List of centenarians (military commanders)

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The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as military commanders – known for reasons other than their longevity. Living individuals are listed bolded and italicized. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
AlvarezMariano Álvarez 1818–1924 106 Filipino General[1]
Kurt Andersen 1898–2003 104 German General[2]
AndersonWalter Stratton Anderson 1881–1981 100 American Vice Admiral[3]
BankAaron Bank 1902–2004 101 American founder of the US Army Special Forces
BourgeoisAubrey J. Bourgeois 1907–2011 103 American Navy officer[4]
CardosoWaldemar Levy Cardoso 1900–2009 108 Last living Brazilian Field Marshal[5]
ChristisonSir Philip Christison 1893–1993 100 British General
CombsLewis Combs 1895–1996 101 American Admiral
DaggettAaron S. Daggett 1837–1938 100 Last surviving Union General of the American Civil War
ElyWilliam J. Ely 1911– 110 American Army officer[6]
FancourtHenry Fancourt 1900–2004 103 British Royal Navy officer
FinnJohn William Finn 1909–2010 100 American Navy officer[7]
FlintJames Flint 1913–2013 100 British Royal Air Force officer and businessman[8]
FultonRobert B. Fulton 1910–2015 104 American Navy officer[4]
GoldsworthyHarry E. Goldsworthy 1914– 108 American Air Force officer[9]
GuilletAmedeo Guillet 1909–2010 101 Italian army officer[10]
HardegenReinhard Hardegen 1913– 109 German U-boat commander[11]
HerronCharles D. Herron 1877–1977 100 American lieutenant general[12]
HigginsonSir George Higginson 1826–1927 100 British General
HinesJohn L. Hines 1868–1968 100 American general and Chief of Staff of the United States Army
IrvingFrederick Augustus Irving 1894–1995 101 American general, superintendent of West Point Military Academy
JacksonRichard H. Jackson 1866–1971 105 American admiral
JedrzejewiczWacław Jędrzejewicz 1893–1993 100 Polish Land Forces officer, diplomat and college professor
KeatsEd Keats 1915– 107 American Navy officer[13]
KettHedley Kett 1913–2014 100 British naval officer[14]
KingBill King 1910–2012 102 British naval officer[15]
KuhlHermann von Kuhl 1856–1958 102 German General[16]
LuLü Zhengcao 1905–2009 104 Chinese general[17]
MaczekStanisław Maczek 1892–1994 102 Polish general
MatsumotoRoy Matsumoto 1913–2014 101 American army officer[18]
NiimiMasaichi Niimi 1887–1993 106 Japanese admiral
NorbyPaul R. Norby 1913–2015 102 American naval officer[19]
OliverSir Henry Oliver 1865–1965 100 British Admiral of the Fleet
PattakosStylianos Pattakos 1912– 109 Greek military officer and politician[20]
PayneFrederick R. Payne Jr. 1911–2015 104 American Marine Corps officer[21]
PriebkeErich Priebke 1913–2013 100 German Nazi SS captain and war criminal[22]
PundakYitzhak Pundak 1913– 108 Israeli general, diplomat, politician[23]
RasmusonMary Louise Rasmuson 1911–2012 101 American director of the Women's Army Corps[24]
RichardsonDavid C. Richardson 1914–2015 101 American Navy officer[25]
RuhlHeinrich Ruhl 1915– 106 German army officer[26]
RundleMary Rundle 1907–2010 103 English superintendent of the Women's Royal Naval Service[27]
RunshengDu Runsheng 1913–2015 102 Chinese military officer[28]
SchlomerHelmuth Schlömer 1893–1995 102 German General[29]
SchwerdfegerJohann Schwerdfeger 1914– 107 German soldier[30]
SmithRalph C. Smith 1893–1998 104 American major general[31]
SokolovSergey Leonidovich Sokolov 1911–2012 101 Russian Marshal of the Soviet Union and Soviet Minister of Defence[32]
StrattonDorothy C. Stratton 1899–2006 107 American director of the SPARS
StraussElliott B. Strauss 1903–2003 100 American Rear Admiral[33]
Sun Yuanliang 1904–2007 103 Chinese General
SuzukiTeiichi Suzuki 1888–1989 100 Japanese Lieutenant General[34]
ThodeConnell Thode 1911–2014 103 New Zealand naval officer[35]
ValeriusMarcus Valerius Corvus -370 370 BC–270 BC 100 Ancient Roman General and consul
Van FleetJames Van Fleet 1892–1992 100 American Army General
Van SickleNeil D. Van Sickle 1915– 106 American Air Force general[36]
VargasTelmo Vargas 1912– 109 Ecuadorian General (Chief of Staff)[37]
VoVo Nguyen Giap 1911–2013 102 Vietnamese General and Minister of Defence[38]
WallisSir Provo Wallis 1791–1892 100 British Admiral of the Fleet
WigramNeville Wigram, 2nd Baron Wigram 1915– 106 British peer and Army officer[39]
WildishD. B. H. Wildish 1914– 107 British Royal Navy officer[40]
XiaoXiao Ke 1907–2008 101 Chinese General[41]
XueXue Yue 1896–1998 101 Chinese General
ZhangZhang Zhen 1914–2015 100 Chinese General[42]


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