List of centenarians (activists, non-profit leaders and philanthropists)

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The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as activists, non-profit leaders, and philanthropists – therefore known for reasons other than just their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
AlzonaEncarnacion Alzona 1895–2001 105 Filipino suffragette, historian and author[1]
AmateauAlbert Jean Amateau 1889–1996 106 Turkish American rabbi and social activist
AquinoMelchora Aquino 1812–1919 107 Filipino revolutionary
Astor Brooke Astor 1902–2007 105 American socialite and philanthropist
BoggsGrace Lee Boggs 1915–2015 100 American author and social activist[2]
Bower Hetty Bower 1905–2013 108 British political activist[3]
BoyntonAmelia Boynton Robinson 1905–2015 110 American civil rights activist[4]
RockefellerDavid Rockefeller 1915– 100 American philanthropist and last living grandchild of John D Rockefeller.
BramwellCatherine Bramwell-Booth 1883–1987 104 British Salvation Army officer[5]
CaradjaCatherine Caradja 1893–1993 100 Romanian aristocrat and philanthropist
CastilloMaría Teresa Castillo 1908–2012 103 Venezuelan activist and journalist[6]
ClarkMary T. Clark 1913–2014 100 American academic and civil rights advocate[7]
CohenLeonora Cohen 1873–1978 105 British suffragette
CooperAnnie Lee Cooper 1910–2010 100 African-American civil rights activist[8]
DavisKathryn Wasserman Davis 1907–2013 106 American philanthropist[9]
DobrevDobri Dobrev 1914– 107 Bulgarian ascetic and philanthropist[10]
DuckworthMuriel Duckworth 1908–2009 100 Canadian pacifist, feminist and social activist[11]
DuguidCharles Duguid 1884–1986 102 Australian activist for Aboriginal rights
DunningMargaret Dunning 1910–2015 104 American philanthropist[12]
FordHallie Ford 1905–2007 102 American business woman and philanthropist[13]
FouereYann Fouéré 1910–2011 101 Breton nationalist[14]
FoxRuth May Fox 1853–1958 104 American women's rights activist
GiesMiep Gies 1909–2010 100 Austrian-born Dutch humanitarian[15]
GrevilleHenrietta Greville 1861–1964 103 Australian labour organiser[16]
RosaAracy de Carvalho 1908–2011 102 Brazilian humanitarian[17]
HaagLina Haag 1907–2012 105 German World War II resistance fighter[18]
HaddockDoris Haddock 1910–2010 100 American political activist[19]
HamptonJohn Hampton 1907–2010 103 American co-founder of Toys for Tots[20]
HamiltonAlice Hamilton 1869–1970 101 American toxicologist
HauensteinRalph Hauenstein 1912–2016 103 American philantropist[21]
HolmesMargaret Holmes 1909–2009 100 Australian peace activist[22]
KatoShidzue Katō 1897–2001 104 Japanese feminist and politician
Kennedy Rose Kennedy 1890–1995 104 American mother of John F. Kennedy
LettEvelyn Lett 1896–1999 102 Canadian woman's rights pioneer
LimbertPaul Moyer Limbert 1897–1998 101 American former YMCA Secretary General
MacmillanEnolia McMillan 1904–2006 102 American former NAACP president
MurdochElisabeth Murdoch 1909–2012 103 Australian philanthropist[23]
MurieMargaret Murie 1902–2003 101 American conservationist
NearingScott Nearing 1883–1983 100 American radical economist[24]
NilsonAnton Nilson 1887–1989 101 Swedish political activist[25]
NosakaSanzo Nosaka 1892–1993 101 Japanese politician
PakvasaPoornima Arvind Pakvasa 1913– 108 Indian social worker[26]
ParkerEverett Parker 1913–2015 102 American civil rights activist[27]
PeelAndrée Peel 1905–2010 105 French Resistance member during World War II[28]
RaiKayyar Kinhanna Rai 1915–2015 100 Indian independence activist[29]
RatnerGerald Ratner 1913–2014 100 American lawyer and philanthropist[30]
RauNittoor Srinivasa Rau 1903–2004 100 Indian independence activist and jurist
RogovinMilton Rogovin 1909–2011 101 American documentary photographer[31]
RoundtreeDovey Johnson Roundtree 1914– 108 American civil rights activist[32]
SchlinkFrederick J. Schlink 1891–1995 103 American co-founder of Consumers Research
SchmoeFloyd Schmoe 1895–2001 105 American peace activist and naturalist
SchutteMargarete Schütte-Lihotzky 1897–2000 102 Austrian architect and political activist
ShapiroCarl J. Shapiro 1913– 109 American philanthropist and entrepreneur[33]
Swamiji Sree Sree Shivakumara Swamiji 1907– 115 Indian humanitarian
TannenbaumBernice Tannenbaum 1913–2015 101 American Zionist and feminist[34]
TuElsie Tu 1913–2015 102 British-born Hong Kong social activist[35]
TurnerThomas Wyatt Turner 1877–1978 101 American civil rights activist, biologist and educator
WadleyMarie Wadley 1906–2009 102 Native American activist and historian[36]
WaltonRachel Mellon Walton 1899–2006 107 American philanthropist
WarburgMary Warburg 1908–2009 100 American philanthropist[37]
WayburnEdgar Wayburn 1906–2010 103 American environmentalist[38]
WestheimerIrvin F. Westheimer 1879–1980 101 American businessman, banker and philanthropist
WintonNicholas Winton 1909–2015 106 British humanitarian[39]
WolfHazel Wolf 1898–2000 101 American environmental activist and civil-rights campaigner


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