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The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as businesspeople – known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
BarnettBion Barnett 1857–1958 101 American founder of Barnett Bank
BarneyCharles D. Barney 1844–1945 101 American stockbroker and financier
BlakeS. Prestley Blake 1914– 107 American co-founder of Friendly's[1]
BurryAndrew George Burry 1873–1975 101 Swiss-American businessman, manufacturer and philanthropist
CabotGodfrey Lowell Cabot 1861–1962 101 American businessman
CarassoDaniel Carasso 1905–2009 103 Greek-born French businessman[2]
CarretPhilip L. Carret 1896–1998 101 American investor[3]
CottonWilliam F. Cotton 1897–2006 108 American businessman
CoyneJames Coyne 1910–2012 102 Canadian Governor of the Bank of Canada[4]
CrawfordFrederick C. Crawford 1891–1994 103 American industrialist and philanthropist
CummingsMaxwell Cummings 1898–2001 103 Canadian real estate builder and philanthropist
DennyA. Wallace Denny 1906–2008 101 Canadian Deputy Chief Scout of Scouts Canada and vice-president of Goodyear Canada[5]
DoaneD. Howard Doane 1883–1984 100 American founder and Chairman of Doane Agricultural Services
FroniusGünter Fronius 1907–2015 107 Transylvanian Saxon entrepreneur[6]
GastonA. G. Gaston 1892–1996 103 African American businessman
GlennArchibald Glenn 1911–2012 100 Australian industrialist[7]
GordonAlbert Hamilton Gordon 1901–2009 107 American businessman
GreenCecil Howard Green 1900–2003 102 British-American co-founder of Texas Instruments
GuineyMary Guiney 1901–2004 103 Irish chairperson of Clerys
HaefnerWalter Haefner 1910–2012 101 Swiss businessman and racehorse breeder[8]
HallidayEbby Halliday 1911–2015 104 American realtor[9]
HarrisSir Jack Harris, 2nd Baronet 1906–2009 103 British-born New Zealand businessman[10]
HawelkaLeopold Hawelka 1911–2011 100 Austrian cafetier, founder of the Café Hawelka[11]
HennessyKilian Hennessy 1907–2010 103 Irish businessman (Hennessy cognac)[12]
HorwitzJacob H. Horwitz 1892–1992 100 American fashion businessman and philanthropist[13]
IhlenAlf Ihlen 1900–2006 105 Norwegian factory manager[14]
JohnsonIsaac Charles Johnson 1811–1911 100 British cement manufacturer
JuranJoseph M. Juran 1904–2008 103 Romanian-American quality management guru[15]
KahnIrving Kahn 1905–2015 109 American financial analyst[16]
KatayamaYutaka Katayama 1909–2015 105 Japanese automotive executive[17]
KordekSteve Kordek 1911–2012 100 American businessman and pinball machine designer[18]
ListHans List 1896–1996 100 Austrian businessman
MackleyGarnet Hercules Mackley 1883–1986 102 New Zealand head of the New Zealand Railways Department
MahonDenis Mahon 1910–2011 100 British art collector and historian[19]
MansbridgeRonald Mansbridge 1905–2006 100 British publisher
MarshallArthur Marshall 1903–2007 103 British aviator and founder of Marshall Aerospace
MaclaughlinSamuel McLaughlin 1871–1972 100 Canadian businessman, 1st president of General Motors Canada
MontefioreSir Moses Montefiore, 1st Baronet 1784–1885 100 Italian-born British banker and philanthropist[20]
MorganWalter L. Morgan 1898–1998 100 American founder of Wellington Fund
NeubergerRoy Neuberger 1903–2010 107 American financier[21]
OberoiMohan Singh Oberoi 1898–2002 103 Indian hotelier
OttoWerner Otto 1909–2011 102 German entrepreneur[22]
PhilipsFrits Philips 1905–2005 100 Dutch chairman of Philips
ProchnowHerbert V. Prochnow 1897–1998 101 American banking executive and author
QuinnWilliam John Quinn 1911–2015 104 American railroad executive[23]
ReimannGünter Reimann 1904–2005 100 German economist
RockefellerDavid Rockefeller 1915– 106 American banker[24]
SchjottHagbarth Schjøtt, Sr. 1894–1994 100 Norwegian businessman[25]
SchwartzMorris Schwartz 1901–2004 103 Russian-American photographer, inventor, and businessman
ShawRun Run Shaw 1907–2014 106 Hong Kong media mogul[26]
SiemensHermann von Siemens 1885–1986 101 German industrialist
SinkinBill Sinkin 1913–2014 100 American banker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist[27]
SobellMichael Sobell 1892–1993 100 British business leader and philanthropist
SopwithSir Thomas Sopwith 1888–1989 101 English aircraft pioneer
StoneW. Clement Stone 1902–2002 100 American insurance leader
SwinburneSir James Swinburne, 9th Baronet 1858–1958 100 British electrical engineer and manufacturer
TobermanCharles E. Toberman 1880–1981 101 American real estate developer[28]
ToyodaEiji Toyoda 1913–2013 100 Japanese industrialist[29]
VerweijBull Verweij 1909–2010 100 Dutch founder and former president of Radio Veronica[30]
WalgreenCharles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr. 1906–2007 100 American former president and chairman of Walgreen Drug Company
WalleHans Jørgen Walle-Hansen 1912–2012 100 Norwegian partner in Brødrene Hansen[31]
WeilJack Weil 1901–2008 107 American founder and CEO of Rockmount Ranch Wear[32]
WheatonFrank H. Wheaton, Sr. 1881–1983 102 American who chaired Wheaton Industries until his death
Williams, ChuckChuck Williams 1915–2015 100 American author and founder of Williams-Sonoma[33]
Williams, EmoryEmory Williams 1911–2014 102 American businessman, former chief executive of Sears[34]
ZabuliAbdul Majid Zabuli 1896–1998 102 Afghan banker, founder of the national banking system


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