List of catastrophic collapses of broadcast masts and towers

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This is a list of catastrophic collapses of. Masts and towers.

Masts and towers can collapse as a result of natural disasters, such as storms and fires; from engineering defects; and from accidents or sabotage.

By date

Location Date Mode of construction Height Reason for collapse Remarks
Nauen, Germany March 30, 1912 Guyed steel lattice mast 200 m Storm
Java, Netherlands East Indies 1923 ? ? Lightning
Norddeich, Germany November 25, 1925 Guyed steel lattice mast  ? Storm Three towers collapsed
Place of Magdeburg Transmitter, Berlin, Germany July 1926 Guyed mast on roof top  ? Through rusted guy
Western mast of Zeesen transmitter, Zeesen, Germany 1927 Guyed steel lattice mast 210 m Collapse at construction
Munich-Stadelheim, Germany November 23, 1930 Free standing wood lattice tower 75 m Storm Two towers snapped off 25 metres above ground
Langenberg, Germany October 10, 1935 Free standing wood lattice tower 150 m Tornado Replaced by triangle antenna
Liechtenstein-Haberfeld transmitter 21 November 1938 Storm
Utbremen Radio Tower, Bremen, Germany 1939 Free standing wood lattice tower 90 m Lightning Replaced by steel tower
Radio Normandie Transmitter, Tower West, Fécamp, France November 7, 1940 Free standing lattice tower 113 m Storm [3][dead link]
Langenberg, Germany 1949 Guyed steel tube mast 51 m Storm 2 masts of a triangle aerial
Schwerin-Möwenburgstrasse transmitter, Schwerin, Germany February 10, 1949 Guyed steel lattice mast 120 m Storm
Hamburg-Billwerder, Germany December 1949 Guyed steel lattice mast 198 m Storm Partial destruction of a guyed mast under construction
Augusta, Michigan November 30, 1953 Guyed steel tube mast Aircraft collision Former Michigan Governor Kim Sigler. who was piloting the plane, and three passengers were killed.
Nicosia, Cyprus 1955 Sabotage Destroyed by EOKA rebels
WOAI, Selma (San Antonio), USA 1957/1958 Guyed steel lattice mast 100 m Aircraft collision
Ochsenkopf, Germany January, 1958 Guyed steel tube mast 50 m Icing Replaced by concrete tower
KOBR-TV Tower, Caprock, New Mexico, USA 1960 Guyed lattice steel mast 490.7 m Storm Replaced by new mast of same height
LORAN-C transmitter Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach, North Carolina, USA 1961 Lattice Tower 190.5 m Storm Tower buckled at 2/3 of height. Tower carried radials on its top although it was not designed for them.
Villebon-sur-Yvette, France December 10, 1961 Guyed steel lattice mast  ? Terrorism
LORAN-C transmitter Ejde, Ejde, Faroe Islands 1962 Guyed steel lattice mast 190.5 m Material fault Slip of guy
KGW Tower, Portland, Oregon, USA October 12, 1962 Guyed steel lattice mast ~180 m Storm Columbus Day Storm
Angissq LORAN-C transmitter, Angissq, Greenland July 27, 1964 Guyed steel lattice mast 411.48 m Material fault Replaced by 704 ft (214 m) tall mast radiator
Yap LORAN-C transmitter, Yap Island, Micronesia 1964 Guyed steel lattice mast 304.8 m Collapsed during construction
Iwo Jima LORAN-C transmitter, Japan 1965 Guyed steel lattice mast 411.48 m Maintenance work The collapsing mast also destroyed the transmitter building. 6 persons were killed.
SES8 Tower, Mount Burr, South Australia, 1965 Guyed steel lattice mast 200 m Mast collapsed during guy wire tension testing
KXJB-TV mast, North Dakota, USA February 14, 1966 Guyed steel lattice mast 627.89 m Helicopter collision
WLBT Tower, Raymond, Mississippi March 3, 1966 Guyed steel lattice 487.6 m F5 Tornado Replaced with 609.3 m tower which collapsed in 1997
XHI-TDT Tower, Ciudad Obregón, Mexico September 28, 1966  ? 200 m Hurricane Kristen Replaced with a temporary Antenna and moved to Yucuribampo Hill
WNBC-AM and WCBS-AM tower, High Island, New York, USA August 27, 1967 Guyed lattice steel mast 161 m Aircraft collision
Waltham mast, UK 1967 Guyed tubular steel mast 290 m Storm: high winds causing oscillations in the mast structure
KELO TV Tower, Rowena, South Dakota, USA June 24, 1968 Guyed steel lattice mast 609.6 m Airplane collision during thunderstorm
WAEO Tower, Starks, Wisconsin, USA November 17, 1968 Guyed steel lattice mast 524.25 m Collapse due to plane collision with guy wire
Marnach, Luxembourg January 17, 1969  ?  ?  ?
Emley Moor, Great Britain March 19, 1969 Guyed tubular steel mast 385 m Ice Replaced by 330.4 m free-standing concrete tower
Orlunda, Sweden July 12, 1970 Guyed steel lattice mast 250 m Lightning (Destruction of basement insulator)
KOIN-TV Transmitter Towers, Portland, Oregon, USA February 28, 1971 Guyed steel lattice mast 304.8 m + 213.4 m Icing Two towers collapsed
KSTP-TV and WCCO-TV, Shoreview, Minnesota, USA September 7, 1971 Guyed steel lattice mast 411 m Structural failure during construction Seven technicians were killed while lifting the first of three large antenna sections into place at the top of the tower.
Königswusterhausen, Germany November 15, 1972 Lattice steel tower 243 m Storm
Bithlo (near Orlando), Florida June 8, 1973 Guyed Steel Tower 457.2 m Collapsed because of removal of load-bearing diagonals during FM antenna installation. Multi-station tower supporting antennas of TV stations WDBO-TV, WFTV, and WMFE-TV, and radio stations WDBO-FM and WDIZ-FM – two workers on tower killed
KCRG-TV Transmitter Tower near Walker, Iowa October 4, 1973 Guyed Steel Tower 598 m Collapsed during modifications to tower. Tower being modified prior to installtion of Iowa Public Television side mounted antenna – five workers on tower site killed
TV Mast Brest - Roc'h Trédudon, France February 1974 Guyed steel lattice mast 218 m Terrorism A slightly higher tower (225 m) has been rebuilt since.
KELO TV Tower, Rowena, South Dakota, USA 1975 Guyed steel lattice mast 609.6 m Blizzard
Sendemast SL3, Burg bei Magdeburg, Germany February 18, 1976 Guyed steel lattice mast 350 m Material fault
Pic de Nore transmitter, Pic de Nore, France December 2, 1976 Concrete tower  ? m Storm Storm tore pinnacle down
KSLA-TV Tower, Mooringsport, LA, USA October 8, 1977 Guyed steel lattice mast 521 m Undetermined 1709 feet HAAT. Erected November 17, 1964. Had elevator, RCA Travelling Wave pylon antenna for Channel 12 (System M), land mobile antennas, all lost. RCA contractor for erection, Stainless subcontractor. No definitive cause ever found for collapse. Speculation of "galloping guy lines" (mechanical standing waves in one of the guys), causing stress-to-failure in the guys due to rapidly alternating strain.
WJJY TV Mast, Bluffs, IL USA March 26, 1978 (Easter Sunday) Guyed steel lattice mas 491 m Ice. The strain snapped 2-inch coupling bolts (24 of them) that joined the 2nd and 3rd sections. In August 1969. This tower was 1 of the 3 tallest structures in the Northern Hemisphere and transmitter radiated the most powerful UHF-TV signal in the world. TV channel 14 (470-476 MHz). Lua error in Module:Coordinates at line 668: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found.
WAND TV Tower, Decatur, IL USA March 26, 1978 (Easter Sunday) Guyed steel lattice mast 400.5 m Ice. Same ice storm that toppled WJJY. Upper section of antenna broke loose and fell through the guy wires. WAND and WJJY used the same RCA UHF antennas, mfg in 1969. TV channel 17 (488-494 MHz)
Nebraska Education Tower Angora, USA February 1978 Guyed steel lattice mast 456.9 m Ice
Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg, Germany May 21, 1978 Guyed steel lattice mast 352 m Aircraft collision
CKVR Television Tower, Barrie, Ontario, Canada 1978  ? 65.58 m Aircraft collision
Vysílač Krašov, Bezvěrov, Czechoslovakia 1979 Guyed mast of lattice steel 305 m Icing Mast was predamaged
Blåbärskullen transmitter, Sunne, Sweden December 27, 1979 Guyed mast of lattice steel 323 m Icing Pinnacle with broadcasting antennas fell down, height afterwards 274 metres
LORAN-C transmitter Jan Mayen, Jan Mayen, Norway October 8, 1980 Guyed mast of lattice steel 190.5 m Icing Guys were improperly installed
Delimora Transmitter, Malta  ? Guyed mast of lattice steel 88 m Guy melted as result of high electric field strength, storm at same time made mast collapse
Dudelange Radio Tower, Luxembourg July 31, 1981 Lattice steel tower

Belgium airforce jet.

WCIQ Tower, Mount Cheaha, Alabama, USA January 1982 Guyed steel lattice mast  ? Ice storm
Senior Road Tower, Missouri City, Texas, USA December 7, 1982 Guyed steel lattice mast 569.8 m Guy wire severed Total collapse during installation of 6-ton FM antenna on new 1800 ft. tower. 5 technicians killed, 2 on the hoist riding the FM antenna up and 3 on the tower. Determined insufficient sized bolts on the makeshift lifting lug extension failed. The falling debris severed one of the tower's guy wires which caused the tower to whip back and forth and collapse. Video here.
KANU tower, Lawrence, KS, USA December 11, 1982 Guyed steel lattice mast 184.4 m Sabotage. Guy wires severed
CKX-TV Craig Television Tower, Canada 1983 Guyed mast 411.5 Icing
TV mast Wavre, Belgium October 13, 1983 Guyed mast  ? Storm
KWWL, Rowley, Iowa, USA November 28, 1983 Guyed steel lattice mast 610 m Ice
Bielstein, Germany January 15, 1985 Guyed steel tube mast 298 m Ice
Caroline 558 and Radio Monique mast, aboard MV Ross Revenge, off English coast November 25, 1987 Lattice steel tower 92 m approx Force 8 storm Tallest ever mast aboard any ship; replaced by horizontal wire antenna between two shorter masts
Vännäs TV Tower, Vännäs, Sweden 1987/88 Guyed mast 323 m Icing Replaced by 323 metres tall partially guyed tower
KTVO-TV Tower, Colony, Missouri, USA June 2, 1988 Guyed steel lattice mast 609.6 m During repairs Crew was replacing cross support beams at the 200 meter level. The mast broke at that spot, the bottom 200 meters fell to the south, the top fell strait down. All three workers on the mast were killed.
KGO (AM) towers, Newark, California, USA October 17, 1989  ? 91 m Earthquake Three towers damaged
WRAL-TV & WPTF-TV towers, Auburn, North Carolina, USA December, 1989 2 Guyed steel tube framework masts 609.3 m Ice Unusually heavy ice concentrated at top predominantly on one side of towers caused asymmetrical load. Dislodged essentially as one piece during rapid warming; sudden unloading caused dynamic failure.
RÚV long wave radio mast, Vatnsendahæð, Reykjavik, Iceland February 3, 1991 Guyed steel lattice mast Storm
WDIO-TV Duluth, Minnesota, USA March 23, 1991 Guyed steel triangular tower 259.1 m Ice and high wind Freezing rain, accompanied at time with thunder, coated the city of Duluth with as much as 6 inches of ice. The 850-foot WDIO-TV tower was toppled as winds gusted to 40 mph, buffeting the heavily ice-covered tower. The tower fell onto a nearby utility line which provided power to the remainder of Duluth’s television and FM radio stations, and all but one AM radio station. Telephone and power lines snapped leaving Duluth and many northeastern Minnesota communities without utility services for 24 hours. The DNR reported that four million pine trees were damaged or destroyed. - NOAA NWS Duluth, MN
Warsaw radio mast, Konstantynów, Poland August 8, 1991 Guyed steel tube framework mast 648.38 m Maintenance Replacement by facility in Solec Kujawski
WCIX TV Tower Homestead (Miami) Florida August 25, 1992 Guyed steel tower 549 m Hurricane Andrew Rebuilt by LeBlanc Tower of Canada
COMMSTA Miami 1992 Guyed mast (insulated) 91.44 m Hurricane Andrew Collapse of 2 masts
Cape Race LORAN-C transmitter, Cape Race, Canada February 2, 1993 Guyed steel lattice mast 411.48 m Material fault Fatigue failure of the eyebolt head in a compression cone insulator on structural guy caused swing-in damage, which resulted in structural collapse
LORAN-C transmitter Kargaburan, Kargaburan, Turkey February 25, 1993 Guyed steel lattice mast 190.5 m Snowstorm Tower had construction faults
WCOV-TV Tower, Montgomery, Alabama, USA 1996  ? 242 m Tornado
Langenberg, Germany September 2, 1996 Guyed steel lattice mast 160 m Maintenance
KXTX-TV Tower, Cedar Hill, Texas, USA October 12, 1996 Guyed steel tower 468 m Maintenance for DTV install 3 died when tower collapsed after gin pole ran off track and snapped a guy wire
WOLX-FM "Lightning Rod of the Midwest" [known as], Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA December 31, 1996 4-face guyed steel lattice mast 640 ft. 195.1 m Glenn Disney, (currently) Disney Signals LLC, site supervisor on site at time of collapse Disney had previously erected a 60 ft. standby tower on site, already on a HAAT Baraboo Bluff, enabling WOLX to swiftly transition broadcast operations to 'on-air' status within 48 hours, saving the company possibly hundreds of downtime hours until a new and permanent tower was constructed. multiple users - broadcast, 2-W radio, & MW - total collapse, ice build up secondary fault, material fault, SIU metallurgist determined metal fatigue in one guy anchor as primary fault; Transmitter building and adjacent engineer living quarters of site supervisor & family damaged, 5 occupants escaped physical injury
Grigoriopol transmitter, Moldova 1997 Guyed steel lattice mast 350 m, 250 m Icing 2 masts collapsed [4]
KXJB-TV mast, North Dakota, USA April 6, 1997 Guyed steel lattice mast 627.89 m Ice
KNOE-TV Tower, Louisiana, USA March 20, 1997 Guyed steel lattice mast 606.25 m Maintenance One killed, 2 injured when workers failed to install temporary braces
WLBT Tower, Raymond, Mississippi, USA October 23, 1997 Guyed steel lattice 609.3 m Maintenance Three killed - temporary braces failed during HDTV antenna upgrade
WKY-AM-TV Tower, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA June 13, 1998 Guyed mast 292.9 m Tornado
TV Tower Avala, Serbia April 30, 1999 Concrete tower (with observation deck) 202.87 m Air raid (NATO bombardment, Kosovo war)
WRMD-Tower, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA April 25, 2000 Guyed steel lattice mast 197.8 m Helicopter crash 3 died when medical helicopter hit guy wire in clear weather and crashed
WNWI 1080-Towers, Oak Lawn (Chicago), Illinois, USA[citation needed] July 9, 2000 Guyed steel lattice mast 61 m Sabotage Two towers collapsed
KXEO/KWWR-Tower, Mexico, MO, USA August 23, 2000 Guyed steel lattice mast 122.8 m Storm ml
CBC Tower, Shawinigan, QC, Canada April 22, 2001 Guyed steel lattice mast 371 m Blown up after aircraft crash
Angara transmitter, Northern Mast, Angara, Russia June 6, 2001 Guyed steel lattice mast carrying a T-antenna 205 m Bad state of guys
One World Trade Center broadcast tower, New York City, NY September 11, 2001 Truses and Axis 526.3 m Terrorist attack Tower was destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack in which a commercial airliner rammed into the side of the building causing it and the broadcast tower to collapse under its own weight.
Krasny Bor transmitter, Russia November 5, 2001 Guyed steel lattice mast 257.5 m Helicopter collision
WKFT, North Carolina, USA March 14, 2002 Guyed steel tower 503 m Airplane crash
KDUH/CH4 TV Mast, Hemingford, Nebraska, USA September 24, 2002 Guyed steel lattice mast 599 m Maintenance Two workers killed, 3 injured on ground
WVAH-TV Tower, West Virginia, USA February 19, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 473 m Ice
WPAY (AM)-Tower, Portsmouth, Ohio, USA February 19, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 200.9 m Ice
WTNV-FM Tower, Jackson, Tennessee, USA May 4, 2003 Free-standing steel lattice tower 176.7 m Tornado
WMBD Tower, Peoria, Illinois, USA May 10, 2003 Free-standing steel lattice tower  ? Tornado Collapse of 3 towers
KETV TV Tower July, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 415.1 m Reconstruction work
WIFR TV tower July 5, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 222.8 m Storm (derecho)
WAAY-TV - TV Mast, Huntsville, Alabama, USA September 4, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 305 m unknown 3 workers killed
Utrecht, Netherlands September 8, 2003 Guyed steel lattice mast 45 m Fallen at falling trees
WJDB Transmitter Grove Hill, AL September 16, 2004 Guyed steel lattice mast 131 m Hurricane Ivan Replacement tower constructed shortly thereafter. Also knocked Clarke County, AL, Sheriff's Office off the air (KWO611)
WPMI-TV Tower, Robertsdale, Alabama, USA September 16, 2004 Guyed steel lattice mast 518.16 m Storm Hurricane Ivan
Peterborough, Great Britain October 30, 2004 Guyed steel lattice mast 163 m Fire (suspected vandalism) Temporary replacement mast constructed shortly thereafter. New permanent mast entered full service in February 2006.
KFI Mast, La Mirada, CA, USA December 19, 2004 Guyed steel lattice mast 195.1 m Aircraft collision
WLGA Transmitter Tower (formerly WSWS-TV Transmitter Tower), Cusseta, Georgia, USA February 27, 2005 Guyed steel lattice mast 538.3 m Replacement tower completed September 15, 2005.
Nebraska Education Tower Atlanta, Atlanta, Nebraska, USA November 25, 2005 Guyed steel lattice mast 324.8 m Aircraft collision All three aircraft occupants killed
KLTV-TV Mast, Tyler, TX (Red Springs, TX) February 3, 2006 Guyed steel lattice mast 329 m Undetermined 1078 feet HAAT. Erected in 1981. No definitive cause ever found for collapse. Speculation was that the collapse was directly or indirectly related to the recent installation of their digital television antenna. The collapse destroyed the tower, KLTV's analog and digital antennas, KLTV's digital transmitter, and FM station KVNE's antenna. The analog transmitter was undamaged, and within a few days was moved to KLTV's backup tower in east Tyler. Interestingly, the collapse occurred the day after Raycom Media officially took ownership of the station.
Torre VIP de Rádio & TV, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil August 23, 2006 Guyed steel lattice mast 174 m Maintenance 1 person was killed
WACS-TV tower March 1, 2007 Guyed steel lattice mast 329m EF3 tornado Americus, Georgia, was struck by the tornado a few minutes later
WSKY-DT Tower, Camden County, NC, USA March 2, 2007 Guyed steel lattice mast 230.65 m Guy wire anchor failure Under construction. Also destroyed transmitter building. Was planned for a height of 1,036 ft (315.77 m).[1]
WCFE-DT, Clinton, County, NY, USA April 18, 2007 Guyed steel tower 135.9 m Structural failure 400-foot transmitter tower located on Averil Peak, NY completely collapsed as a result of heavy amounts of ice and snow from the April 2007 Nor'easter. Partially damaged the transmitter building at the base. New tower erected and back in service Oct, 9 2007.
Browns Summit Crown Castle Broadcasting Tower, Browns Summit, Texas, USA May 29, 2007 Guyed steel lattice mast 243.84 m Restoration work
WNEP-TV Tower, Penobscot Knob, Mountaintop, PA, USA December 16, 2007 Guyed steel lattice mast 243.84 m Ice Also damaged transmitter building and doppler radar.[2]
WVIA-TV Tower, Penobscot Knob, Mountaintop, PA, USA December 16, 2007 Guyed steel lattice mast 510 m Ice 300 ft. section lost from top of tower [3]
KATV-TV Tower, Redfield, Jefferson County, USA January 11, 2008 Guyed steel lattice mast 609.6 m Maintenance Restringing guy wires[dead link]
Emmis Television Wichita Tower March 28, 2009 Guyed steel lattice mast 326.4m Ice
2QN Tower, Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia June 30, 2009 Guyed steel lattice mast 102 m Storm Wind gust reportedly caused the mast to collapse during a severe storm
KRKO Radio Towers September 4, 2009 Guyed steel lattice mast  ? m Terrorism 2 masts
WLHR-FM Radio Tower Lavonia, GA, USA January 30, 2010 Guyed steel lattice mast 86 m Sabotage Guyed wires cut
WEAU TV/Radio Tower Fairchild, WI, USA March 22, 2011 Guyed steel lattice mast 609 m  ? Weather-related
Zendstation Smilde, TV/Radio Tower, Hoogersmilde, The Netherlands July 15, 2011 Guyed steel tube mast on concrete tower 303.5 m Fire Tubular steel superstructure collapsed, new steel lattice superstructure constructed (2012) on top of existing concrete base tower
Longwave transmitter Europe 1, 280 metres mast, Felsberg-Berus, Germany August 8th, 2012 Guyed steel lattice mast 280 m  ? Pinnacle and upper sections fell down
Boll Relay Transmitter, Oberndorf-Boll, Germany November 2nd, 2012 Lattice tower 30 m Collision with truck [5]
Houston public safety radio tower, 5850 Teague Road, Houston, TX, USA September 20, 2013 Guyed 152 m Unknown km

By height

Name Pinnacle height Year Country Town Remarks
Warsaw Radio Mast 2121 ft 646.4 m 1972–1974 Poland Gabin-Konstantynów, Masovian Voivodeship Collapsed on August 8, 1991, during guy wire exchange, insulated against ground
WCIX/CH6 TV Mast 2000 ft 609.6 m 1992 U.S. Homestead, Florida Collapsed during Hurricane Andrew in 1992
KATV/CH7 TV Mast 2000 ft 609.6 m 2008 U.S. Redfield, Arkansas Collapsed during Maintenance in 2008
WEAU/CH13 NBC TV Tower[4] 2000 ft 609.6 m 2011 U.S. Fairchild, WI Collapsed during weather-related events (ice), March 22, 2011
KHYS Tower[5] 1992 ft 607.2 m 1997 U.S. Devers, Texas Dismantled
KNOE-TV Tower 1989 ft 606.25 m 1997 U.S. Monroe, Louisiana Collapsed when workers failed to install temporary braces
KDUH/CH4 TV Mast[6] 1969 ft 599 m 1969 U.S. Hemingford, Nebraska Collapsed on September 24, 2003
Capitol Broadcasting Tower Broadway[7] 1749 ft 533.1 m 1985 U.S. Broadway, North Carolina Dismantled
WAEO Tower 1720 ft 524.25 m 1966 U.S. Starks, Wisconsin Collapse due to plane collision with guy wire on November 17, 1968 (NTSB incident CHI69A0053)[8]
KSLA-TV Tower 1709 ft 521 m 1977 U.S. Mooringsport, Louisiana Cause never identified
KDEB Tower[9] 1627 ft 496 m 1968 U.S. Fordland, Missouri Also known as American Towers Tower Fordland. Dismantled
WJJY TV Mast[10] 1611 ft 491 m U.S. Bluffs, Illinois Collapsed during ice storm on March 26, 1978 (Easter Sunday)
DBA Tower[11] 1577 ft 482.2 m 1997 U.S. Cedar Hill, Texas Dismantled
WVAH Tower[12] 1551 ft 473 m 1980 U.S. Scott Depot, West Virginia Destroyed on February 19, 2003
Taymylyr CHAYKA-Mast 1516 ft 462 m Russia Taymylyr Demolished on September 24, 2009, by explosives
Nebraska Education Tower Angora[13] 1,499 ft 456.9 m 1966–1978 U.S. Angora, Nebraska Collapsed in February 1978
Pinnacle Towers Tower La Feria[14] 1501 ft 454.8 m 1981 U.S. La Feria, Texas Dismantled
OMEGA transmitter Chabrier 1403 ft 428 m 1976 France (Réunion) Chabrier, Réunion Demolished on April 14, 1999
KETV TV Tower 1329 ft 415.1 m 1966–2003 U.S. Omaha, Nebraska Collapsed
KSTP-TV/WCCO-TV 1350 ft 411.48 m 1971 U.S. Shoreview, MN Structural failure during construction
Angissq LORAN-C transmitter (old mast) 1350 ft 411.48 m 1963 Denmark, Greenland Angissq Collapsed on July 27, 1964
Marcus Island LORAN-C transmitter (old mast) 1350 ft 411.48 m 1964 Japan Markus Island Dismantled in 1985
Iwo Jima LORAN-C transmitter 1350 ft 411.48 m 1963/1965 Japan Iwo Jima Destroyed in 1965, afterwards rebuilt, rebuilt mast dismantled in 1993
Cape Race LORAN-C transmitter (old mast) 1350 ft 411.48 m 1965 Canada Cape Race Collapsed on February 2, 1993
CKX-TV Craig Television Tower 1350 ft 411.48 m 1973 Canada Souris, Manitoba Collapsed in an ice storm in 1983
American Tower Newton 1349 ft 411.2 m  ? U.S. Newton, Massachusetts Dismantled
South Carolina Educational TV Tower[15] 1329 ft 401.7 m 1975 U.S. Green Pond, South Carolina Dismantled
WAND TV Tower Decatur 1314 ft 400.5 m  ? U.S. Decatur, Illinois Collapsed during ice storm on March 26, 1978 (Easter Sunday)
KXAN TV Tower (Old)[16] 1299 ft 395.9 m 1964 U.S. Austin, Texas Dismantled
Forestport Tower 1280 ft 390.1 m 1950 U.S. Forestport, New York Demolished on April 21, 1998 by explosives
Emley Moor Mk. 2 1265 ft 385 m 1964 UK Emley Moor, West Yorkshire Destroyed on March 19, 1969
CBC Tower 1217 ft 371 m 1972 Canada Shawinigan, Quebec Demolished after plane crash
Omega Tower Trelew 1201 ft 366 m 1976 Argentina Golfo Nuevo Demolished
NSS Annapolis 1200 ft 365.8 m + 243.8 m U.S. Annapolis, Maryland 365.8 m high mast insulated against ground, demolished
South Carolina Educational TV tower Sumter 1194 ft 363.3 m 1975 U.S. Sumter, South Carolina Dismantled
KPXE Tower[17] 1164 ft 354.8 m 1978 U.S. Kansas City, Missouri Dismantled
Sender Zehlendorf (old longwave transmission mast) 1180 ft 351 m 1962 Germany Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg, Brandenburg Destroyed on May 18, 1978, upon aircraft collision
Sendemast SL3 1149 ft 350 m 1968 East Germany Burg bei Magdeburg (today in Saxony-Anhalt) Collapsed on February 18, 1976
Grant Radio Tower Carrollton[18] 1123 ft 342.6 m 1987 U.S. Carrollton, Alabama Dismantled
Deutschlandsender Herzberg/Elster 1108 ft 337 m 1939 Germany Herzberg Insulated against ground, dismantled
RFM TV Tower Fort Worth[19] 1098 ft 334.7 m 1988 U.S. Fort Worth, Texas Dismantled
Gray Television Madison Tower[20] 1080 ft 334.4 m 1993 U.S. Madison, Wisconsin Dismantled
Gray TV Tower Lorena[21] 1080 ft 329.2 m 1962 U.S. Lorena, Texas Dismantled
Nebraska Education Tower Atlanta 1065 ft 324.8 m 1965 U.S. Atlanta, Nebraska Destroyed at aircraft collision
Vysílač Krašov (old mast) 1058 ft 324 m 1959/60 Czech Republic near Bezvěrov Collapsed in 1979
South Texas Broadcasting Tower Loganville[22] 1032 ft 319.7 m 1989 U.S. Loganville, Georgia Dismantled
Putlitzer Broadcasting Artesia Tower[23] 1149 ft 319 m 1965 U.S. Artesia, New Mexico Dismantled
JCORP-Tower[24] 1149 ft 317.9 m 1978 U.S. Bartlett, Tennessee Dismantled
Pinnacle Tower Hollywood[25] 1149 ft 317.4 m 1989 U.S. Hollywood, Florida Dismantled
University of North Carolina Columbia Tower[26] 1080 ft 317 m 1964 U.S. Columbia, North Carolina Dismantled
RTM Tower ~1040 ft ~317 m 1966 Malaysia Johor Bahru Dismantled in 2006
WPTV TV-Tower[27] 1149 ft 314.2 m 1963 U.S. Greenacres, Florida Dismantled
WAWS TV-Tower[28] 1149 ft 313,5 m 1980 U.S. Greenacres, Florida Dismantled
WorldCom Tower Petal[29] 1058 ft 313 m 1996 U.S. Petal, Mississippi Dismantled
WVEC TV Tower[30] 1024 ft 312 m 1995 U.S. Suffolk, Virginia Dismantled
Paxon Tower Felsmere[31] 1023 ft 311.7 m 1984 U.S. Felsmere, Florida Dismantled
Nextel Onondaga Tower[32] 1149 ft 307 m 1994 U.S. Onondaga, Michigan Dismantled
Transmitter Kojál (old mast) 305 m 1959/60 Czech Republic near Krásensko Dismantled in 1985
Cox Radio Tower Sheppard[33] 1000 ft 305 m 1992 U.S. Sheppard, Texas Dismantled
WAAY-TV TV Tower[34] 1000 ft 304.8 m 2003 U.S. Huntsville, AL 3 workers killed in collapse
Yap LORAN-C transmitter 1000 ft 304.8 m 1964 Federated States of Micronesia Yap Island Dismantled in 1987
Century Cellunet Tower[35] 1149 ft 304.8 m 1994 U.S. Kingsley, Michigan Dismantled
CKVR Television Tower 1000 ft 304.8 m 1978 Canada Barrie, Ontario Rebuilt 1978, plane crash destroyed previous mast
South Carolina Educational TV Tower Columbia[36] 1000 ft 304.8 m 1966 U.S. Columbia, South Carolina Dismantled
Raycom Tower Doerun[37] 1000 ft 304.8 m 1980 U.S. Doerun, Georgia Dismantled
KTRK-TV Tower Shepard[38] 1000 ft 304.8 m 1998 U.S. Shepard, Texas Dismantled
Chevron Tower Cedar Hill[39] 1000 ft 304 m 1973 U.S. Cedar Hill, Texas Dismantled
Zendstation Smilde 1011 ft 303.5 m 2011 Netherlands Hoogersmilde Tubular steel superstructure collapsed, new steel lattice superstructure constructed (2012) on top of existing concrete base tower
MCI Tower Houston[40] 1000 ft 300.2 m 1993 U.S. Houston, Texas Dismantled