provider, Donation-based bitcoin crowdfunding
coin co 2014 USA - New York, New York payment service provider
CoinCorner 2014 Isle of Man - Douglas bitcoin exchange
CoinDesk 2013 UK - London news
Coinfloor 2013 UK - London bitcoin exchange
Coinify 2014 Denmark - Copenhagen payment service provider, bitcoin exchange[7][8][9] 2014 Bangkok - Thailand Wallet provider, bitcoin exchange, payment service provider[10] 2014 Philippines - Metro Manila wallet provider
Coinsecure 2014 India - Delhi bitcoin exchange
Digital Asset Holdings 2014 USA - New York, New York blockchain financial services
FoldApp 2014 USA - San Mateo, California Mobile gift cards[6]
Gatecoin 2013 China - Hong Kong bitcoin exchange
Genesis Mining 2013 China - Hong Kong cloud mining contracts.[11][12][13][14] 2013 UK - London mining pool
Goobit 2012 Sweden - Stockholm operates BTCX exchange[15][16]
Hedgy 2014 USA - San Francisco, California multisig smart contracts - [17][18][19][20] Pivoted from crypto-currencies smart contracts in Q2 2016 to "Blockchain solutions" [21]
Huobi 2013 China - Beijing bitcoin exchange
ItBit 2012 USA - New York, New York bitcoin exchange
Kraken 2011 USA - San Francisco, California bitcoin exchange[22][23][24]
LibertyX 2013 USA - Boston, Massachusetts cash-based bitcoin exchange Formerly known as Liberty Teller
LocalBitcoins 2012 Finland - Helsinki over-the-counter trading
Magnr 2015 UK - London trading, savings and investment platform Formerly known as
Mt. Gox 2010 Japan - Tokyo bitcoin exchange defunct, 2014
Predictious 2013 Ireland - Dublin prediction market
OKCoin 2013 China - Beijing bitcoin exchange
Pantera Capital 2003 USA - San Francisco, California venture capital switch to Bitcoin in 2014
R3 2014 US - New York, New York blockchain financial systems 2014 USA - San Francisco, California Amazon purchases [6]
Satoshi Citadel Industries 2014 Philippines - Makati holding company
SatoshiDice 2012 undisclosed gambling
SatoshiLabs 2013 Czech Republic - Prague TREZOR hardware wallet,[25] Slush mining pool,[26][27] Coinmap[28]
SearchTrade 2015 Singapore Search Engine [29][30][31]
SFOX (San Francisco Open Exchange) 2014 USA - San Francisco, California bitcoin trading platform[32]
SpectroCoin 2013 UK - London bitcoin exchange, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin debit card, bitcoin merchant [33]
Tidbit 2013 USA - Boston, Massachusettes mining
Wirex 2015 London - United Kingdom Bitcoin Debit Card, Remittances, Mobile Banking
Xapo 2014 Switzerland - Zürich wallet provider, bitcoin exchange, vault, debit card


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