List of bombings during the Syrian Civil War

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Hundreds of bombings have been carried out during the Syrian Civil War to date. This is a partial list of bombings by internal domestic groups. Among those the most violent were carried out in Damascus in December 2011 and in May 2012. The perpetrators of the bombings were accused to be both the government and the opposition.

At least 69 suicide bombings had been recorded in the conflict by the end of November 2012. The radical Islamist group Al-Nusra Front took responsibility for 57 of them.[1]

List of bombings


  • December 2011 Damascus bombings - On 23 December 2011, two seemingly coordinated bombings occurred in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The alleged suicide car bombs exploded outside Syrian military intelligence agency buildings, killing 44 people and injuring 166.


  • January 2012 al-Midan bombing - On 6 January 2012, a bomb exploded in the Al-Midan district of Damascus, Syria. According to the Syrian government, a suicide bomber attacked buses carrying riot police shortly before an anti-government protest was to begin. It said that 26 people were killed and over 60 were injured. Jabhat al-Nusra claimed responsibility.[2]
  • February 2012 Aleppo bombings - On 10 February 2012, two large bombs exploded at Syrian security forces buildings in Aleppo. According to the Syrian government and state media, the blasts were caused by two suicide car bombs. It reported that 28 people were killed (24 members of the security forces and four civilians) and 235 wounded. Jabhat al-Nusra claimed responsibility.[2]
  • March 2012 Damascus bombings - The March 2012 Damascus bombings were two large car bombs that exploded in front of the air intelligence and criminal security headquarters in the Syrian capital of Damascus. At least 27 people were reported killed and over a 140 injured. Jabhat al-Nusra claimed responsibility.[2]
  • March 2012 Aleppo bombing
  • The 27 April 2012 Damascus bombings was a suicide attack that targeted the Syrian military, killing nine people. It was claimed by the Al-Nusra Front.[3]
  • The 30 April 2012 Idlib bombings was a car bombing that targeted the Syrian military in Idlib, killing twenty people.[4]
  • The 10 May 2012 Damascus bombings were carried out using a pair of car bombs detonated by suicide bombers outside of a military intelligence complex in Damascus, Syria. Combined, the perpetrators detonated more than 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb) of explosives, tearing the facade off a 10-story building. With 55 people confirmed dead and almost 400 others injured, the attack is the deadliest bombing to date in the 2011-2012 Syrian uprising.
  • The 2012 Deir ez-Zor bombing involved a car bomb blast in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor killing 9 people on 19 May 2012. The blast struck a parking lot for a military intelligence complex.[5]
  • The July 2012 Damascus bombing was an attack that killed the Syrian Defence minister Dawoud Rajiha and the deputy Defence minister Assef Shawkat, brother in law of the president. The bombing targeted the National Security headquarters In Damascus where senior officials were meeting to discuss the security situation in the country. The Interior minister Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar was also seriously wounded.
  • October 2012 Aleppo bombing - at least 34 people were killed in a series of bombings in the city's main square.[6]
  • December 2012 Aqrab bombings
  • December 12 bombings at Syrian Interior Ministry in Damascus' southwestern district of Kfar Sousa killed 7 and wounded 50 according to SANA news agency.[7]


  • The Aleppo University bombings took place on January 15 and killed at least 82 people at the Aleppo University.[8]
  • 1 February 2013 - Bombing in Sahsah, Quneitra area killed 53 military intelligence employees.[9] Responsibility was taken by Al-Nusra Front.
  • A series of bombings in the capital Damascus killed more than 80 and injured at least 250 others on February 21. A massive car bomb exploded close to the offices of the Syrian Ba'ath Party, killing 59 and injuring more than 200 others. The attack, which killed mostly civilians, was the deadliest to occur in the capital during the country's civil war. Both the Syrian government and the Syrian National Coalition condemned the blast, while suspicions were placed on the Islamist Al-Nusra Front.[10] In addition, three bombings killed 22 people and injured 50 others in the suburb of Barzeh. Most of the victims in these attacks were government soldiers.[11]
  • March 21 — An explosion in the Eman Mosque of Damascus kills 42 and wounds at least 82 people. A Sunni cleric, Assad's supporter, Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Buti was killed in the blast. The bombing occurred when the mosque was filled with worshippers gathered for Friday prayers.[12]
  • April 8 — A bombing at Syrian Central Bank building in Damascus killed at least 15 and wounded at least 53 people.[13]
  • April 29 — A blast next to former Interior Ministry building in Damascus killed six people. Syrian prime minister Wael al-Halqi survived.[14]
  • April 30 — Another car bomb explosion in Damascus killed 13 and injured 70 people. SOHR reported 9 civilian and 7 military casualties.[15]
  • June 11 — Two suicide bombers killed al least 14 people in the centre of Damascus.[16]
  • June 27 — A suicide bombing happened in a Christian district of Damascus, killing four people. It is believed that the target was a Shiite Muslim charity located there.[17]
  • October 19 — A suicide bombing happened in the entrance of Jaramana, in Rif Dimashq by a member of Al-Nusra Front, wounded 16 civilians, a lot of fighters of both sides were killed by fighting that followed[18]
  • November 6 — At least 8 people killed and another 50 were wounded after a bomb exploded in Damascus [19]


  • January 20 — Two car bombs exploded at rebel-held post on the Syrian-Turkish border in Bab al-Hawa, killing at least 16, the opposition reported.[20]
  • February 23 — A suicide bombing in Aleppo, organized by ISIS, claimed lives of 7 Ahrar ash-Sham members, including Abu Khalid al-Suri, a commander of the group and al-Qaeda representative.[21]
  • April 9 — Two car bombs exploded in Homs, killing at least 25 and wounding 107 people. Both bombs hit Karam al-Luz, a predominantly Alawite district.[22]

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